Turn Signal problems of the 1999 Buick Century

Three problems related to turn signal have been reported for the 1999 Buick Century. The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car   Turn Signal problem 1
Failure Date: 09/10/2010

Problem with exterior lighting on passenger side of car. Turn signal blinks rapidly sometimes even after changing out bulb. Headlight is starting to do the same trick. If you get out and play with either you can usually get it working again, but this is not always safe, and certainly is not convenient.

car   Turn Signal problem 2
Failure Date: 07/13/2006

Bulbs keep blowing, sockets keep melting, turn signals that don't work, sloppy steering. Dewey griffith in bellingham wa. Has never told us of a recall or widespread problems. ! want some sort of compensation. The worst incident was in July 6, 2006 when 6 lights had to be fixed. As of 11-18-2010 we have more and another socket that is melted.

car   Turn Signal problem 3
Failure Date: 01/01/1901

Consumer 1999 Century turn signal and park light burns the bulb causing consumer to have to continuously change the light. The consumer stated the socket overheated.

Other Exterior Lighting related problems of the 1999 Buick Century

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