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Sun Roof Problems of Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX owners have reported 22 problems related to sun roof (under the visibility category).

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2007 Cadillac SRX 1
Failure Date: 07/31/2015

The contact owns a 2007 Cadillac Srx. The contact stated that the sun roof was leaking water on the rear driver side of the vehicle. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 67,604. The VIN was not available.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2007 Cadillac SRX 2
Failure Date: 11/25/2013

Hello, the reason for my email is that just this past Monday, November 25 of 2013 the sunroof to my 2007 Cadillac Srx exploded while driving on the freeway with no explanation. This happened around 8pm on a cold and drizzly night. Big chunks of glass fell all over my husband and I leaving us with minor scratches, fortunately no one was severely hurt. The following morning of the incident I went online and came across several identical incidents with the same make and model of car, as well as others. We took the liberty of contacting gm corporate headquarters as it seems this may possibly be a factory defect. The vehicle is currently at the dealer ship but as of right now there has not been much help, much less an explanation. My biggest concern is the safety of the vehicle being that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and this is our only vehicle. How safe will this be for my family? I do not feel comfortable and I am not at ease that I have not heard from the local Cadillac dealership where all I have heard from them is an issue of how many miles the car has at the present time and not the fact that this was a life or death situation. The purpose of this is to seek out any kind of help, information, or advice as to what we can do to have this situation resolved. Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2013 Cadillac SRX 3
Failure Date: 10/04/2013

It was a very pleasant Friday, October 4, 2013 at approximately 4pm. My sister and I were headed to petersburg, va from charlotte, nc. With only 50 miles to go on 85n we both heard what sounded like an extremely loud and close gun shot. I was driving and she was sleeping. It woke her up and scarred both of us to death. Not knowing what just happened she started looking around. The next thing we heard was glass breaking and falling on to the sunroof liner of the car. Luckily we were only a mile from a rest area. I pulled over, got out of the car, opened the back door to stand on the inside to be able to see on top and was in total shock at what I saw. One section of my sunroof had been broken. My car has a panoramic sunroof with two separate panels. The back panel was shattered into millions of tiny fragments. The glass continued to break and fall on to the liner. Small pieces managed to get through onto the back seat. I did the best I could in cleaning up the pieces. I called a state trooper and made a report, I called my insurance company and also onstar. I spent the weekend with no sunroof because the Cadillac service dept in va is not open on the weekend. It was a horrible experience being that I purchased my car on Tuesday and this happened on Friday. It's been a week and a half since I dropped my car off to be repaired and I can finally pick it up on tomorrow. I won't complain because it could have been worse, I am truly blessed.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2007 Cadillac SRX 4
Failure Date: 11/21/2012

I was driving on TX highway146 on 11/21/2012, the morning before thanksgiving, the sun-roof suddenly exploded; it was as loud as a gun shot if not louder, the sound startled me that I veered out of my lane; luckily, there was no one else on the road. Even though I was shocked, no one was hurt. I don't think it is an isolated incident but Cadillac is not going to do anything about this unsafe sunroof.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2009 Cadillac SRX 5
Failure Date: 03/30/2009

The contact owns a 2009 Cadillac Srx. The owner's manual for the contact's vehicle stated that if there was a sensor in the path of the sunroof, it will retract when opening. The sunroof in her vehicle does not retract. The dealer stated that the sunroof was working properly and does not need repair. The current mileage was 9,000.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 6
Failure Date: 09/14/2007

The contact owns a 2006 Cadillac Srx. The vehicle was parked and the glass sunroof was shattered. The police inspected the sunroof and stated that the window shattered on it's own and wasnt vandalism. The police didnt feel the need to provide a police report. An insurance claim was filed. General motors stated that the repair was the contacts responsibility. The price to repair the sun roof was $1,300. The purchase date, VIN and engine size were not available. The current and failure mileages were 115,000.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 7
Failure Date: 08/17/2007

The contact owns a 2004 Cadillac Srx. The contact stated that a 1. 2 inch pebble struck the sunroof while the vehicle was parked. The sunroof glass exploded, but was caught by the vinyl sliding cover. The vehicle was not inspected by a dealer. The current and failure mileages were 36,000. The consumer stated the pebble was thrown by a child, about 10 feet from the vehicle. It had to hit the roof glass at a low angle. Updated 12/31/07.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 8
Failure Date: 07/28/2007

Ultraview sunroof on my 2004 Cadillac Srx exploded, shattering into 100's of pieces. Not struck by foreign object. Outside temp = 75; spped = 65 mph.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 9
Failure Date: 05/19/2007

Have had multiple trips to the dealer for sunroof issues. Issues have been either the sunroof stops working all together, and when opened it will not close. The sunroof tries to close, but then re-opens. This issue has been ongoing since I purchased the vehicle in 2005.

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car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 10
Failure Date: 09/19/2006

: the contact stated while traveling 50 mph with the power sun roof open, a vibration and a squeaking noise was heard. Upon inspection, one of the bolts were missing and another was loose. An appointment was scheduled with the service dealer and the manufacturer was notified.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 11
Failure Date: 07/10/2006

Sunroof has had multiple problems. In the first 6 months, the car has had 7 visits to the shop because of sunroof problems. I am waiting for it to shatter like the so many other complaints I am hearing about. I am nervous that my kids will be in the car when it does shatter.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 12
Failure Date: 07/01/2006

: the contact stated the sunroof shattered early in the morning on Saturday, July first. Prior to this incident there were problems with the moonroof not closing properly . During the first incident, the vehicle was in the dealership for seven days regarding the moonroof and the issue was not resolved. When it was taken back to the dealer, the moonroof, sunroof/tracks and side panels to the rear of the truck were disassembled and replaced. The repair was a collaborative effort on between the dealer and the manufacturer. After the the problem persisted, the dealer determined that they would not repair the sunroof again without a cost. The dealer stated there must have been a fracture to the glass by an external object because there have been no previous complaints on this issue. . Read more...

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 13
Failure Date: 06/16/2006

2004 Cadillac Srx sunroof shattered while driving.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 14
Failure Date: 06/16/2006

: the contact stated while driving 65 mph on the highway during sunny dry conditions, the sun roof exploded into many pieces. The vehicle was immediately pulled over because some small pieces of glass began falling into the vehicle. The sunroof shade was pulled shut to prevent glass from falling into the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who determined an external object caused the incident. The contact disagreed with the dealer because there were other complaints about the same problem. The dealership repaired the vehicle at no cost, and the contact has a receipt of the glass repair.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 15
Failure Date: 03/22/2006

: the contact stated while driving under normal conditions at 65 mph, the sunroof shattered and imploded. There were no prior problems with the sunroof reported. The sunroof was not struck by rocks or road debris. The broken glass fragments fell directly onto both the front and middle row seating. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection and repair. Updated 5/16/2006 -.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 16
Failure Date: 03/13/2006

Center panel of sun/moon roof found to be shattered for no discernible reason on my 2004 Cadillac Srx. Dealer will not address problem as one covered by warranty. Awaiting new glass panel I paid for ($1,050. 99) and installation (cost unknown).

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 17
Failure Date: 10/21/2005

While parked the car's sunroof exploded, showering my son and I in glass. The glass was very sharp and caused minor cuts on hands while trying to get out of the vehicle. The car needed to be towed because the glass was everywhere and we feared destroying the seats by getting back in the vehicle. The dealership claimed that it was not a warranty issue and we are working with our insurance company. We feel it is an obvious vehicle defect. Mrs dershem, vehicle was being driven at the time of the incident. After pulling into parking lot, while inside vehicle, sunroof glass shattered. Pco*.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 18
Failure Date: 10/09/2005

2004 Cadillac Srx. The contact states the sunroof exploded while driving on the highway. The vehicle is at the dealership, it was towed. They do not know why this happened. The contact was not injured when this occurred. There is an investigation opened, pe05052. The vehicle was going approximately 65 mph when this happened on October 9, 2005.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 19
Failure Date: 08/17/2005

The contact owns a 2005 Cadillac Srx. The contact stated while driving at 60-65 mph the sun roof collapsed, causing six people to be injured in the vehicle. Luckily this did not cause an accident. The manufacturer was investigating this to see if it was a manufacturing defect. Ie05-052. Pco pe05-052. Pco.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2004 Cadillac SRX 20
Failure Date: 08/15/2005

The consumer stated on 8-15-05 while driving to work the sun roof exploded. She said it just cracked and broke apart and fell down on the her. Nothing fell on the car, and nothing hit the car. She was going 55 mph. The next morning she took vehicle to the dealer. The dealer talked to gm. On 8-29-05 after numerous calls gm said they would fix the car at their expense, and provide the contact with a rental car. She wanted to report this because there may be a defect in the sun roof. Pe05-052. Pco the consumer stated the vehicle was finally fixed after 7 weeks. Updated 12/07/05.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 21
Failure Date: 08/13/2005

2005 Cadillac Srx ultraview sunroof exploded and showered glass throughout the vehicle while traveling at 55 mph on an interstate highway. Ie05-052. Pco pe05-052. Pco.

car image   Sun Roof problem of the 2005 Cadillac SRX 22
Failure Date: 06/17/2005

Large sunroof on my 2005 Cadillac Srx inexplicitly shattered and caved into vehicle while travelling in light traffic. There is no evidence of foreign object causing this, nor was there the sound of impact you would expect necessary to take out a large piece of glass like this. Can't get gm to consider that this may be an equipment failure. Fortunately, the sunshade was closed or glass would have fallen on occupants gm isn't forthcoming with information about this unique roof or even who manufactures it. This is a $3,500 repair that gm won't cover or provide details of other potential incidents. Ie05-052. Pco pe05-052.

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