Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 1998 Buick Century

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 1998 Buick Century.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Buick Century

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Dashboard design causes poor visibility due to the reflection on the windshield. There appears to be two(2) distinct sections and an angle to the dashboard.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Driver's side wiper arm becomes loose and eventually becomes inoperative. Dealer has adjusted this three time previously on warranty. In the latest incident I was passing an 18 wheeler during a driving rainstorm at night when the driver's side wiper suddenly locked up and stopped working. I am lucky to still be alive. Had I had an accident and been killed no one would have known or suspected the cause. On a previous occasion the driver's side wiper became enmeshed with the passenger side wiper and both wipers suddenly quit working. Had this happened and both wipers quit in this latest incident I very likely would have been killed. This happened in a 1998 Buick Century, but any gm car with a similar wiper design could potentially have this same problem. Any time a wiper arm is removed for any reason, care must be taken to ensure that it is properly tightened or it will begin to slip and eventually cause this same potentially fatal problem. Gm needs to issue torque specs for wiper arms.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Dashlights failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

Dash design causes poor visibility, due to reflection on windshield.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Design of dashboard reflects on windshield causing poor visibility which could result in an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Lights on instrument panel come on at random times.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Design of plastic dashboard reflects back into the windshield causing poor visibility.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

Dashboard reflects on the windshield causing poor visibility due to material design.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Dashboard reflects onto windshield causing poor visibility.

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