Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 2005 Acura TL

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 2005 Acura TL.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Acura TL

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

I have a 2005 Acura Tl and yesterday I noticed a crack in the dashboard on the passenger side. I googled it and discovered several people having the same issue. Someone posted a link to this site so here I am. Can we get this recalled please? it's not very attractive. For the price I paid for this car I shouldn't have to worry about this happening.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Cracks appear on dashboard above driver side and passenger side airbag. Acura client relations claims this is a cosmetic issue. I have researched this as an on-going issue since 2009. I believe this is a defective part on the vehicle. Quote to fix this "blemish" is over 2k. Acura will only pay 50% I must pay the other $1000. I believe Acura should have this replaced. Airbag light turns on and off. Hoping this has nothing to do with the crack in the dashboard. Something needs to be done.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

There are two very large cracks on the passenger side dashboard that seemingly appeared overnight. Specifically, the cracks that run through the area where the passenger airbag is located.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Dashboard cracks -noticed small crack in my 2005 Tl dashboard over the passenger airbag in may 2012. Overnight it grew from front to back. My car is garaged. Contacted my service advisor by phone and he stated it was cosmetic and due to high heat and high mileage. I stated car was garaged and I owned other cars that were as old and never experience this. He told me cost was $1850 to replace. He said he'd send the complaint to corporate and get back to me. He came back to me and said Acura would pay 75% of cost since I was a good customer. I said that was not acceptable and I would like to talk to regional manager. He said he'd take the request further. In the meantime I noticed another crack. A week later I got a call stating Acura would pay 85% and I'd pay $247 plus tax. I was concerned that the airbag could malfunction and not deploy when in an accident or deploy for no reason. I decided to pay the $247. Dealer stated he would give me a loaner car. Before I brought the car in for repair I noticed two more cracks. My concern is safety for me and my passengers and I did not feel safe with dashboard cracks. This was a design flaw or material defect and Acura should recall to satisfy customers. Too many others with same problem and this is a luxury car. Acura knows it's an issue otherwise they wouldn't have agreed to pay $85%.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

I have cracks all over my dashboard. Acura does not seem to care about the issue. There are many many Acura Tl owners out there having the same issue with the crack dash boad.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

I own a 2005 Acura Tl and noticed a small crack in my dashboard about eight months ago. I took it to the dealership because my airbag light was on and they told me it was just a cosmetic defect and there was nothing they could do about it. Now over the past month there are cracks everywhere and Acura still won't help because it's not under warranty. I am very concerned because I'm not sure if my airbags will work if needed and I'm also concerned that they could possibly deploy while I'm driving. This is a safety issue because I'm not protected from an accident and this defect could also cause an accident, causing serious harm to me and my family.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Why all Acura Tl 2005 , dashboards are cracking . My 2005 Acura Tl dashboard is cracking every day and I've seen plenty of Acura Tl with the same problem . So my question is why is there no recall on these car , why should I have to pay to replace this dashboard . Can someone tell me what to do ???.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

The dashboard in my 2005 Acura Tl has suddenly begun developing bad cracks. The most concerning crack is on the passenger side leading from the front window toward the passenger compartment. The crack is forming around the outline of the passenger airbag. I am concerned this is a safety issue. Will the airbag deploy properly when needed or will it deploy prematurely? the cracks are unsightly and seem unlikely with the age of the vehicle. But the most significant concern is the safety of the crack around the airbag on the passenger side.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

My dash board started to crash all over a few months ago. I'm using a shade, and use protection often and the problem is getting worst. I think that the dash board was poorly made. I'm very upset because I spend alot of money on this car.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Dashboard is several cracked in about 9 different places. Car is garage kept and Acura has offered a goodwill offer which is minimal in the cost to have the dashboard replaced. This leads to safety concerns with the passanger airbags.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

I have a 2005 Acura Tl, and the dash has cracked in multiple places, including areas around the airbag. This concerns me for my safety and I know this is a well known issue with no solution as of yet. I dont see how there hasnt been a recall on a part that is known to be defective and also very dangerous if the airbags ever deployed. . .

Unknown Or Other problem #12

The dash came with a crack on the dash on the passenger side and in front of the center speaker. I have seen this happened to other Tl's where the dash starts cracking from 5 to 6 year of manufacture. The material used in the making is not resistant due to its design.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

The dash came with a crack on the dash on the passenger side and in front of the center speaker. I seen this happened to other Tl the dash starts cracking from 5 to 6 year of manufacture. The the material used in the making is not resistant due to its design.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

I own a 2005 Acura Tl , which I happen to pay large amounts of money for this "luxury" car. Literally over night my cars front dash board had cracked. Its now has two large cracks on the front dash that are not surface cracks they actually are complete cracks through the dash from the very front,windshield, all the way to the other side,wood grain . One crack that happen to be very close to being on top of the front passenger side airbag. I have not been involved in any automobile accidents within a year, and the one I was involved in over a year ago was a minor fender bender. I have done research and thousands of Acura Tl owners have the same complaints and occurences that only have gotten worse resulting in several several more cracks to appear within a couple days to a month which concerns me. I am in fear these cracks and possible future cracks could result in my airbag sensors abilities to function correctly, which could lead to spontaneous release of them,.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Several cracks in my dashon the drivers side and passenger side. I am concerned about my air bags ejecting prematurely and causing an injury to me or my passenger.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

I own a Acura Tl 2005 which I bought in Nov 2009 and last summer my cars dashboard developed multiple cracks. Now I am afraid if this will have effect on my airbags, I am noticing my cars audio already making some buzzing noise after the cracks. Please take necessary action on Acura and make them replace these dashboards, this being a luxury model they should atleast not put in cheap material.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

Purchased a 2005 Acura Tl in 2008 from an acuar dealership. One year later the dashboard is cracking on the driver's side and on the passenger side near around the air bag. The crakcs started about about 3 inches long and are now a week later about a 12 inches long.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Multiple cracks in dashboard. Started small in length on passenger side of dash but now have extened and taken over the entire dashboard area. Also, the airbag light, both main and passenger, turn on and off intermittently.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

Cracked dashboard on Acura Tl 2005. The whole panel is cracking, I believe it may deploy the airbag system causing an injury or an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

Engine noise: a vibration and low buzzing sound in 5th gear caused by normal engine vibration at around 1,500 rpm, requiring a vibration damper near the rear motor mount. Also causing vibration on steering wheel at normal highways speed limits. And causing tires to cup and get bald. Very dangerous to drive on freeway causing steering to be very erratic due to vibration from front and rear broken engine mounts. Check-engine light: the check engine light may illuminate and a trouble code for the coolant sensor may be stored, but the problem is most likely a software glitch in the engine control module brakes: brake pedal may feel spongy or have excessive travel due to air in the brake lines requiring replacement of the vsa modulator. (2004-06) total repair cost so far. . . Item name repair cost a/c compressor $1,320 alternator $780 automatic transmission or transaxle $3,460 brakes $1,320 exhaust system $890 radiator $920 shocks and/or struts $3,200 timing chain or belt $1,050.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Car pulling to left, then right right from the date of purchase to present - 2005 Acura Tl. Actions taken by dealership to correct the problem include: 3 wheel alignments. Multiple tire rotations, replacement of all tires, and road pressure balancing of all tires. Problem still exists - dealer unable to correct.

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