Automatic Transmission Problems of BMW X5

BMW X5 owners have reported 25 problems related to automatic transmission (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2011 BMW X5 1
Failure Date: 08/14/2011

I own a 2011 BMW X5 35i premium. I find it unexcuseable to have brake dust continually ruining my wheels, which dealer states there is no resolution. This car is jerky when starting and driving around town. Also, cars engine roars loudly upon starting. . . . . Somethiing is not right! very hard ride, gives me headaches on freeways needing repairs. I never get headaches. Brake assist comes on in level areas or car is being held back from full acceleration. My exaust system is completely rusted, car is only 6 mo old. Warning: black dash causes drivers face to burn in hot temps. In summer. On trip I had to cover my dash with white paper towels to alleviate my face burning while driving. Leather seems inferior and indents easily and stays indented. Car does not give option on heated seats of using back or seat heat. Also does not have cooled seats. When requesting upgrade of navigation from dealer, they wanted to charge me $200. Even tho. I should have a free upgrade, since the car came with 2010 version! rear tailgate doesn't always open with key faub. Carpet round velcrow from floor came lose and tore leather on my console! with a brand new car, I did not expect so many problems! I am looking for a car without problems and expected my BMW to be just that. I am very disappointed. I all ready had to replace the windshield. Find using cruise control behind steering wheel very dangerous because it is too low and if you look down at your knees to put it on, you can't see where you are driving! my mechanic also told me there is a certain way to put on the emergency brake so the bolt into the transmission/engine? doesn't break off! ths is a car for a mechanic to own. Please advise what to do? it seems the small engine is not paired correctly with the transmission and the turbo, causing jerking when accelerating, and feels like the brake is on when you are driving at low speeds around town. This car has me very worried!!!.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2005 BMW X5 2
Failure Date: 11/05/2010

I have a 2005 BMW X5 4. 4 auto. Transmission is defective , it takes at least 10 seconds to go into forward or reverse gear and will shift late and bang hard. Occurs all the time resulting in almost getting hit by other cars because it takes so long to go in gear. Many other 2005 BMW X5 owners have the same problems. There should be a recall before someone gets injured or killed. Dealer tells me it is a known problem that will cost thosands of dollars to fix that I do not have.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2005 BMW X5 3
Failure Date: 09/16/2010

BMW's high instances of "hard 2-1 downshift" as they call it. Many models of BMW's experience a feeling of being rear ended while slowing to a stop and then asking for an acceleration. Also described as "slip and slam" by many people, there is an obvious defect in the transmission. This problem seems to get progressively worse the more you drive leading up to every time you drive your vehicle. BMW is obviously aware of the problem as they have a name for it, but getting a dealership to admit to a problem, let alone fix it is another story. Car is currently in the shop to be "reprogrammed" at a cost of $180. 00, but the technician flat out told me that this probably wouldn't fix the problem and maybe I could just live with it. This is not an option, as every time this event happens my 4 and 6 year old daughters assume we have been in an accident and start panicking, not to mention the bonk on the head and strain on their necks from the jolt. My car is now out of warranty, but they will gladly replace the transmission at my cost and that should fix the problem. This is a widespread problem possibly involving many hundreds of cars and many complaints of this problem including claims of whiplash can be found on chat boards such as edmunds. Com, xoutpost. Com and bimmerfest. Com. . . Or just type in BMW feels like being rear ended. . . And it will all come up. Hopefully all of these people have put in a complaint as well so that something can finally be done about this problem, seeing as how BMW refuses to fix it themselves.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2004 BMW X5 4
Failure Date: 08/17/2010

My bmx 5 (2004) stalls occasionally at low speeds. This has occurred 4 times in the last three months. The service center has been unable to duplicate the problem or determine the cause. I'm usually exiting a parking lot or school when it occurs and estimated speed is between 5 and 10 mph. There are no sensors or warning indicators before or after the incident and a diagnostic check at the BMW service center revealed no sensors or indicators activated. There were two recalls for BMW x 5 2004 models that were related to stalling but have not been associated with my particular vehicle. I'm concerned the problem will result in a crash.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2000 BMW X5 5
Failure Date: 01/25/2010

No reverse and also no communication to the abs module so no abs.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2003 BMW X5 6
Failure Date: 07/01/2009

I have a 2003 BMW X5 4. 4. Which seems to vibrate/jerk between 20 and 30 mph. The first time (2009) I went to the dealer they told me I needed to replace my tire which I did. This did not help. I went back to the dealer again and now they tell me I need to replace the transmission. After researching this issue online, I am learning many other BMW owners have this same problem. I am curious to know if this is a defect.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2000 BMW X5 7
Failure Date: 06/03/2009

On June 3, 2009 I took my X5 BMW to checkered flag BMW 5225 virginia beach blvd virginia beach, virginia 23454 to have an inconsistent hesitation checked. There was no check engine or transmission light on. The vehicle was left with the dealer for 3 days, the service manager called on June 6, 2009 , told my husband and I that the transmission was completely burned up. I told the service manager that the X5 has a seal transmission. According to my service manual a warning light should had came on putting the vehicle in transmission safe mode informing me to take it to the dealer for service. This would prevent any damage to the transmission. However no warning light came on. Basically he told us the vehicle was made with a defected transmission modulecontrol part. We told him to fix the transmission and that it wasn't my fault it was defected. He refused to repair it .

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2008 BMW X5 8
Failure Date: 04/26/2009

Car surges continuously after taking off from a red light or stop sign. I have had to pull off the road until it stops. This is a known defect of this auto. This happens every day. It is sporadic. Several complaints have been made, and I have been told by BMW's repair department that they know of no such problem, then they admitted they did know of the problem, but it was a "software" issue and no download was available for me, and then eventually the dealership stopped returning my calls.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 9
Failure Date: 04/14/2009

I bought my 2001 BMW X5 last Saturday. . . 7 days later, I got the no reverse problem that I am now hearing is typical in Bmws. It just went out. Luckily the dealer I bought it from was nice enough to take the car back. They didn't have to as it was used. Otherwise I would have been out $5,000. This car had 107k miles on it. BMW needs to acknowledge this serious problem and correct it at their expense. This is wrong.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2003 BMW X5 10
Failure Date: 04/01/2009

80k on my BMW X5 and the transmission needs replaced.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2007 BMW X5 11
Failure Date: 03/30/2009

When accelerating from a dead stop, the car does nothing when you step on the accelerator and then lunges forward. The sudden bucking and hesitation makes hard to control the car especially in bumper to bumper traffic. I live in a suburb of new york city and I drive in stop and go traffic at 5 times every week. This does not happen every time you accelerate, but mostly when the car is hot, like in traffic. The car performs fine when it is cold. The dealer has experienced the problem, and the car has improved, but it is still bad when it gets hot. The dealer and the manufacturer's representative refuse to do more than drive it around the block and the last time it was there they drove it while it was cold and it was ok. I have brought the car back to them six (6) times and they still can not fix this. I think this is an accident waiting to happen. The car is very hard to control in traffic and I am afraid that someday I might hit the car in front of me, especially when in traffic. My first complaint to the dealer was March 30, 2009 and the problem continues to today.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 12
Failure Date: 03/28/2009

I own a 2001 BMW X5. The car is in working condition, repaired and maintained as needed. The automobile no longer goes in reverse at 91,000 miles. The transmission needs to be rebuilt. I hear this is a very common problem with BMW's. I was told that it is the zf5hp19 or steptronic transmission. It is a failure of the d-g clutch drum. This is a huge safety hazard for the person driving the vehicle and for everyone around the vehicle.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 13
Failure Date: 12/14/2008

2001 BMW X5 4. 4 with 88,000 miles. I shifted to reverse to back out of my parking spot, and when I tried to apply the gas the engine revved but the car did not reverse. Reverse was like another neutral. Took it into local BMW dealership for inspection and they said we need to replace our transmission.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2008 BMW X5 14
Failure Date: 09/03/2008

The gear shifting/transmission in my 2008 3. 0 X5 is an ongoing and dangerous problem from day 1. The car does not accelerate reliably and I have had many near collisions. I have been complaining to BMW service (port chester, NY) since sept. 3 2008. I purchased the car new at the end of may 2008. BMW service told me BMW USA was aware and there was a "software update" coming the beginning of oct which should address this problem. I called the service center in oct and was told no update was released yet. I called BMW of north America on oct 6 and was told that there was a system update released to address this issue and they would contact the service center manager. I left several messages before he returned my call. The update was installed on oct 14, 2008. There was absolutely no improvement to the hesitation/stalling. On each subsequent service visit I complained of this same issue. Each time they acknowledged the problem. I had a test drive with the repair foreman who admitted that BMW was well aware of this issue. It was a new system that was designed to get better gas mileage and was "reactive" to the owners driving style. It was not working and they did away with it for new vehicles. The repair foreman has seen many 2008 3. 0 X5's with this problem. I was told a second update was coming to fix the problem. On sept 28, 2009 the update was done update, which again did nothing. I advised BMW I was filing a complaint with this agency. Within a few days someone called to say they would take care of this problem and service manager would call. I never heard from anyone again at BMW service. I had a near miss accident again. BMW is hiding this dangerous problem from the public!! interestingly, when I complain, BMW does not enter the complaint into their system, but always say they will look into it. Are they hiding these complaints? please help me before it is too late. There are many others with this problem.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2002 BMW X5 15
Failure Date: 08/13/2008

Transmission problems on a 2002 BMW X5 3. 0 automatic with 69000 miles. The vehicle slips in reverse, at times it does not work at all. I've conducted all scheduled maintenance since purchased from original owner. I took car to a shop who services BMW's and they checked the transmission fluid, which was ok. Later after doing research on problems with BMW transmission I was amazed on how many complaints there are with the BMW transmission. If I would of known of the problem I would of not bought this vehicle or any BMW. I was told from mechanics that work on this vehicle it will cost me around $5000. 00 to replace the transmission and sooner or later it will fail because their transmissions are sealed and do not require fluids or major servicing. After doing additional research online for any recall information BMW has not submitted one whatsoever. I am pretty sure BMW is aware of the problem and knowing a recall will cost them alot of money, they refuse to admit an ongoing problem with their transmissions. I purchased this vehicle at a reasonable price but with me being the only income in my household (military) I simply cannot afford the repair. I do not expect any resolution from BMW, however, I want to file this complaint to create awareness for future consumers of BMW automobiles. This will be my first and only BMW. Thank you for your attention.

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car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2002 BMW X5 16
Failure Date: 07/29/2008

Car has been well maintained with regular service. 80,000 miles. No indication of any problem on start up. Experienced sudden total loss of transmission function. The car rolls when in park. A grinding sound is noted in cabin.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2008 BMW X5 17
Failure Date: 05/30/2008

2002 X5 would not go into reverse.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2008 BMW X5 18
Failure Date: 05/23/2008

There is a significant problem with the engine/transmissions on the BMW x3 model. I have had a 2007 and now a 2008, the 2007 bought back by BMW due to major issues. The problem is that the transmission is not reactive, and causes major hesitation, delayed shifting, and awkward responses from the throttle which is a serious issue when merging or passing etc. The car does not get up to speed, and at times literally "chokes" which can cause an accident as someone behind you can just begin to accelerate and plow right into you. BMW has no fixes for this issue at the moment; others per a BMW forum have also let your office know about this problem. BMW basically does not consider it a safety issues, but it definitely is. This occurs all the time, and the manufacturer says there are no engine software updates (last one did nothing) to rectify the issues. This is an inherent defect in the vehicle and it is dangerous. This system does not let you select an x3 model. It is a BMW x3.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2004 BMW X5 19
Failure Date: 10/06/2007

I own a 2004 BMW X5, I purchased the car used from sam swope BMW in louisville ky # 502-499-5080 the car was certified and still under warranty with 37,000 miles on it. I also purchased a extended warranty as well. My complaint is the transmission is causing the car to be unsafe, at times when starting from a stop or roll it will cause the car to lurch forward unexpectedly I have complained several times to the dealership as well as BMW. The first time it did it the dealer said the software needed to be updated I paid over $150. 00 to have this done they said it would fix it. For awhile I thought it had taken care of it but several months later it started doing it again. After more complaints to BMW dealer they did another software update and charged me again. This time it seemed like they restarted the performance of the car. BMW claims that it is not showing any malfunctions in the computer they claim there is nothing wrong, if that is true then why do they keep saying I need to update the software and keep charging me for this, when the transmission does this it all most like some has hit you from the rear. The car has 88,000 miles on it and has continued to this, I have actually altered the way I take off from a stand still to avoiding this from happening. There are a number of complaints about this issue if you look on line at edmunds cars.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 20
Failure Date: 06/30/2006

While parked, the automatic transmission shift lever moved into the reverse position, but the car failed to move with the lever in that position. We changed the position of the shift lever several times always going back to reverse, but the car would never move when in reverse.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 21
Failure Date: 08/10/2002

Dsc, brakes, abs, check engine lights on. Vehicle loses power, enters limp mode.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 22
Failure Date: 12/24/2001

2001 BMW X5 4. 4l - 80. K miles (maintained as instructed by dealer) reverse has gone out. Seems numerous forums repeat the same problems over & over again. BMW &/or transmission supplier should be responsible as it seems this happens more often than not. Repair cost b/t $$$5-7k. Merry christmas. . . . .

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2001 BMW X5 23
Failure Date: 11/01/2001

Transmission chip keeps failing, causing transmission to loose first, second the fifth gears. Vehicle has been taken to dealer 4 times for this problem.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2003 BMW X5 24

While driving 70 mph vehicle stalled. Driver was able to pull over. Vehicle taken to the dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that transmission needed to be replaced.

car image   Automatic Transmission problem of the 2004 BMW X5 25

Transmission shuts down while engine is still running. A warning light illuminates saying transmission has shut down.

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