Electronic Stability Control Problems of Audi A6

Audi A6 owners have reported 16 electronic stability control related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common electronic stability control problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's electronic stability control (16 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Electronic Stability Control related problems of Audi A6

Problem Category Number of Problems
Electronic Stability Control problems
Electronic Stability Control problem #1

Audi America and its dealers have fail to ensure my safety and fixing my car issues. Audi America sold me a lemon vehicle. Ever since I purchase vehicle it has had issues including stability, wheel wrobbly, and lost of horse power feeling like the car is shutting off on free way.

Electronic Stability Control problem #2

The cvt tcm has been re-programmed by Audi dealer for $160 after rebulit transmission for $3300. Had to tow a CA for $70 to dealer just to get re-programing. Took car on hwy and the acceleration didn't work. Had to pool to side and called tow. Found out the tcm has to be replaced and it is very common problem and Audi is charging too much of money. Could not find any part from anywhere unless Audi. Plus, the tcm is the one making the transmission break.

Electronic Stability Control problem #3

While driving on a Sunday, the car reported transmission issues but it stated we could continue driving. The following day, there were multiple systems failure warnings. This occurred at 54,000 miles and 49 months since purchase. The car began to lose power but was driven back to the dealership. After a lengthy period of time, the service manager reported that "coolant leak in valve n82, coolant migrated into harness and contaminated transmission control unit, causing no comm in pwrtrain can; tsb2033806/7. " this repair required replacement of major components and extensive labor costs. The total cost was $9606 and the dealer/Audi voluntarily paid $5391 of the costs.

Electronic Stability Control problem #4

O-ring failure in 2012 A6 3. 0 caused the transmission to internally leak fluid causing the electonic system to go bad. All of the following lights came on when issue started. Check engine light gearbox mil trac control mil epc light airbag mil hi-speed cooling fan mil tire pressure warning light the transmission would not shift, major lack of power to engine. Parking brake would also activate by itself.

Electronic Stability Control problem #5

With the elec stability control being intermittent this is being caused by the abs module going bad/intermittent the brake pedle pressure changes. I have experienced this with my 2002 ram 1500 (4x4) as well. This could be a problem in all cars and trucks. The cost the fix for an Audi is around $2500. 00 and my ram was $1300. 00.

Electronic Stability Control problem #6

The first throttle valve malfunction happend on July 2013. Cost to repair 1557. 95 part cost 878. 00 milage 66784 the second malfunction happend on oct. 14, 2014 to repair 1200. 00 part cost 913. 00, millage 69202 what happens here is the engine shuts down. There could have been e major accident if she was rear ended. I called Audi to tell them the part was defective, but they would not listen. That is why I think there should be a recall, to send them a message.

Electronic Stability Control problem #7

I was driving my car in my work parking lot when a loud beep occurred and my car issued a warning for "parking break malfunction. " two lights, esc and abs also lit up when the beep sounded. I immediately stopped driving, engaged the parking brake (which worked) and disengaged it. I am the second owner of the car and after some research found that the brake module and mmi both had been upgraded by the previous owner. I continued to witness these symptoms and am waiting for my dealership to run a diagnostic. I have read enough consumer complaints about this specific problem to know that Audi should take a deeper look into it.

Electronic Stability Control problem #8

Audi 2005 A6 started to have intermittent warning for abs, stability, hand brake at ~55k miles. Took car to dealer to diagnose it . Dealer called with an estimate of $2800 to replace abs module. He also provided an estimate of $1100 for another error code for airbag to replace the center rear seat belt. I'm not understanding why these warning codes come so randomly and clear so randomly. Not sure why an Audi A6 will need such repairs that clearly point to flaws in design and unreliable parts after only 55k miles. There are tons for online complaints from Audi drivers that use the bosch 8. 0 abs module. Audi should either recall this part or offer to pay for the repairs. When I complained to Audi USA, basically they asked if I was first owner and if I take it to dealer for maintenance. The answers for both is no. I'm the 2nd driver. Bought the car with only 20k miles and since relocating to houston, I take the car to a local garage for oil change. I'm looking for safecar. Gov to rectify the issue with Audi. Audi doesn't even sell the abs module part alone. You will have to buy the brake pump as well.

Electronic Stability Control problem #9

Multiple issues on this car that all came on about the same time. The amb/parking brake module/esp warning lit up, and a few days later the car was not shifting into gear on startup, and when it did shift into gear it shifted irratically and went into neutral on occasion. The transmission control module, abs sensors both went bad on the car and the car was unable to shift into gear. The car sat at Audi len stoler in owings mills, MD for 2 weeks for problem to be diagnosed. They said it was the transmission control module and the abs sensor that was bad. They replaced the abs sensor in the hopes that it would resolve the transmission problem! it did not. The bill for the abs, and a failed driver door lock switch replacement was almost $1400! the transmission control module is a small black box that has the circuitry that controls the transmission. The part alone costs $2600 and with labor it costs almost $4000 - quote from dealer. A 2008 wit 70k and a tcm fails? according to Audi forums, this is a prevalent issue. Audi needs to do the right thing and recall these cars and get this serious issue fixed. It is a design/quality control flaw. The tcm issue also causes the car to not shift right, or go into neutral while car is being driven. Recall these cars before lifes are lost (if they have not already been lost). These are significant safety issues and is happening with newer cars. My car has been dealer maintained since new and I am a meticulous owner that does not abuse the car. These are premature failures that should not be occurring at this age and mileage.

Electronic Stability Control problem #10

My 2005 Audi A6 has water damage. Some how over night heavy rain seepage left an inch of water behind driver seat. Car was parked in driveway at a slight incline. All windows and doors where closed. This has caused $2,700 electrical damage to modules located under front passenger seat. These modules alert me about esp/abs and park brake as well as a module that powers the vehicles mmi/navigation and stereo system. None of these function anylonger. I don't know where the water entered my vehicle. Is Audi responsible? this appears to be a design flaw.

Electronic Stability Control problem #11

Driving 55 mph on the express way and the engine shut off completely. The car stalled until it came to a complete stop. The esp light and engine light came on. Restarted the car and problem continue 4 times. After the 4th attempt, I managed to get the car to the side of the road. After waiting several minutes, I restarted the car. The car still feel at times as if its going to stall.

Electronic Stability Control problem #12

On our 2005 Audi A6 we purchased certified pre-owned (cpo) we are the second owners of the vehicle. When we purchased this A6 it had only 30,330 miles. When we got to around 90k+ miles is when we started to have some issues with the cars braking system. We took it to Audi which is the only place we have had it serviced and where we purchased the vehicle. They said there was a problem with the brake module causing the blinking brake light and the abs light to come on along with a loud beeping from time to time. They thought it could also be low on brake fluid and capped it off. The problem went away for a while but then came back along with the check engine light. This time it was said we have a fault ecu module. We had this service done which costs $2,200. Usd but this was just to repair the check engine light but not the brake module. We asked if this repair would resolve both issues and the answer was yes. There are thousands of complaints about the bosch brake module which seems to be an ongoing problem with Audi. This needs to be recalled and everyone get their money refunded to them for the pain and anguish this has caused. There also needs to be a class action lawsuit against Audi!!.

Electronic Stability Control problem #13

The abs module in Audi's 1998-2001 is a common problem. One day it was fine and the next the abs light and brake light came on the dash and went away after some driving. At first the abs light would come and go. But as a week passed from the 1st day of the indecent it started to appear more often and longer. After 2 weeks the abs light and brake light stayed on.

Electronic Stability Control problem #14

After parking the car it caught on fire from the dashboard the firemen came and extinguished the fire and said it was from the electrical fire from the dashboard.

Electronic Stability Control problem #15

I have locked my brakes and had a near accident. My abs and esp has stopped working on my 2003 Audi A6. I was told the abs control units are known to go bad, and will cost over a $1000 to fix. I cannot afford to fix. If this is a widespread problem, shouldn't Audi be held accountable for any traffic accidents due to failure, and should there be a recall?.

Electronic Stability Control problem #16

Abs/esp light would come on after driving for 60 minutes or more, usually went off if vehicle restarted, this became more frequent over course of 10 months until light stayed on all the time, wheel sensors had to be changed at significant cost to fix problem.

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