Seat Belt Related Problems of the 2000 Buick Century

Table 1 shows four common seat belt related problems of the 2000 Buick Century. The number one most common problem is related to the front seat belt buckle assembly (three problems). The second most common problem is related to the seat belt (three problems).

Table 1. Seat Belt related problems of Buick Century

  Recently reported Seat Belt problems of the 2000 Buick Century

The Front Seat Belt Buckle Assembly problem

Vehicle was involved in a head on collision in which driver's seat belt failed to lock up during impact, dealer and manufacturer have not been notified. Feel free to provide any further information.   Read details...

The Seat Belt problem

My sister owned vehicle above until I purchased it in 2004 from her. She nor I have never received any recall letters from gm on the 7 recalls that your records show that needed to be corrected or replaced. Would it be possible for you to check into this as to why we didn't receive notices from gm.   Read details...

The Rear Seat Belt problem

It would be hard for the consumer to unlock them selves front the rear shoulder belt. Consumer would have to use force to unlatch the belt buckle. Dealership was notified but did not resolve the problem. The rear seat belts would not release from the retractor.   Read details...

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