Sway Bar Problems of Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo owners have reported 1 problem related to sway bar (under the suspension category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Aveo based on all problems reported for the Aveo.

car image   Sway Bar problem of the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo 1
Failure Date: 07/23/2007

2007, both lower control arms replaced,, 2007 sway bar bushing, replaced,2007 vibration front end, low spot on rim fixed, 2008 vibration front end all rims and tires replaced tires bad and rims bent determined factory issued, 2009 vibration front end front rotors out of round fixed, 2009 lower control arms bushing replaced,2009 vibration and shaking upper strut mounts replaced,2009 upper strut mounts and bearings re-assembled reset front toe adjustment replaced and fixed,2009 sway bar bushing fixed,2010 replaced drive belt ,2010 both lower control arms loose fixed,2010 upper strut mount and bearing replaced, 2012 rf strut shift (on order) and air bag light on, replaced 2 battery's waiting result on electric. Issue. , did call lemon law missed by two months mileage at this time is 59226. Updated 02/01/12 updated 02/10/12.

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