Latches/locks/linkage Related Problems of the 1996 Buick Century

Table 1 shows two common latches/locks/linkage related problems of the 1996 Buick Century.

Table 1. Latches/locks/linkage related problems of Buick Century

Problem Category Number of Problems
Door Latch problems
Hood Latch problems
Door Latch problem #1

1996 Buick Century. Automatic door locks will lock when the car is in gear and idling. Driver mistakenly got out of car with the car in gear and idling. The automatic door locks immediately locked the driver out of the car. Driver had to bust window to shut the car off before car rolled into building.

Hood Latch problem #2

While being driven, the primary hood latch released, allowing the secondary latch to catch force. Hood latch adjusted by area dealer with hood latch still releasing, allowing secondary latch to catch force.

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