Brake Disc Rotor Problems of Buick Century

Buick Century owners have reported 5 problems related to brake disc rotor (under the service brakes category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Buick Century based on all problems reported for the Century.

car image   Brake Disc Rotor problem of the 2002 Buick Century 1
Failure Date: 10/14/2004

There was no failure, but could have been. I replaced the front brakes for the first time. The mechanic informed me that the rotors had already been turned down below recommendation. The size should have been 1. 270" with the maximum turning down too 1. 2 +/-. But they were already below the minimum.

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car image   Brake Disc Rotor problem of the 2000 Buick Century 2
Failure Date: 03/10/2003

The brakes locked up, because the rotors over heated and caused the rear tire to blow out.

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car image   Brake Disc Rotor problem of the 2001 Buick Century 3
Failure Date: 05/30/2002

On may 29,2002 we purchased a 2001 Buick Century from lloyd Buick. This car was purchased because the van we owned had been in the shop 10 times in 2 months and we were informed that it could not be fixed. On the way home from the dealership on the day of purchase we heard a thumping noise on the right front tire. Called the dealership and were told to bring the car in. This was done on 5-30-2002. The service rep and my husband took it for a test drive and resulted in putting 4 new tires on the car. The work order reads replace 2 front tire chopped as per sales. Replace 4 tires and balance. We picked up the car and the next day the low tire light came on. We checked the tires and the air pressure was fine. Again we called the dealer brought the car in and the salesman reset the computer and the light went off. On 6-8-2002 we got in the car at 6:30 am and the steering wheel was locked and t;he key would not turn. Got out the manual followed instructions still would not release. We had a friend pick us up he also tried with no avail. Went to orlando and when we came home again called the dearler they told us to follow the manual tried again still did not work. Called back and were told to call our road serviced to have the car towed in. At 2:41 the called was placed to bucik roadside service about 1 hour later a truck arrived and they would not tow the car because they would have to drag it outof the driveway because the wheels were locked. This would result in ruining the tires and the driveway. Called the dealer again the salesman came over about 6:30 he could not release the wheel either. He left us a car to use over the weekend . On Monday the dealerhip came with a tow truck and towed the car away. They called the next day to say it was ready. We do not have a work orders for the last 2 visits but can get them upon request please inform us of your findings.

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car image   Brake Disc Rotor problem of the 2000 Buick Century 4
Failure Date: 12/15/2001

When applying brake there is a squealing sound and vibration. Dealer replaced right front rotor,. At this time left front rotor were being replaced due to warping.

car image   Brake Disc Rotor problem of the 1999 Buick Century 5

While driving vehicle and applying on brakes vehicle would vibrate. Dealer has stated that rotors were bad and needed to be replaced. However, consumer stated vehicle was not driven as much. Dealer loaned consumer same vehicle, only a 1993. Consumer stated, while driving the loaner, applied on brakes and problem was still occurring.

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