Check Engine Light On Problems of Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX owners have reported 9 problems related to check engine light on (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Cadillac SRX based on all problems reported for the SRX.

car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2007 Cadillac SRX 1
Failure Date: 06/05/2014

Car started rattleing when first starting. Shortly after my check engine light came on and it was running rough all the time then. Brought it to a mechanic and found out it's the timing chain. Super expensive to replace and per. Forums looks like tons of people with the 2006 Srx had this problem as well. Nothing but constant repair bills with this crossover. I feel it is a safety issue as it could break at any time from being loose. I feel this should be recalled and replaced.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 2
Failure Date: 07/31/2012

Driving home on interstate I-85 south in georgia engine light came on car seemed to be hesitating and then stopped. Brought car (towed) to ross Cadillac in gainsville GA. Dealer examine car and said it was 4 quarts low on oil I don't see how that's possible when I checked the oil level that morning and it was fine. I had the car oil changed less than 3000 miles ago. Dealer said he ran codes and it indicated timing chain was bad. Dealer quoted me $1600 for new timing chain. Dealer called next day and said it needs a new engine for $3800 in addition to the already incurred $700. I have looked on line and many people have had the same problem, some call it disappearing oil?? the car has no warranty but you would think Cadillac would have notified dealers of this recurring problem and had a recall for timing chain, low oil problem.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 3
Failure Date: 11/10/2011

The contact owns a 2005 Cadillac Srx. The contact stated that the check engine light was illuminated and the vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing. The test results showed determined that the fuel tank cap and the tire traction sensors on the rear tires needed replacing. The dealer replaced the fuel tank cap and tire traction sensors. The contact stated that after the repairs, the check engine and tire traction warning lights illuminated. The contact took the vehicle back to the dealer and the dealer stated that the catalytic converter malfunctioned. In addition, the contact stated that the vehicle would rattle abnormally when driving various speeds. The failure mileage was 148,665.

car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2011 Cadillac SRX 4
Failure Date: 09/20/2011

The first occurence was in September 2011. I was headed to italy and had to drive my vehicle to atlanta so it could be inspected and shipped. The day before I recieved a total service from the dealership. That morning I pulled into the gas station to get gas. As I tried to pull off, the stabili trak light and check engine light came on and the car would not accelerate. I immediately turned the car off and waited a few minutes before turning it back on. After turning the car on I was able to put the car in drive and continue on my trip. The stabili trak light turned off however the check engine light remained on. I later called the dealership however, they could not state what the problem was and instructed me to reset the vehicle by turning it off and turning it back on after a couple of minutes. It happened one other time while in italy and I did what the dealership suggested and reset the vehicle. It seemed to be a temporary fix. Since returning back to the states, and being in my current residence for over a year, I began to recieve saftey recalls that were dated in the summer of 2014. I started to do research on all recalls for this particular make and model and found one relating to the transmission cable. My car has all the issues relating to the recall however my car was not placed on the list. I brought the matter up to a dealership close to my location and was told I would be held liable for the defects as the transmission cable recall did not relate to my vehicle.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 5
Failure Date: 07/14/2011

The contact owns a 2006 Cadillac Srx. The contact stated that while accelerating, the reduced power to engine warning light flashed on the dashboard. The contact was driving 65 mph when the vehicle suddenly reduced speed to 20 mph, almost causing a crash. The contact stated that once the vehicle was shut off and restarted, the vehicle would then reset itself and resume normally. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer and the dealer was unable to duplicate or locate the failure because the check engine light was not illuminated at the time. The failure mileage was 65,000.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 6
Failure Date: 07/04/2011

My 2006 Cadillac Srx has a very hard start up and engine is very loud was starting. Check engine light is constantly on. Had check engine light checked and return codes are p0008 and p0017. Gm knows this is a problem in these vehicles and fails to place a recall out to correct the issue. I buy nothing but Cadillacs but I am very upset about this issue!!!! I think gm really needs to take care of this!!!!!!.

car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 7
Failure Date: 12/01/2010

The contact owns a 2004 Srx Cadillac. The contact stated the vehicle stalled while making a right turn and the check engine light illuminated after the failure occurred. The failure was experienced several times. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who performed a diagnostic test that indicated the failure was caused by the throttle body. The throttle body was replaced; however, the repair did not correct the failure. The vehicle continued to stall without warning. The VIN was not available. The failure mileage was 82,000 and the current mileage was 88, 0000.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2010 Cadillac SRX 8
Failure Date: 01/06/2010

One of first new Srxs sold in 2009. Started with intermittent failure of power windows, followed by failure of nav/radio display and eventually replaced. Then issues with back-up camera screen would not pop up during reverse so could not see or use camera. Technicians unable to diagnose problems because the connection port to car's computer failed. Seats ripped out and connection rebuilt. Auto rear tailgate with safety sense close failed as I reached into get package out as tailgate went up. Supports failed causing tailgate to crash down on me trapping me with legs out back of car. Not only did supports strut fail but safety close mechanism failed. Wife had to manually release and raise tailgate to free me. Then ac failed on way back from long trip. Computer issue and part failure according to dealer. Camera and info screen locked up again and was repaired. Two weeks ago while traveling on highway approx. 65 mph engine started shaking completely out of sync with cylinders banging and decrease engine power light came on. Without warning and not hitting brakes suddenly lost speed and was almost run over by truck behind us because of abrupt deceleration. Barely had enough power to get off and up exit ramp. Turned out to be computer failure for engine. Last weekend while backing up watching mother and child through back-up camera pass behind me , camera failed screen went blank but still showed park assist symbols. Screen would not clear but symbols frozen on screen when shifted into drive. Went to home depot came out , car would not sense remote unable to start. Had same issue 1 year previous and remotes replaced. Put remote everywhere in car still could not start. Asked Cadillac to ensure me car was safe . They said they could not. Asked to get another car until end of lease or out of lease. They said no. I am worried car may have safety failure.

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car image   Check Engine Light On problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 9
Failure Date: 12/26/2008

I purchased this certified vehicle in 2007 with 35,000 miles my engine light has been coming on since 12/08 I went to he dealership on several occasions and the told me it was my gas cap or onetime they said it was my oil that needed to be changed. I continuously had this problem bringing my vehicle back and forth to get repaired and my engine light is still on and now I have a problem with my engine where the dealership advised me not to drive my vehicle.

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