Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problems of the 1999 Buick Century

17 problems related to manifold/header/muffler/tail pipe have been reported for the 1999 Buick Century. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 1
Failure Date: 03/18/2015

I had to replace the head gasket twice. Mechanic indicated the first time that the coolant might be the cause for the gasket deterioration. When replaced the second time, the gasket was (I believe) a metal rather than plastic or rubber and the coolant was green. So far, so good. Both replacements cost $1000+. Recently had brakes replaced and was told the intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced at a cost of $1100. The car runs well, but has serious rust on the rail below the doors. Not sure I should spend that much on a 16 yr old car. I've also had to have a motor on the driver's side window repaired. That seems to be a frequent problem with this model, too.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 2
Failure Date: 01/14/2007

Notice coolant is leaking around the intake manifold area on 3. 1l v6 engine of my 1999 Buick Century. Local mechanic said it was a common problem with this engine. Dealer is asking approximately $900. 00 to repair this problem. This should be a recall on this engine if this is a frequent problem. A good engine should not failed like this in my opinion. This is not a normal wear and tear of the engine, but poor engineering of the engine. Dealer should pay for this problem.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 3
Failure Date: 10/23/2006

: the contact stated the engine's intake manifold was leaking antifreeze. The non service dealer determined the top of the motor needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not taken to a service dealer.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 4
Failure Date: 11/24/2005

Both the intake manifold and the heater core failed on my car.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 5
Failure Date: 12/14/2004

Car started to leak anti-freeze very slowly. Has the dexcool antifreeze. I checked the radiator to see if it was low, and the radiator looked as though it had lots of rust in it. So I took it to a local firestone store to have it looked at, and they found the leak and proceeded to tell me that this was a common occurrence in gm vehicles around this model year with the 3. 1 liter engine, that a manifold gasket would start to leak, and you either got antifreeze leaking into the oil, or as in my case, the oil from the engine got into the cooling system, hence into the radiator and turned it into "gunk". The price tag to do the work was around $700. So I thought I would call the Buick dealer in town to see what they knew about this problem and see what they would charge to fix it. I found it ironic that the gentleman in the service department knew exactly what I was talking about, said they the parts on hand to fix it and quoted me the exact price without even taking a breath. Seems this is a rather common occurrence with these engines. Which leads me to believe that this is some sort of manufacturing defect, and that perhaps gm/the manufacturer should be picking up the bill for this fix. The service man at the firestone store said the same thing, that this is getting to be pretty common with these cars and could recite the necessary work that needed to be done to fix it right off the top of his head. So I would like to register my complaint in hopes that something could be done to rectify the situation. The car is in the shop presently being repaired. The head gasket and manifold gaskets need to be replaced, which constitutes tearing half the engine apart. Also the oil needs to be changed a couple of times to get any coolant out of the engine, and of course the radiator needs to be flushed, cleaned and refilled. No old parts would be available as what needs to be replaced are gaskets.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 6
Failure Date: 11/05/2004

Driving down road one day when car overheated. One mechanic replaced thermostat but continued to do same. Took to another facility who ran diagnostic test and was told that it was the r & r intake manifold gasket. Car is a 1999 Buick Century with only 46,191 miles. Have been told the cost to fix problem is approx. $700. With all of the other identical problems of other owners why hasn't something been done with this problem? consumer should not have to foot the bill for gm's defective parts. There is obviously something wrong with the engine design. Had a Buick regal before this and it is still running with over 195,000 miles. No engine cooling system problem with it.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 7
Failure Date: 03/25/2004

Leaking intake manifold gasket on 1999 Buick Century, 77,000 miles.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 8
Failure Date: 02/20/2004

Intake gasket on my 1999 Buick Century with 25,000 miles on the odometer failed.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 9
Failure Date: 01/28/2004

While driving intake manifold leaked antifreeze. Dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 10
Failure Date: 12/28/2003

Intake manifold coolant leak caused engine failure. Intakes manifold gasket was replaced. Gasket now has a new part number to correct the defect on the original component, gm claim #1-180791866. Gm has recalled for coolant leak, but it was on a different model. Also, lower intake manifold gasket was leaking. Mechanic replaced the lower gasket.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 11
Failure Date: 11/21/2003

The vehicle experienced premature failure of the intake manifold.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 12
Failure Date: 07/22/2003

Dealer replaced intake manifold gasket. Consumer stated it was premature to replace the manifold. When the consumers first purchased the used vehicle, dex-cool needed to be added every 2-3,000 miles. After a year, the consumer was adding dex-cool every 2 days. Consumer then noticed pink gunk in the dex-cool. Vehicle was taken to the dealer and they couldn't determine why this happened and where it came from. They were informed the intake manifold needed to be replaced and the vehicle needed a complete flush. When the consumer received the vehicle from the dealer, they noticed a lot of pink gunk still in the reserve jug.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 13
Failure Date: 01/15/2003

Loosing coolant. No external leaks can be found. From the information I have read, we probably have an intake manifold gasket problem.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 14
Failure Date: 01/10/2003

Intake manifold gasket (lower) failure.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 15
Failure Date: 12/04/2002

My complaint is on my 1999 Buick Century. December of 2002 I took my car to my mechanic because it was leaking dex-cool coolant. My mechanic informed me it was the intake manifold gasket and it would cost around $440. 00. My car only had 59,000 miles on it and was only three years old. This shouldn't have happened. Very poor job of quality in this area by general motors/.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 16
Failure Date: 03/26/2002

There seems to be a large number of lower intake manifold gasket failures (defects) on general motors 3. 1l, 6 cylinder gasoline engines manufactured between approx 1995 and 2004 (possibly 3. 4l as well per internet wistleblowing website). There are no gm recalls (gm bulletins # 030601010 (March 2003), # 020601014 (01 April 2002), and possibly # vss20030024 (04 March 2003). From the whistleblower internet website, many people including me are on the second very expensive repair due to the failure/design defect of this gasket/design (gm refusing to pay). In my case, at 50k miles there was an external purge of coolant resulting in steam release in the engine compartment. At 91k miles I am now experiencing an external oil leak at that gasket, with possible internal coolant leak per gm dealers analysis (on my receipt). The failure of the gasket seems to permit the mix of coolant and oil inside the engine or an oil leak outside the engine. The mix could seize the engine (dilutes engine oil lubrication) or cause severe and sudden engine and cooling system damage. I did a google internet search on "intake manifold gasket problems" and was shocked at what I found and how many people were on their second round of very expensive repairs for the same gasket failure/defect. "all" gm dealers are well aware of this and are currently charging $800 to $1,100 per gasket/bolt replacement. There was mention on the internet that gm might be seeking legal action against the manufacturer of their special gm coolant (required for gm cars), but I cannot verify that. The internet sites mentioned that the gm coolant might be responsible for the gaskets failing from the inside of the engine (coolant dissolves the gasket). I saw one mention of possible water pump gasket failures due to the coolant. I also "heard" that these gaskets might be made of plastic and cracking, which leads to failure.

car   Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe problem 17

Fax fm william a. Araneo (NJ) request reimbursement for repairs related to a recall of the intake manifold on his Buick automobile.

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