Abs Brake Fail Problems of BMW 335

BMW 335 owners have reported 3 problems related to abs brake fail (under the service brakes category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Abs Brake Fail problem of the 2008 BMW 335 1
Failure Date: 03/30/2015

Abs system failure light came on after 20000 miles. Dealership told me that it would cost $4800 to fix but that BMW was aware of the problems that people were having and typically offered a break on the cost of the parts as a "goodwill" gesture. This so called "goodwill" was not offered to us and were advised that the car could be driven without the repairs as long as we realized that we "were driving a car from the '70s". How can you garage keep a $52000 car and have such a system/safety breakdown after 20,000 miles. In addition, how can a manufacturer recognize this failure in the form of "goodwill" gestures until they tire of doing so? I would ask the NHTSA to please encourage the manufacturer of this vehicle (BMW) to fix this fault in their production/design at their cost. Thank you.

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car image   Abs Brake Fail problem of the 2008 BMW 335 2
Failure Date: 01/10/2013

Abs unit failed, all warning lights on. Per mech. Common prob, BMW even sells repair kit so common. Very expensive fix, I am sure people driving without abs/traction control. Very unsafe BMW from 2006-2009.

car image   Abs Brake Fail problem of the 2007 BMW 335 3
Failure Date: 09/28/2009

BMW 335i master brake and abs system failure without parts available in USA, canada, nor europe to effect repair. BMW will not explain the absence of parts to solve the problem. Vehicle cannot be currently serviced with no estimate for part availability. Suspect an extensive problem has not yet surfaced.

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