Vsa Warning Light On Problems of BMW 325

BMW 325 owners have reported 2 problems related to vsa warning light on (under the electronic stability control category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Vsa Warning Light On problem of the 2001 BMW 325 1
Failure Date: 07/08/2015

Daughter driving car, dynamic stability control(dsc) light came on and individual brakes started applying themselves uncommanded. Drove to a local import shop that verified a bad yaw sensor. Part is $1300. 00 plus $300. 00 labor. Part is only available from BMW who has superseded the part number 3 times. I went to a salvage yard that had 13 cars that had the same part number effectivity and all of the cars had the yaw sensors removed. This is a well known problem and very dangerous unless you disable the dsc system which also disables the anti-lock brake system. Below is just one of many examples of another owner that experienced this part failure. Started the car this morning and drove it for approx 15 miles, no warning light and everything appeared ok. Doing the national speed limit when holy cow, the dsc kicks in and the car pulls violently to one side then the other talk about heart missing a beat, nearly in the central reservation on the a52. I will be getting the fault codes read in the week and will definitely be switching off the dsc in future until fixed.

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car image   Vsa Warning Light On problem of the 2006 BMW 325 2
Failure Date: 07/25/2011

My dsc (stability control) warning light came on and driving became erratic. After BMW of the hudson valley failed to diagnose the problem I took it to a local mechanic who found that a sensor in the axle had corroded and failed. This necessitated replacing two rear axles at a cost of $1700. The mechanic said bwm wanted the axles back so that they could refurbish them. Obviously this means that BMW has having this problem on a regular basis and has not issued a recall. My car only had 47,000 miles on it.

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