Structure Related Problems of the 2010 Acura TL

Table 1 shows one common structure related problems of the 2010 Acura TL.

Table 1. Structure related problems of Acura TL

Problem Category Number of Problems
Body problems
Body problem #1

Air bags deployed during wreck going 35 mph in rain. . Hit breaks and car slid. Damage was to left front bumper on drivers side. . . . Insurance company didn�t total car in first claim and came back adding another 1000 to claim which would have totaled car all together. . Now I can�t trade and vehicle isn�t worth but half of what was paid bc of air bag deployment.

Body problem #2

Anytime I go over 40mph, there is some kind of whistle noise that is coming from right side. When I'm driving, it seems like its coming from front passenger side. When front passenger is seating there, they tell me that it's coming from back side. This issue is not continues; when it happens, it's there and I have to raise radio volume in order to over come this whistle noise. When I drop my car speed below 40mph, this noise goes away. I have taken to dealer, but they cannot duplicate this issue. I have called Acura number, but regional manager tells me that he cannot do anything.

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