Fuel Injector problems of the 1998 Buick Century

Three problems related to fuel injector have been reported for the 1998 Buick Century. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Fuel Injector problem 1
Failure Date: 11/12/2003

My car has had a continuous problem with my fuel injections, specifically injections 3 and 4. Number 3 has been replaced twice and 4 once. This started 11/14/2001 with the most current happening on 11/12/2003 after supposedly being repaired on 11/5/2003 and 10/17/2003. I have spoke to gm on separate occasions with the same response. Because my car now has 98,200 miles on they can't help me. The first time that the injections started to give me a problem it was covered under an extended warranty and at that time I only had 64,047 miles on my vehicle. It is my understanding from a reliable source that the injections are producing numerous problems but to date there has been no recall done. I'm spending a lot of money to fix something that apparently can't be fixed. I think something needs to be done.

car   Fuel Injector problem 2
Failure Date: 01/15/2003

Since I have had the car I have had repeatedly had a problem with the fuel injectors. In the beginning while under warranty the injectors were replaced after the third time I was told that they just clean injectors now and it's caused by bad gasoline. In all my other cars I have not had any problem using standard oil gas. Even the dealer buys the same gas at the same station for all there cars. Lately when I had the injector problem again they quoted me $140 to fix the problem when I said I had it done the other times for less they automatically reduced the price to $64. This may seem fair to some but why the difference in price and why can't they solve this problem? other people I know have the same engine and do not have this problem.

car   Fuel Injector problem 3

Engine check light stayed on, and vehicle vibrated. Also, dealer has replaced the fuel injectors.

Other Gasoline Fuel System related problems of the 1998 Buick Century

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