Wheel Problems of BMW 335

BMW 335 owners have reported 13 wheel related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common wheel problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's wheel (13 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Wheel related problems of BMW 335

Problem Category Number of Problems
Wheel problems
Wheel problem #1

I purchased new pirelli pzero tires from my local BMW dealer. The rear tires exhibited intermittent air loss and were replaced by the dealer because the dealer believed they were damaged during installation. The second set of rear tires also exhibited intermittent air loss. The dealer believed the wheels were damaged and causing the air loss. I had a wheel specialist inspect the wheels, and they found no defects to cause air loss. The wheel specialist found the tires to be defective as they have excess material at the bead that prevents proper sealing on the rim. The wheel specialist attempted to remove the excess material from one tire to determine if that would improve the problem, which it did to some extent. I called pirelli and notified them of the problem, and they stated they would replace one rear tire under warranty but not the tire that was worked upon by the wheel specialist. In summary, I experienced two sets of defective pirelli p zero tires leading me to believe there could be a problem with additional tires. I have video evidence of the leaks seen during a leak test.

Wheel problem #2

In 2017 my son was driving on the interstate 91 highway when his front driver tire rod broke off. Bolts were missing both driver and passenger sides. Tires went out and it could have caused a tragedy this happened on a Friday night. We paid to have the wheels and tires repaired and replaced. I provide the receipts to the BMW dealer ship but they were never honored or reimbursed. We paid to have waterpump replacement because. In July 2017 the air conditioning was blowing hot air. In Nov. 2017 the heating system was blowing cold air. Feb 2018 blower was still not working, when I found out that there were (recalls). We waited almost 4 months for recalled blower was replaced, we paid for themostrate replacement but still had no heat. Car won�t start. So we paid for the battery to be tested and registered. Shortly after the car started leaking coolant again April 2018. Defected water pump. April 2018 electric system. I drove the car to BMW dealerships, for fuel leakage now the dealership service dept. Is telling me that the car won�t start!!! and that the starter needs replaced. We have not had any previous issues with the starter. And I have already spent nearly $4,000. 00 within the past 5 months for things that I believe I should not have. Please investigate. In November 2017 the car was overheating.

Wheel problem #3

Both of my rear aluminum wheels have cracked without any accidents occurring or even anything other than normal driving. Both times my tires needed replaced. I have owned 20 cars in my life and never had to replace a wheel. Now with this BMW I have had to replace all 4 wheels to ensure it doesn't happen to my remaining two wheels. In my discussions at tire centers this is said to be a very common problem with Bmws and in my opinion is consumer fraud.

Wheel problem #4

This complaint is concerning my 2011 BMW 335i. I have been having problems with my BMW since about 9000 miles on the vehicle. The brakes keep locking, the rotors keep grinding and grooving, nose coming from the brakes while driving and stopping, and the dealer has changed them more than 3 times and the issues continues to happen. They advised me that they cannot fix it and there is nothing else they can do. Please help me with my vehicle issue. It has been parked from more than a year and a half and I feel that it is a safety issue. I feel like my life is in danger if I drive this vehicle.

Wheel problem #5

New car (2months), Bmw335xi (excellent), delivered by BMW france with 4 runflat 18'â´ 225/45 goodyear (in france the client canot choose the trade mark of the tyres during ordering). After only 4500 kms, bubbles on the external wall of the tyres (anterior and posterior right). One week later (strict speed limitation to 80 km/h), bubble and external injury on the external wall of the left anterior tyre. No shock, no whole on the road, no impact on wheels but spontaneous bubbles. No perception when driving, no signal of dysfunction on the electronic board until the left tire rise down the pressure and was definitely out of order. 3 out of 4 tyres out of order on a new car (<2 months) after only 4500 kms!!!! this is the reverse of technical progress. This is a very severe and serious problem with safety consequences that engage life of BMW clients. This canot be attributed to BMW but to either tyre manufacturer or agencies dã©voted to tyre homologations.

Wheel problem #6

Rear passenger wheel, cracked again, less than a year before I had to purchase a new wheel due to cracks causing it to shimmy. A year later BMW tells me the same wheel is cracked again causing the car to shimmy. Wheels cost $500. + per wheel. As a result I replaced all the wheels with a set of new american racing wheels, and shimmy has gone. There is a problem with these wheels, I have a four door sedan, not sports package, just standard wheel.

Wheel problem #7

The wheels were checked due to several instances of tire pressure loss. It was discovered that 3 of 4 rims have cracks that are causing the tires to lose pressure. Upon doing some research, it is apparent that this defect has affected many BMW owners with run flat tires.

Wheel problem #8

On Monday April 9, 2012 while traveling on hagedorn road in east lansing, mi, (approximately 3800 hagedorn road) my BMW hit a pothole that resulted in a split rear rim, damaged front rim and blown tire while traveling at 35 mph. The pothole was of an 'average' depth for michigan. (pictures can be provided). Interesting is the amount of time (while purchasing the car in December of 2011) that the salesperson tried talking us into purchasing extended warranty coverage for tires and rims. He mentioned that he knew of many customers that had blown tires because of michigan winters and potholes. I declined coverage since my Lexus with similar rims and low profile tires never had a problem during the five years I owned the car in michigan. I believe BMW is aware that their wheels are susceptible to extensive damage in northern tier states and that there is an inherent design flaw in their product. Further, I believe they are trying to financially capitalize on this by selling extended warranty coverage.

Wheel problem #9

I bought my BMW 335i xdrive brand new. . . Ordered in Jan 2010 and delivered on April 19, 2010. Since I've had the car, the front passenger side tire was replaced 3 times (within 20,000 miles) because of pothole damage to the sidewall of the tire. Also, the car required realignment. In August 2012, I had about 22,000 miles on my car and had to replace all of my tires ( except the passenger side left front, since that was the tire that was already replaced 3 times prior to having 22,000 miles on my car) because they were worn out. The bridgestone run-flats are expensive for my BMW. The cost to replace one front tire was $430. Luckily, I had purchased the tire warranty when I bought my BMW. The warranty was $1,000. I feel I am being ripped off though. Why, after spending $60,000 on a new BMW should I have to spend almost $3,000 on tires in less than 3-years of ownership which includes the $1,000 for tire/wheel insurance. I have had at least 12 different makes and models of cars since I've had my license and I have never spent as much money on tires for one car as I have for my BMW. I would like to see a class action lawsuit against BMW and the tire manufactures for producing and selling a product that was intentionally designed to fraud the consumer. They knowingly produced and sold a tire that had a short life-span, highly susceptible to damage from a typical pothole, and expensive to replace. They also offered the most expensive tire warranty in the industry. . . The cost of the warranty indicates that they knew these tires would be replaced often. I will also contact the ftc and bbb.

Wheel problem #10

I purchased my vehicle in March of 2010. I average less than 650 miles per month and drive only on los angeles county streets. A month after leasing my vehicle, all four of the tires split and I was informed by the dealership that it was due to the previous owner not maintaining the alignment. I immediately replaced all four (4) tires with bridgestone potenza run-flat tires, as required by my lease. Six months later, in October of 2010, I again had numerous tire pressure issues, and returned to the dealership November 19. I was informed that there was no issue with the tires, but a tire sensor issue. When I picked-up the vehicle, the sensor was on. I have now been informed that the rear wheel rims are cracked and that the rear tires may need to be replaced again. According to my research, my issues are common among owners with the BMW factory rims in combination with the bridgestone potenza run-flat tires, and causes a significant safety risk. Furthermore, my first set of tires was so damaged from the interior walls (not visible unless on a lift) that they could have easily split in normal driving, placing me again at a severe safety risk.

Wheel problem #11

BMW 3 series and also other series with run flat tires have an issue that with an average bump like a manhole cover the wheel will crack. I have replaced 3 so far on my wifes 2008 335xi at my cost. After research I have seen that this is a common issue and that everyone has had the same experience with BMW denying it was the wheel. The car only has 35,000+/- miles on it. When brought in due to rapid air loss BMW states it was the driving conditions not their wheel. I accepted this the first time but after 3 wheels I feel there is a major design or material defect. It seems to be the run flat style tires. I thought maybe it was the tires so I switched from the factory tires to a different brand based on the dealers recommendation after the first wheel cracked and still have had the issue two more times. My wife has an older mercedes that she drives the same way and it has the same wheels from 2003. It must be the wheels supplied by BMW.

Wheel problem #12

BMW 3 series and also other series with run flat tires have an issue that with an average bump like a manhole cover the wheel will crack. I have replaced 3 so far on my 2007 335i at my cost. After research I have seen that this is a common issue and that everyone has had the same experience with BMW denying it was the wheel. The car has 45,000+/- miles on it. When brought in due to rapid air loss BMW states it was the driving conditions not their wheel. I drive on mostly highway roads and secondary roads to my house. I have never hit any kind of pothole or curb that would cause an alloy rim to be cracked. In all 3 instances, the crack is exactly the same and the replacement for this damage is in excess of $500 for the rim. In two of the instances, I had to get a new run flat tire as well at a cost of $400 a piece. All three of these problems have occurred over the past 5 months!!.

Wheel problem #13

While driving east on the northern state parkway, on February 18, 2010 , near exit 42, long island, NY, at 50 mph, I hit a pot hole. The pot hole was not impeding traffic in any significant fashion, however, I immediately received a flat tire indication for the right front tire. I have run-flat tires, but could barely control the car. This was unusual as I have experienced flat tires previously, and never had trouble controlling the car. Nevertheless, I continued to exit 42, exited the highway, and pulled into a nearby parking lot. Upon inspection it became clear that the problem was not caused by the tire, but was due to the right front aluminum alloy wheel which had broken in half. At this point the wheel consisted of two halves, the outer half attached to the axle, and the inner half held only loosely by the tire. Later inspection indicated that there was no visible damage to the tire, but that the wheel, only, was broken along an irregular circumferential line approximately parallel and 4 inches from the outer wheel lip (the lip which forms the seal between the tire and wheel). Although there was evidence that the wheel had bent slightly due to this pot hole impact (or perhaps an earlier impact), the wheel was not otherwise severely deformed. A similar incident occurred less than two weeks later, on February 28, 2010. This second incident involved the left rear wheel of the same car, but otherwise the circumstances were very similar. While driving at approximately 50 mph, again on the northern state parkway, but approximately 5 miles west of the first incident, as a result of impact with a pot hole, the left rear wheel broke into two pieces. Control of the vehicle was again difficult. This incident occurred 6 days after the car was received from the BMW dealership service department after repair of the right front wheel. The left rear wheel was inspected during the first repair, and found to be in drivable condition.

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