Equipment Related Problems of the 2010 Acura TL

Table 1 shows one common equipment related problems of the 2010 Acura TL.

Table 1. Equipment related problems of Acura TL

Problem Category Number of Problems
Equipment problems
Equipment problem #1

Bluetooth hands free module has an open circuit causing battery to rundown prematurely. Also keyless fob slot gets worn down and remains in stuck open position not allowing doors to lock as it thinks the key is still inside the slot.

Equipment problem #2

Tabs inside of the keyless remote slot become worn, stick back and/or break . In addition to being costly to replace, it poses as a security hazard or a high risk for theft because the car doors will not lock and alarm becomes disabled. The vehicle will think the key is still in the ignition. After researching this issue, I found that countless people have experienced this issue. This happened to my vehicle today. It should be noted that my vehicle was parked in a business parking lot when this happened.

Equipment problem #3

2010 Acura Tl has excessive checking, crazing and looks like the beginning of peeling paint. The paint is lifting off the metal of the vehicle but the clear coat is fine. Honda/Acura does not want to take responsibility for the defect in the paint. The car has always been garage kept, with low miles.

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