Automatic Transmission problems of the 2000 Buick Century

13 problems related to automatic transmission have been reported for the 2000 Buick Century. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2000 Buick Century based on all problems reported for the 2000 Century.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 1
Failure Date: 05/01/2013

The contact owns a 2000 Buick Century. The contact stated that the vehicle would shift hard between first and second gears. The contact turned powered off and restarted the vehicle in order to resolve the problem momentarily. The vehicle was taken to a private mechanic, who stated that the transmission was defective. The transmission was rebuilt to resolve the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure, but no assistance was provided. The failure and current mileage was 75,000. Updated 06/17/13.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 2
Failure Date: 07/01/2008

The contact owns a 2000 Buick Century. Whenever the contact would accelerate from a stop, he heard a thumping sound coming from the transmission. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and they stated that the long shift cables needed to be replaced. The contact did not notice any differences beforehand. The failure mileage was 25,500 and current mileage was 26,325.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 3
Failure Date: 05/10/2008

Automatic transmission jerks and clunks when shifting gears.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 4
Failure Date: 05/14/2007

The contact owns a 2000 Buick Century. While traveling at any speed the contact noticed while the vehicle was changing gears the vehicle would began to vibrate and shake without warning. The vehicle was taken to a local mechanic where the contact was informed that the transmission needed to be replaced. There were no prior warnings. The current mileage was 22000 and the failure mileage was 66000.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 5
Failure Date: 02/19/2005

Automatic transmission starts to whine and shifts irradically after warmup. Have done some research and found that this is a common problem with this model's transmission. Many complaints on websites. Conyacted gm and they said it was to be expected with a vehicke with that many miles,true,but what are the odds of it happening in so many of the same type of car at about the same mileage. Something needs to be done to reign gm in with their sorry attitude.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 6
Failure Date: 01/03/2005

2000 Buick Century developed problems with the 4t65 automatic transmission. ** answer required***. The consumer stated the transmission shifted very hard and made unusual sounds.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 7
Failure Date: 06/01/2004

Transmission jerks into gear when on the highway - seems to be especially prominent after using the overdrive; will stop if car is stopped, engine shut off for awhile, and then restarted.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 8
Failure Date: 04/15/2004

My 2000 Century special has 38,497 miles on it. We had to spend $1718. 42 to have the transmission rebuilt.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 9
Failure Date: 08/01/2003

The contact owns a 2000 Buick Century. The contact stated that the vehicle shifted extremely hard and the service engine light illuminated while driving between 20 and 60 mph. The dealer stated that a computer should diagnosis the vehicle. The current mileage was 104,000 and failure mileage was 60,000.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 10
Failure Date: 03/27/2003

My Buick has 90,000 miles on it. I had a problem with the car. The car was jumping into gear. The jumping started very very small in August 2002. Today the jumping is very noticeable. After only driving it, they told me there was some internal transmission problems. Then they hooked my car up to a diagnostic computer and told me the pressure in transmission was low. They told me they were not sure I would be able to drive safely to my next destination. I asked the representatives was the problem under warranty? the representatives said "no. " the powertrain had just gone out at 80 thousand miles. Only 10 thousand miles ago. The representatives at sale auto mall encouraged me to go ahead and trade the car. They were sorry but the warranty had expired and they could not replace anything. I asked the representatives how much would it cost me to replace the transmission? they quoted me a price of about $3000. Which would be for a rebuilt one gm would guarantee for 3 years or 50,000 miles. I drove away without letting them fix the car. My complaints are: 1. Since I kept good service on my car, the car's transmission should have lasted longer than it has---trouble free. Powertrain warranties usually last 5 years/ 100,000 miles not 8 years/80,000 miles. 2. When I purchased my Buick, I was told by all Buick commercials on tv all fluids, like the brake fluid, transmission fluid(dex-traniii), and antifreeze(dex-cool) are guaranteed for at least 100,000 miles. I get the oil changed regularly at every 3,000 miles. If overheated transmission fluid possibly helped cause this jumping transmission problem, why did general motors market such fluids, as I mentioned, were guaranteed for 100,000 miles? 3. Transmissions should not be failing at 90,000 on a car that has been taken care of, that is only 3 years old.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 11
Failure Date: 08/28/2002

I own a 2000 Buick Century with an automatic transmission. It has been repaired three times and is starting to do the same thing it has done the other three times. It was repaired all three times at the gm dealer where I purchased it. Each time it has cost over $600 to repair it. The transmission shifts hard between gears and sometimes the vehicle almost stops moving in traffic.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 12
Failure Date: 09/20/2001

Transmission went out while consumer was driving, vehicle would no longer move. , consumer had to slow down and pull over. Consumer stated the vehicle was still runnning and just stopped in the middle of the street on an incline, therefore consumer could not roll back down the hill.

car   Automatic Transmission problem 13
Failure Date: 04/10/2000

This 2000 Buick Century was purchased in 2000. And from the start it began to have serious issues with the engine, and transmission. Causing the engine to be completely rebuilt at on 10,000 miles. The transmission went out at 5. 000 miles and needed to be replaced. Since that time the car has had a total of 6 transmissions. One being replaced at the dealer just after they had installed the 3 transmission. The car never left the lot and needed repair.

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