Power Train Related Problems of the 2008 Acura TL

Table 1 shows one common power train related problems of the 2008 Acura TL.

Table 1. Power Train related problems of Acura TL

Problem Category Number of Problems
Power Train problems
Power Train problem #1

I was sitting at a red light, and when the light turned green and I accelerated, the car would not move with moderate throttle. I had to floor the throttle to move, and the engine rpm jumped to about 6000. The car would not shift, either automatically or through the "manual" function on the gear selector. Over the next 1. 5 miles, I noticed smoke in the rear view mirror and a burning smell. I pulled the car over and noticed smoke from the hood and a trail of automatic transmission fluid from the car. Car was towed to a transmission shop and I was told that the transmission cooler line running to the radiator had ruptured due to corrosion. Transmission cooler lines and radiator had to be replaced.

Power Train problem #2

I have some suspension related issues that have recently been diagnosed that are included in the NHTSA campaign # 11e022000 but when I type in my VIN# on your website it says there are no recalls for this item on my 2008 Acura Tl. I have another diagnosed issue with the steering from your recall # 08v091000 and there is no listing for this recall on my vehicle on your website. I was told that I was losing power steering fluid due to intense heat and that the power steering hose is deteriorating. This is very dangerous for me to drive my vehicle, yet see the recall is for certain 2008 models. Who can help me with this? another diagnosed issue is the powertrain recall # 04v176000 that is also not listed for my vehicle. I am having problems with the gears and am worried about the safety of this vehicle. I have problems with the 2nd gear. I will be notifying Honda, on all these issues, but the public needs to be aware on the determination of "certain 2008" models.

Power Train problem #3

Was driving on highway about 70 miles per hour speed, car suddenly loss acceleration power. However, the car radio was still on. I was able to pull off to the shoulder of the road. Sat there about 2 minutes. Turned car back on, and was able to accelerate again and car started to operate properly. Very scary to be driving at high speed and suddenly loose acceleration power. Thank god it was a Sunday morning without much traffic and I was already in the far left lane. Otherwise, this could have been a serious safety hazard, with another car striking me because I suddenly decelerated and stopped. Please let me know if other owners have reported such problems. This needs to be addressed immediately.

Power Train problem #4

While driving at highway speed, lost power to drive train despite engine running. Was able to coast to stop on berm. Turned off engine. Fluid observed beneath vehicle. Car towed. Inspection revealed that transmission supply line fitting connection failed at least in part due to dissimilar metal corrosion. Threaded section also separated coolant and transmission fluids totally lost. Dealer advised that this problem not seen on Tl but internet search revealed other models had been reported. Radiator replaced by owner. Transmission pan dropped and cleaned. Fluids replaced.

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