Vehicle Speed Control Related Problems of the 2010 Cadillac STS

Table 1 shows one common vehicle speed control related problems of the 2010 Cadillac STS.

Table 1. Vehicle Speed Control related problems of Cadillac STS

Problem Category Number of Problems
Vehicle Speed Control problems
Vehicle Speed Control problem

Driving home on the interstate at the posted 70 mph speed my electronic stability light goes off and the cars engaged suddenly begins to rapidly power down. A few moments later I was unable to maintain 40 mph as the transition revived to 2x normal levels. I was forced to pull off the interstate and turn off the car for a few minutes, restart the car and drive while the transition light remained light up. Over the past couple weeks the electronic stability light/engine powering down situation has become more frequent and almost a daily situation I expect--not a comforting feeling when on the interstate. I took the car the a local mechanic today and for once the transmition light was not on and the traction stability situation was not a problem--go figure. Anyway, the mechanic tested the car and said the issue appeared to be moisture getting into the accelerator sensor and causing the issue. He was not 100% sure and recommended I keep driving the car and bring in once the issue pops up again--sure it will. Difficult to prove without being an expert mechanic but I believe there is an engineering defect with the car creating this issue and the part should be recalled and replaced with a newly engineered moisture sealed part. All acceleration issues like this are very serious as gm should accept responsibility to fix. I replaced the same sensor approximately 2 years ago and problem persistent over that same period of time. Not what you expect when you invest in the Cadillac brand.

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