Visibility Problems of BMW 535

BMW 535 owners have reported 9 visibility related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common visibility problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's wiper (9 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Visibility related problems of BMW 535

Problem Category Number of Problems
Wiper problems
Wiper problem #1

Tl-the contact 2011 BMW 35i. While driving at 20 mph the contact stated that their spouse was driving and the sunroof exploded. The abnormal sound was like a loud blast. The contact pulled over in a near by parking lot. Check out the vehicle and drove home. No warning lights illuminated. The vehicle was not towed. The vehicle will be taken to their local mechanic this Friday and repaired then and there. The manufacturer was made aware of the issue and BMW has issued a case manager to the contacts case file today. The failure mileage was 54,945. Jw.

Wiper problem #2

Known safety concern due to broken wiring in e61 wagon hatch wiring. See this thread: https://5series. Net/forums/e61-touring-discussion-4/tailgate-wiring-harness-replacement-72751/.

Wiper problem #3

I was driving my family and my enging cut off on and the car would not start nor go into any gear took it to my mechanic and was told that my car might be on a recall list because it jas reach over 70000mi now I don't know what to to.

Wiper problem #4

The wipers keep stopping, not functioning, I had replaced the motor three times now.

Wiper problem #5

On 12-Jul-2017 at approximately 6:30am driving west on I-580 at approximately 65-70 mph less than 1 mile east of the castro valley blvd exit, in daily commuter traffic on open road (no overpass or other structures hanging over the road) I heard a tremendously loud bang, and looked around to see if something had hit me. I then heard the sound of broken glass above me in the sunroof "compartment"; the interior shade of the sunroof was closed at the time. After regaining my composure I was able to safely exit the freeway, inspected the sunroof and exterior of the car and did not notice any damage other than the broken sunroof glass. I returned home, took some pictures, inspected the vehicle further. There was no evidence of any damage to any body panels of the vehicle. There was no evidence (indentation) of anything striking the glass and denting the interior shade/shield of the sunroof.

Wiper problem #6

The passenger mirror will move out of position on its own without touching any controls. This will also occur when the car is turned off. After reviewing various internet postings other BMW owners have experienced the same problem. This is a serious safety issue as it can adversely impact the driver's rear vision.

Wiper problem #7

The huge reflection of the dashbord speacker and headup display instrument on the midle of the driver windshield field of view , is covering more that 60% of the driver field of view, which create an very unsafe driving mode . The driver field of view is covered more that 60% of the reflection of the car manufacturer added instruments. The disturbing driving mode was reported to BMW USA and BMW delaer . The registration of th unsafe 2014 BMW have ben canceled and the car returned to BMW dealer.

Wiper problem #8

The BMW 535i 2014 , with the driver assistant package , have a huge reflection of the driver head up display glass feature , along with the reflection of the profile of the dashboard middle speaker , straight in the front field of view of the driver . The BMW gallery of norwood ,MA ,dealer and BMW USA have been informed that the car is unsafe to be driven by people with claustrophobia , or ,other vision problems and they answer was to use polarized glass . The reflected images right in the driver field of view is very distracting / disturbing during driving time , and is very , very disturbing during day time driving . We almost get into a car accident due to the disturbing / blurry driver filed of view.

Wiper problem #9

The contact owns a 2008 BMW 535i. The contact stated that while driving 60 mph, the vehicle exhibited loud popping noises, similar to the sound of a gun shot. The contact proceeded to drive the vehicle and the glass from the sunroof began to shatter, falling over him while driving. The contact moved off the roadway and confirmed that the sunroof shattered. The vehicle was taken to the dealer the following day and the contact was advised that something must have struck the sunroof to cause the glass to shatter. The contact was persistent that nothing had struck the sunroof and later while performing research, he discovered that many other owners of the exact same year, make and model had also encountered the sunroof failure. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the contact was awaiting repairs to the vehicle. The failure and the current mileage was 36,500.

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