Engine And Engine Cooling Problems of BMW 535

BMW 535 owners have reported 91 engine and engine cooling related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 18 most common engine and engine cooling problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's engine and engine cooling (30 problems). The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's water pump (14 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

  Recently reported Engine And Engine Cooling problems of BMW 535

The Engine And Engine Cooling problem

Was driving suddendly car lost speed to 20mph rpms reved up to 4000. Would not go any faster had to pull over the car put itself in neutral then turned itself off few minutes later was able to turn the car back on and resume driving . .   Read details...

The Water Pump problem

The electric water pump failed. The system did not show any visible warning on the dashboard at time of failure even though the ecu registered a failure code internally when it detected that the pump had stopped working (as compared to mileage/timestamps from diagnostic codes at the time of   Read details...

The Car Stall problem

Driving if freeway 65 mph, all the sudden car stalled lost power I drove it off the freeway the steering wheel was very hard to turn, try to startup the car did not start called aaa for tow truck after 15 min I start the car, start fined and no problem, to BMW USA made appointment with BMW dealer 4   Read details...

The Check Engine Light On problem

Vehicle has issues in line with the recall that has been extended for some VIN numbers under recall number #16v746000. Vehicle has experienced shaking under acceleration, sputtering, flashing check engine light and, multiple trips to the dealership.   Read details...

The Engine Oil Leaking problem

Engine valve covers cracked, leading to accumulated oil leak in the engine compartment. Possible fire hazard.   Read details...

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