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Failure Date: 09/10/2012

Electric steering lock light on my 2007 BMW 328i coupe comes up in red and car won't start. . . Initially thought it was the battery but after getting a jump start and the power flickered off and on different features in the car the car never started, the key fob kept being rejected from the ignition box and the car eventually went dead. I had to manually lock and unlock doors and left it sitting over night. The car was jump start again the next day and radio, lights, trunk, door locks, and seat belts, etc. Appear to be working fine electronically but the car still would not start. . . The brakes feel tight and the steering column is tight but clicks when turn left and right (feels semi-engaged if that's possible). . . Was wondering if the battery is just low and doesn't trigger the steering wheel lock? should we disconnect the battery and reconnect or replace to see if it triggers the electric steering wheel lock? the issue with the battery has happened on several other occasions and the steering wheel lock light came up yellow however the car started in the past after jump starting. This appears to be a known problem and I?m formally complaining if this is the case for I?m trying to avoid any unnecessary costly repairs such as replacing the steering column or reprogramming in any way possible if a known fix is available or faulty product is the cause. I also feel this is definitely a potential safety hazard :-/.

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