Unknown Or Other Problems of BMW M3

BMW M3 owners have reported 2 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (2 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of BMW M3

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

There's an issue with the car's dct/transmission. The problem occurs when you slow down- like for a turn, but do not come to a complete stop. The dct transmission seems to have trouble figuring out what gear to select because when you step on the gas to accelerate, there is a very significant delay in the onset of power- up to 2-3 seconds. By this time, the driver is usually really digging into the throttle. The transmission finally picks a gear, which results in the car suddenly lurching forward, sometimes invoking the anti-skip control. This has happened several times since I bought the vehicle and can prove to be very dangerous when you're in close proximity to another car and the car thrusts forward.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Smg pump failure I have contacted Bmwna in the past in regards to the smg (sequential manual gearshift) pump failure in some BMW e46 M3's 2002-2006. Bmwna appears to brush this problem aside. The smg is an electro hydraulically actuated clutch. It changes the gears (utilizing hydraulic pump) without an actual clutch pedal by utilizing the shifter lever located on the center console or the shifter paddle levers on the steering wheel. When the smg fails your vehicle loses engine power and you are unable to proceed. This common problem appears to occur in these model years with as low as 40,000 miles or as in my case 75,000 miles. On July 6, 2010 I took my M3 to weber BMW in fresno, CA. Due to the "check engine light". I was told I would be needing a new smg pump, which I had no choice, but to pay the cost of $3,823. 12 for the replacement part. I am a member of a BMW talk forum called e46fanatics. . Read more...

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