Motorcycle Seat Problems in popular cars

Motorcycle Seat problem is a common vehicle problem that happens to most car brands and models. The following is a sample list of Motorcycle Seat problems reported in most popular vehicles.

car   Motorcycle Seat problem of Jeep Commander

I have a 2007 Jeep Commander had it for about 6 months ,bought it used. On April 30,2011 my daughter and I were driving home on the hwy; driver seat reclined me into the steering wheel. Had I not been a small lady I would have been stuck under the steering wheel or may be dead, hospitalized or seriously injured, along with my daughter. Updated 05/11/11. It was Saturday, April 30, 2011 when this motorcycle seat issue occurred.

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car   Motorcycle Seat problem of Nissan Altima

The car had a crash. I request that NHTSA investigate a major car defect of my Nissan Altima coupe. On 09/25/2009 I was driving on bruckner expressway close the exit 52 to bronx river parkway. I was driving between 45 to 50 mph, the breaks stopped working, I tapped the breaks continuously and still they did not work after a few seconds the steering wheel starting turning un-controllably to the right, then to the left. I tried to press on the breaks and control the vehicle but there was nothing I could do since the breaks and the steering wheel were not working. The car hit the highway shoulder on the left and then turned to the right. I believed that was the end of my life and my passanger's life. After about a mile the car came to a stop. I had never experienced an accident before. I bought a brand new car so I can avoid technical and manufacturing problems. But I was not lucky because my one year old Nissan Altima couple had a major manufacturing defect that almost took my life . Now all said and done, it has been 10 days that I have been in touch with Nissan of USA and Nissan of garden city. For these long ten traumatized days the only answer I got from Nissan is that the car will be inspected and that Nissan is going to let me know what happened to the car. Nissan did not provide me with a loaner or funds to rent a car. It has been 10 days that I have been renting cars or taking cabs paying from my pocket to make it to work. I am out of funds and Nissan does want to respond to the issue. I know that the car has a major manufacturing problem. I will not drive that car again under any circumstance. I do not want that car to be driven from anyone else because I am very sure that car is very dangerous. This car needs to be inspected carefully so Nissan can learn from this mistake and prevent future similar accidents that can turn deadly. Nissan needs to be responsible for their own mistakes. I hope NHTSA will be able to help in this issue. Thank you, alma uldedaj. It was September 25, 2009 when this motorcycle seat issue occurred.

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