Vehicle Speed Control Problems of BMW 535

BMW 535 owners have reported 10 vehicle speed control related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common vehicle speed control problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's vehicle speed control (10 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Vehicle Speed Control related problems of BMW 535

Problem Category Number of Problems
Vehicle Speed Control problems
Vehicle Speed Control problem #1

Tl the contact owns a 2012 BMW 535i. While driving 10 mph, the vehicle started to accelerate on its own. The contact switched to manual transmission, downshifted into first gear, and depressed the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. The contact pulled over at a fuel station and noticed that the rpms were increasing while the vehicle was in park. The vehicle was driven to the contact's residence. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The dealer was not contacted. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 74,500.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #2

Car reduced power, shakes and will not run anymore. Is so unsafe to be driving this specially in the fwy very scary.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #3

Currently having issues with a wastegate rattle on turbos. Rough engine idle. Having multiple misfires, and stuck open fuel injectors. Causing tailpipes to excessively smoke (white color) while going into limp mode could not go past 20mph and surging. Issues happen when stationary and while driving. Had to get vehicle towed home. �fuel injector recall 16e-a01 �hpfp recall- could not find number �turbo recall- could not find number.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #4

Driving family down the highway around 65 mph. I loose all power in the cabin. The car starts throwing all warning lights, abs, steering,sway control, transmition, etc. Engine still running would not shift into neutral had to use e brake to pull over then it wanted to keep going had to turn car off to stop it. Called tow truck sent family home.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #5

This recall has my powertrans not preforming as it should. I brought the car in 2017 and this recall was never done. I turn my car in to the dealership and since then I have been taking my car frequently to mechanics for powertrans problems. When I take it to the dealership they tell me they don�t see a fault for the powertrans it as soon as I leave the fault returns. I paid money for numerous diagnostics for this problem and I still have the same issue. This problem occurs after reaching speeds over 65 mph.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #6

Tip in as it is called, lag in the response time from when you step on the gas pedal till the car actually takes off. Also passenger side seat sensor sensing someone is there when they are not causing the fasten seat belt error to contantly go off.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #7

Acceleration delay from a stationary position due to turbo lag. Vehicle demonstrates severe throttle lag response. It is a safety issue when you are required to call on quick response to driving.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #8

I was driving about 40 mph and my car just died on the street and chassis stabilization light came on. . Had to restart car 7-8 times to be able to move inside parking lot.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #9

Driving on highway, panel indicates that the temperature is high, and advises to drive moderately. Pulled over one lane. Before being able to pull over completely, a new indication shows on the panel, instructing that the engine is overheated. Vehicle quickly powers down in the middle of the highway. Unable to pull off to the side before the car is traveling under 20 mph. Limped to the road side with other cars buzzing by at dangerously different speeds as compared to my own. I was finally able to pull off to the side of the highway while going less than 5 mph, causing other drivers to slam their brakes and honk profusely at me. The deceleration happened very quickly. With lots of traffic, this created a dangerous and difficult situation to manage in the middle of rush hour. The fact that a crash did not occur is a matter of luck. After pulling off to the side and letting the car cool for several minutes, I was able to restart and drive slowly, long enough to get off the highway at the next exit, about 500 feet away. Called for a tow truck. Car is now at dealer.

Vehicle Speed Control problem #10

I just had to have my water pump and thermostat replaced on my 2008 535i. I was told that it happens so often, they keep the part on the shelf! are there really no recalls on this problem?? also, my right tail light shorted out. I asked the shop why. . . He said this also happens all the time. The wires fry! not cool. I really think someone needs to investigate this. When I was told they replace them all of the time, I was shocked. That cost me $1102. 62 to fix. The guy who towed me said he makes several trips a week for people with the same problem.

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