Brake Light On Problems of Audi S4

Audi S4 owners have reported 5 problems related to brake light on (under the service brakes category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Brake Light On problem of the 2014 Audi S4 1
Failure Date: 10/28/2014

Brakes light came on and pads are worn and rotors are warped at only 16,000 miles. Had the Audi dealer in westlake village, California replaces both pads and rotors. Seven months and 8,000 miles later, while doing the maintenance oil change, a different Audi dealer in woodland hills, CA notified that brake pads are worn at 4mm and rotors are warped. This wear out pattern is beyond the minimum expectation of the life of the brakes under average driving condition. Brakes pads are worn too soon, and I don't understand why the rotors are also warped and needed replacing too frequent. I live in southern California, with normal driving condition, 60% freeway and 40% surface street, I have never had brakes worn out this quickly in all of my previous 5 cars. Audi dealer automatically blame my driving conditions and said this is a wear and tear item. I feel they sold me a defective product and this car is a lemon, but Audi refuse to take it back.

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car image   Brake Light On problem of the 2000 Audi S4 2
Failure Date: 06/10/2010

Communication failure from the abs module, it causes the abs light to stay lit and the brake light flashes, when this happens the abs does not work on the car, it's a very common problem with these units but Audi hasn't done a recall. This will be the second time I have to replace this unit out of pocket since I've owned my 2000 Audi S4.

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car image   Brake Light On problem of the 2000 Audi S4 3
Failure Date: 02/05/2005

My abs and brake lights come on irractly while driving. I have checked the and filled the brake fluid resivor like the manual states. But still get the lights. Apparently this is a very common problem from Audi. The saftey of many people are at stake here. I will not and have not driven my car since the lights came on, and my local Audi dealership want $1,400. To replace! thas ridiculous for a car that has barely 54k miles. You would think something as important and life saving as the brake system would have a better design and lower failure rate. Im positive that I am not the only Audi owner that has filed a complaint and postive I will not be the last. Thank you for you time luis castellanos.

car image   Brake Light On problem of the 2000 Audi S4 4
Failure Date: 01/25/2005

While driving the brake and abs lights came on. The owner took the vehicle to the dealer and was told by the dealer that this defect can cause the other controllers to do damage and effect the instrument cluster. It can also effect the engine controller. The owner also contacted the manufacturer who did not think that this problem was of needed interest. Provide further details.

car image   Brake Light On problem of the 2000 Audi S4 5
Failure Date: 09/15/2004

The abs and brake lights on my dashboard initially flashed and beeped intermittently, but now are on constantly. Upon researching the issue, I've discovered that this is a problem experienced my many other my2000 S4 owners. This is a significant safety issue, as there is the risk that brakes may lock up (even when releasing the pedal) under braking when experiencing these symptoms. Please take action on this issue. I know many owners who have no choice but to hold off on the repair due to the amount being charged by dealers to replace the part (~$1700. 00), even though the most likely culprit of the problem is wiring between the controller and the ecu (<$1. 00).

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