Tire Related Problems of the 2004 Buick Rendezvous

Table 1 shows two common tire related problems of the 2004 Buick Rendezvous.

Table 1. Tire related problems of Buick Rendezvous

Problem Category Number of Problems
Tire Pressure Monitoring System problems
Spare Tire problems
Tire Pressure Monitoring System problem #1

When traveling at highway speeds, the low tire warning comes on. Stopping and checking finds no low tires. It has now happened so many times that we no longer stop to check. If we really do have a dangerously low tire, we could have a tire failure leading to an accident. Dealer can't find any problem and is doing nothing to fix the problem. Buick customer service was of no assistance.

Spare Tire problem #2

While driving 65 mph, the rear driver side tire blew out. The consumer managed to pull over and put on a spare tire. Also in question tire and or dot#f88ddp1156).

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