Vehicle Shudder Problems of Cadillac SRX

Cadillac SRX owners have reported 2 problems related to vehicle shudder (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Cadillac SRX based on all problems reported for the SRX.

car image   Vehicle Shudder problem of the 2012 Cadillac SRX 1
Failure Date: 07/15/2016

I was driving home on NY state thruway, I got off my exit and approached toll booth to stop and pay toll. I stopped the car to pay and the car was trying to lurch forward and started shuddering and the rpms were dropping like it was going to stall. I pushed the selector lever into neutral and the car stopped lurching forward and the rpms returned to normal. I put car back into drive after paying toll and proceeded forward to the traffic light and stop and the car did the same thing again. I proceeded home and when I arrived and pulled into my driveway the car started to shudder slightly and when I completely stopped in front of my garage I just held my foot firmly on the brake to see what would happen and the car attempt to go forward but stalled within seconds. I attemtpted to start the car back up but it took a few seconds of pressing the button before the car fired back up. I then backed up to the end of my driveway and went forward to see if it would do it again but it did not. My wife started car in morning and it did it again at the first stop sign she approached. I called carbone Cadillac and scheduled an appointment to drop off car to correct issue. They had the car for two days and could not replicate the condition. I picked up the car and I will get it to do it again an get it on video for proof of the defect as this is unacceptable. I just bought the car for my wife 2 months ago. Totally unacceptable safety hazard to say the least. Mileage is 40,251.

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car image   Vehicle Shudder problem of the 2006 Cadillac SRX 2
Failure Date: 07/22/2009

Car was not accelerating properly, loud engine noise, lurging forward while stopped, when driving car shakes, vehicle is hesitating ride not smooth. Check engine light appeared. Also left turn signal fashes too fast. 2006 Srx timing chain and related components replaced 07/09 and again 01/11. Replaced left turn signal bulb and socket. No explaination given as to why either occured.

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