Other Fuel System Related Problems of the 2000 Buick Century

Table 1 shows two common other fuel system related problems of the 2000 Buick Century.

Table 1. Other Fuel System related problems of Buick Century

Problem Category Number of Problems
Other Fuel System Tank Assembly problems
Other Fuel System Fuel Gauge problems
Other Fuel System Tank Assembly problem #1

I keep getting my air bag warning light coming on, the abs, and the check engine soon light, they wont go off. The fuel line that goes into the gas tank /neck leaks when gas gets pumped into it. The odometer mileage display p. R. N. D. L. Wont work and neither will the temperature gauge indicator for the climate control gauge.

Other Fuel System Fuel Gauge problem #2

I have a 2000 Buick Century limited and the transmission harsh shift 1234, when hot and sometimes cold, I know that it needs a new 1234 up shift solenoid and to be inspected for failed parts etc, also the odometer,fuel gauge,and window regulators/motors have failed, the odometer is out and fuel gauge floats and windows have failed due to bad design of motors/regulators and my airbag light is on and each 4t65- e trans and many Buick trans like the one above has harsh shift and could cause damage and cause trans to fail. And the problems above will be found in many Buick Century and gm should fix the issues above for free it is a danger for the trans to fail and odometer/gear shift select to fail because most people will not know what gear they are in, and the trans could lock and cause a wreck or a huge injury or worst. And the trans 1234 up shift pressure control solenoid not keeping the right pressure could damage the trans, and even if the trans is bought used it still has this problem and is the same 4t65-e trans and gm needs to fix this for free there are many complaints and issue with the 2000 Buick Century,regals etc with this type of trans. And should be fixed right away before it becomes a costly repair or wreck! and the trans should be checked for any other failures. For free.

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