Latches/locks/linkage Related Problems of the 2004 Buick Century

Table 1 shows one common latches/locks/linkage related problems of the 2004 Buick Century.

Table 1. Latches/locks/linkage related problems of Buick Century

Problem Category Number of Problems
Latches/locks/linkage problems
Latches/locks/linkage problem

There is a part missing on the drivers seat belt that makes it difficult to use. I find that drivers are unwilling to fish the buckle off of the floor, and the buckle oftentimes wedges itself between a seat lever and the door. A driver sometimes has to open the door, exit the car, and retrieve the buckle from its hiding place. Drivers (I. E. , my kids) are very discouraged from using the belt. All cars I've ever owned had lifetime warranties on seat belts, and were fixed promptly by dealerships when problems occurred. My local gm dealer says not so with gm cars. Buick ignores my email queries, and calls to Buick are met by call center employees who are programmed to ask endless questions about personally identifiable information (pii) on me. No help.

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