Fuel Injector Problems of BMW 335

BMW 335 owners have reported 20 problems related to fuel injector (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 1
Failure Date: 12/01/2014

2008 BMW 335xi failure of fuel injectors the consumer was informed, it would cost 2,000 to replace the defective fuel injector, even if all of them were not malfunctioning, because the newest generation of fuel injectors developed for the 2007 and later models were not compatible with earlier versions of the injectors. . The consumer experienced multiple limp mode events and engine malfunction messages on numerous occasions, while driving at highway speed; particularly when accelerating. The vehicle would suddenly lose engine power. Each time, he had to pull over, turn the vehicle off, wait several minutes and then restart the vehicle.

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car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 2
Failure Date: 12/14/2012

I have owned this 2007 335i for 2 1/2 years. I am a 59 year old female that drives very conservatively. In the 2 1/2 years that I have owned this vehicle, the fuel pump has been replaced twice. Four months ago the injectors had to be replaced and this past Friday the electronic water pump and electronic thermostat had to be replaced. Not typical of any BMW I have owned in the past 12-15 years. I contacted our local BMW dealership and they knew of no problems with this particular model. I contacted BMW today regarding this model and they took the information for review which to me means file 13. BMW knows there is a problem with the water pumps and the thermostats on this particular model and they choose to do nothing about it. They also know there is a problem with the injectors and they choose to do nothing. I was told that the NHTSA makes the determination on all recalls not the individual car makers.

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car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2009 BMW 335 3
Failure Date: 03/12/2012

I buy my 2009 BMW 335i with 39,700 miles, full BMW service was done the same day, my next service was at 49,000 miles however at around 48,000 miles. When driving to work on the highway going 50mph I had to move over to the passing lane and when I attempted to accelerate about at 65mph the car started to shake very bad and the engine light came on and I loss power had to slow down to 20-25mph could have cause an accident as I was in the faster lane and car slow down rapidly!! thank god I was able to move all the way over to the slower lane with little issue. After I pulled over I turned the car off and open the hood as my oil temp was just about at 250*, under hood temps was hot but not anything crazy, everything looks good so I started the car and it idle like normal and the engine light was now gone, I close the hood and was able to drive the car like normal, so I took the car to the local BMW dealer in my work area and they told me the issue I am having is cause by the hpfp high pressure fuel pump, so they reply it and everything seems normal for another 2,000 miles then I had the same issue again! this time I was heading home and it happened when I was trying to accelerate with moving traffic omg that was bad all most cause a major accident with all the cars, trucks behind me had to slow down rapidly . . Was going 30mph and tried to speed up to 60 . . At around 45mph car lost power and was shaking worst than the first time this happened, engine light came on, again thank god I was able to pull over, I turn the car off and waited for 5-6min than turn it back on, this time the engine light remain on, my oil temp was around 190*, the car still idle and drive as normal even with the engine light on, took it to my local BMW dealer in my home area and they found this time is two bad injectors one at cylinder 1 and the other at cylinder 5 . Cost of repair $1. 1k.

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car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 4
Failure Date: 03/08/2012

My model car has a recall on the fuel injectors. My vehicle's fuel injectors have misfired and have cause the check engine light to remain on in my car. I have contacted BMW several times about this issue. They have told me multiple stories as to why they will not honor my car under this recall. One reason they give is my VIN #, even though my car is the same make and model as the recall with the same issue. Then they say my car is out of warranty. I thought the purpose of a recall is that it repairs your car even if it's out of warranty. I have spent over hundreds of dollars trying to correct this problem, and the problem still exists. BMW will not reimburse me or fix the car under the recall that I know my car falls under. The recall is even listed on my failed dmv inspection report, and they are still not cooperating. Is there something you can do? my car will not pass inspection, and it's the only car I have.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 5
Failure Date: 12/14/2011

Car started to rattle especially upon pressing gas pedal while running at around 50mph in a freeway. Significant reduced power was noticed. Soon "service engine soon" lit on the tachometer. When stopped a raw gas to rotten egg smell was around the car. By turning on/off ignition several times, it stopped rattling and regained full power. Same issue happened again on a local road at around 50mph about a month later. Power regain was achieved through same way. "service engine soon" light went off 24hrs later. Brought the car in to a local BMW center. Upon diagnosis, cylinder #2 misfire and both pre-cat or post-cat oxygen sensor low response. A service agent decided not to do anything at the moment because he couldn't replicate the issue I described although he did find the malfunction codes. He instead told me to bring the car when the same symptom occurs. He also said that the technician who looked at the car believed that a faulty fuel injector might have caused the misfire and both oxygen sensors malfunction consequently.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2009 BMW 335 6
Failure Date: 11/23/2011

Vehicle oil temp was just under 250. Vehicle shakes when accelerating on the highway or on an incline. Engine light comes on and you can feel the vehicle misfiring in the gas peddle. Vehicle continues to shake in park. Dealer advised to turn the vehicle off and let it sit for 30 min before driving again. Seems to be a temporary fix until the engine temp increases to just under 250 or driving on a incline on the hwy. Previously had no issues with this vehicle until dealer replaced a hfp (recall notice) during an oil change. This will be the third complaint about this issue since 11/23/11 that the dealer has not been able to fix. Previously been told injectors were malfunctioning due to programing and also bad gas. I have always used premium 91+ oct gas. Recently the dealer put in a fuel additive and advised me to use shell or chevron premium gas in the future. I drove out the fuel additive tank, no issues and refueled at shell using premium 91 power v. Forty five minutes later, my vehicle began to shake on the hwy once again and my check engine light came on. I was forced to suddenly slow down on the highway to a speed / gear where I wouldn't shake. Previous driving history in eu with no issues on the autobahn and the vehicle is a us spec. Once the vehicle was shipped to CA, I drove it to az (800 miles) with no issues and continued to drive the car until sept when I had my oil changed and my hfp replaced. My first long hwy drive since the oil change / hfp was replaced, we encountered this issue.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 7
Failure Date: 02/11/2011

BMW na has issued their "voluntary emissions recall campaign 10e-a02" there are three parts to the recall: ecu reprogram, hpfp (high pressure fuel pump) replacement, and injector replacement. Which parts are performed is specific to vehicles VIN. I had brought my car into the dealership last month and inquired about the recall. I was told according to my VIN that my car with the original hpfp and injectors only needed to be reprogrammed. This was confirmed when I called Bmwna and was told that their engineers determined my hpfp was not faulty. So I only had my ecu reprogrammed. I have not had any significantly long cranks. Today I was driving with my daughters. As I pulled out onto a major road, the engine started to stumble and lost a significant amount of power. This had put me and my family's life in a very dangerous situation. As I hardly had enough power to pull up the small incline of my driveway. Fortunately I had not pulled out in front of a speeding car or cut someone off and was not t-boned or rear ended. My car is now at the dealer getting a hpfp replacement and being run through a "pre-program".

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 8
Failure Date: 12/01/2010

The contact owns a 2007 BMW 335i. While driving approximately 65 mph and accelerating the contact felt a vibration in the front end of the vehicle. The failure occurred intermittently. The contact stated that there was a voluntary recall for the high pressure fuel pump and a software update. The vehicle was taken into the dealer for the recall repairs and to diagnose the failure of the vibration. The technicians stated that the low pressure fuel pump and spark plugs needed to be replaced. The repairs were not made by the dealer. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic where a low pressure fuel pump and spark plugs were replaced. After the repairs were made the contact continued to experience the failure. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the technician stated that the fuel injector needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact stated that she had an after market warranty and they would have the vehicle inspected by one of their inspectors. The approximate failure mileage was 70,000.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 9
Failure Date: 09/17/2010

The car started but it started extremely "rough" with the engine rpms racing then dropping down to 500 rpms, feeling like it was going to stall. Eventually it evened out. Unfortunately starting issues are a frequent occurrence since I purchased this car and it has been to the dealer several times for similar starting issues. They replaced: the high pressure fuel pump which BMW knows it has issues with, made "software" updates, and replaced the dma. This time, however, when I began to drive it and turn on to a busy street, I essentially lost most of the power in the car. It was extremely disconcerting to step on the gas, expect the car to respond and it didn't. This could have been a disaster if it had happened while attempting to get on a busy freeway. Thankfully, it wasn't but I am worried it will happen again if I attempt to drive it to the dealer. After researching to see if others have had similar issues, indeed they have. All issues seem to be related to BMW's high pressure fuel pump issue, which they clearly have not solved given many have been replaced several times with the same unfortunate outcome of going bad again. I have had mine replaced by the dealer but am now having issues again. Detailed accounts are all over the internet (some serious safety issues as it has happened on the freeway) and I am surprised the NHTSA hasn't done any serious investigation, nor forced BMW to recall either the vehicle or replace all parts that are affected and needed to correctly fix the issue (fuel pump, low pressure sensor, fuel injectors, etc. ). I am considering contacting reporters because this is a Toyota type safety issue waiting to happen. While it may only happen in a certain % of vehicles, does someone have to die to have this issue taken seriously and properly corrected? people have been "lucky" thus far, but this really is a safety issue and someone must force BMW to address it.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 10
Failure Date: 04/06/2010

High power fuel pump failure on 2007 BMW 335i sedan. Vehicle began emitting smoke out the back, and running very rough. On a later restart the engine could not stay running. Car was towed to dealer for repairs. Hpfp was replaced and injectors were replaced, ecu software updated.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2010 BMW 335 11
Failure Date: 03/01/2010

The fuel injector for my 2010 BMW 335i died after driving the car for 14 days. The vehicle will still drive, but if you try to accelerate, it shakes very badly. After having it replaced, one of the injectors went bad again- 7 days later. This is an issue, as I am driving cross country.

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car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 12
Failure Date: 01/20/2010

Problem with lost engine power in my 2007 model BMW 335i convertible car five times in 2009. One instance involved a fuel line separation on an expressway outside chicago. Each time the vehicle was taken back to BMW dealership for service. Fuel injectors were replaced. Pollution control devices were replaced. But problem was not corrected. Finally, the high pressure fuel injection pump was replaced and the warranty on it was extended to 100,000 miles. The problem appeared to be resolved.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 13
Failure Date: 11/16/2009

2008 BMW 335i engine malfunction came on for 3rd time this year and 1 week after the last time. Fuel injector was replaced, but I've lost all confidence in this vehicle. It occurred on startup. After dropping off car for service I contacted Bmwna customer relations to see what options I have under CA lemon law as I can't drive this vehicle with any confidence. Will hear back from them on 11/19/2009.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 14
Failure Date: 11/07/2009

Car showed signs of long crank, when starting and hesitation when driving the vehicle at all speeds. Eventually the check engine light would come on and off. Car eventually stalled out and engine light came on when driving on the freeway in heavy traffic, all power was lost in the vehicle including steering. Dealership replaced the high pressure pump, and two month later when it failed again reprogrammed the car. Two additional visits to the shop for the same circumstances-car stalled on the freeway losing all power and dealership replaced injectors, ignition coils, sparkplugs and the most recent claim that the car was low on fuel with 1/4 tank! when car dies all of a sudden on the freeway at a speed of 60+ miles per hour is extremely dangerous. Seeing all the others with the same problems made me realize that BMW is not going to address the problem until something tragic happens.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 15
Failure Date: 10/24/2009

Dear BMW of north America, llc: we have been experiencing a problem with the fuel pump and fuel injectors on the above subject vehicle. We've taken the vehicle to united BMW of roswell, 11458 alpharetta hwy, roswell, GA 30076 -- phone# 678-832-4600. United BMW of north America, llc sent us a letter several months this year in 2008, informing us that they were aware of some issues pertaining to the fuel pump on the 335i's. Alexander mathis has encountered these "exact" issues listed below in the correspondence from BMW of north America, llc. We've taken the initiative to take vehicle back to the united BMW of roswell on three different occasions pertaining to issues. To our amazement, BMW roswell communicated that the fuel in the vehicle had to much ethanol in the fuel tank. They said the BMW only allows 10% of ethanol in the gasoline and that some test were showing that there was 15% of ethanol in the fuel. Nonetheless, we faxed over a copy of the gas receipt which certainly shows that we put 93 octane gas in both of our BMW's. We both use the same gas stations and the same 93 octane fuel. However, the 2006 330i sedan is not experiencing any problems at all, but the 335i is experiencing that very issues that BMW north America listed below in their correspondence. We never brought this issue to BMW north America, llc's attention. However, we still received a letter in mail pertaining to these "exact" issues. The letter precisely indicated the same issues that alexander mathis is currently experiencing with his vehicle. This is extremely frustrating to the customer that they would have to be caught up in an issue between united BMW roswell, BMW north America, llc and exxon gas station where the fuel was purchased. Personally, I just couldn't imagine BMW allowing their valuable customers to go through such a cumbersome and tedious process to get their vehicle repaired. The vehicle is still under warranty with a little over 46,000 mile.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 16
Failure Date: 07/16/2009

In July of 2009 the high pressure fuel pump went out on my 2008 335i. The dealer replaced the fuel pump and was aware of problems with this particular engine. On November 12th the fuel pump went out again and was replaced. BMW stated that they have extended the warranty for the hp fuel pump but could not give a reason to the defect. On November 30th three fuel injectors and 3 spark plugs were replaced. On all 3 occasions car lost power and or started to sputter. Engine warning light came on all 3 times. I've lost all confidence in this vehicle and am currently starting a lemon law claim.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2008 BMW 335 17
Failure Date: 07/03/2009

When starting my car the engine jerked and almost stalled on start-up. Also under normal driving conditions car acceleration is sluggish and is "jerky" during braking. This has been a recurring problem since I took delivery in October 2007. Fuel pump and fuel injectors have been replaced twice. Car is in the shop on average of once every 3 weeks! dealer continues to replace parts but the same problem occurs. Parts seem to be defective!.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 18
Failure Date: 06/13/2009

The fuel pump/ injector problem in Bmw335i twin turbo charged engines. The car suddenly gets into a limp mode(drop power and engine malfunction lights on) when driving on freeways/ramps etc. Fuel pump replaced. The problem occurs again in 2 months. Fuel injectors replaced. Don't know if this will occur again.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 19
Failure Date: 03/15/2009

Purchased a BMW 335i coupe from BMW of manhattan and it has broken down half a dozen times and spent over 30 consecutive days at the service dept. When it broke down the first time due to faulty fuel pump that I was told is on back order then broke down few more times due to similar problems including recently car dying on me due to fuel injector malfunction. 23k miles on the car.

car image   Fuel Injector problem of the 2007 BMW 335 20
Failure Date: 12/17/2008

BMW 335i had a fuel injector problem and within 2 weeks I have a microfilter problem. In 3 weeks, my car has been in the shop twice.

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