Equipment Problems of Buick Skylark

Buick Skylark owners have reported 3 equipment related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 2 most common equipment problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's air conditioner (2 problems). The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's electrical equipment (1 problem). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Equipment related problems of Buick Skylark

Problem Category Number of Problems
Air Conditioner problems
Electrical Equipment problems

  Recently reported Equipment problems of Buick Skylark

The Air Conditioner problem

Mouse nest in blower caused fire in vent system.   Read details...

The Electrical Equipment problem

This problem is happening more frequently now I can go out to the car and it won't start. I can wait a few hours or so and it will start right up. The first time this happened I had it towed to the mechanic, the day it was towed in it wouldn't start for him either.   Read details...

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