Exterior Lighting Related Problems of the 2002 Buick Rendezvous

Table 1 shows three common exterior lighting related problems of the 2002 Buick Rendezvous.

Table 1. Exterior Lighting related problems of Buick Rendezvous

Problem Category Number of Problems
Exterior Lighting problems
Tail Light problems
Tail Light Switch problems
Exterior Lighting problem #1

The contact owns a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. The contact stated that the head lights would sporadically fail without warning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who was unable to diagnose or locate a failure within the vehicle. The vehicle was not repaired. The VIN was not available. The failure mileage was unknown and the current mileage was 98,000.

Tail Light problem #2

We own a Buick rendevous. It has running lights that are on all the time the problem is that you have no tail lights with the running lights on. So if you get in to a rain storm where you are required by law to have your "headlights" on it gives a false sense of security that they are already on. But unless it's dark enough for the actual headlights to come on you have no taillights. This is dangerous to both you and the cars around you.

Tail Light Switch problem #3

The headlights, dashboard instrument cluster, and radio, cd player, interior lights, and tail lights on my 2002 Buick, Rendezvous kept going out for no apparent reason while driving on the freeway. I took the car to the shop and they said it is the body control module. It is my opinion that this malfunction is a very serious problem. In my situation the several times that the lights went out, I was in a dangerous place (on curvey highway between pennsylvania and ohio at speeds between 55-70mph) the situation when the headlights and dash lights were out could have had fatal consequences especially when tall hills surround curvey freeways and roads and such as a deer crossing the road or worse yet, a person on the side of the road. The problem is still occurring and the bcm keeps malfunctioning every few minutes turning off all lights and dashboard clusters and it costs too much for me to fix-almost $1400.

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