Electronic Stability Control Related Problems of the 2002 Acura TL

Table 1 shows two common electronic stability control related problems of the 2002 Acura TL.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of Acura TL

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Vsa Warning Light On problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Car was purchased March of 2010 with 69k miles. Transmission failed in January of 2011 at approx. 73k miles. Dealer replaced transmission for $1800, after informing us that transmission was replaced by previous owner at approx. 60k miles. Just 13k miles prior. After less than 1 week after transmission is replaced, iac valve was replaced due to unstable rpm. I have never heard of a transmission failing after only 13k miles, nonetheless, a car having at least two transmissions replaced after only 73k miles. For all I know, the transmission should have never failed yet, I should not have had to pay for the repair because Acura cannot fix the problem, and this car should not be bought, sold, or driven.

Vsa Warning Light On problem #2

Takata recall: problems occur on regular roads, local areas, cities. The car's window, the left passenger side behind the driver, is fail. It doesn't go up or down any more. It began couple years ago, and we had to to pay for the car repair person to pull it up only. Yet, it is automatically pulled down again and leaves a space that can't not protect passengers inside. Air, heat, any weather problem or any constructional objects injecting/flowing freely in/out. Other problem is "vsa" and "triangle" lights on. It started from last year when I had its tires replaced. Mechanics double checked and confirmed me that this car was too sensitive to do any tire job. Although they have tried to reset the sensor system, it still has the problem.

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