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Headlight Switch problems of the 2007 Buick Lacrosse

Two problems related to headlight switch have been reported for the 2007 Buick Lacrosse.

car   Headlight Switch problem 1
Failure Date: 03/19/2011

The contact owns a 2007 Buick Lacrosse. The contact was driving at an unknown speed when the headlights failed and would not re-illuminate despite the contacts attempts. The contact had to utilize the high beam lights and the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the contact was advised that a relay switch would need to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileages were 58,000.

car   Headlight Switch problem 2
Failure Date: 09/12/2009

In the past six months, the headlights on my 2007 Buick Lacrosse have turned off on their own several times. Twice this has occurred at night and twice during twilight. Adjusting the headlight switch does nothing to affect the lights. This problem affects the low beam lights only. The car has been taken to the dealer with this reported problem 3 times. They report that no problem was found, but they did replace a part once that has had not remedied the problem.

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