Unknown Or Other Problems of Chevrolet Cavalier

Chevrolet Cavalier owners have reported 80 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (80 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Chevrolet Cavalier

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

My gauge cluster went out while going down the highway. Very unsafe, I was unsure of the heat of the engine and it is one of the hotter days of the year!!!! looked on-line and found how common this issue is. I cant see how much gas I have, how hot my car is, how fast im going, or how hard my car is working. If this piece of equipment is failing so widely it needs to be recalled!!!!!!!!! very very very unsafe. Tried to take to advanced and they wont read the code as its not a standard code (?) gm you are loosing customers fast and putting thousands of lives at risk by letting this continue to go past you and all for the sake of a little money to fix a problem you sold to us? if you can recall the same issue on some of your trucks you can on this car as well, discontinued or not.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

There's alot of stuff wrong with this car. It ran good and is reliable when running,but recently stop running.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Speedometer is not working looks like there's been several complaints on the internet about this issue with other Chevrolet Cavaliers.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

The speedometer shows incorrect speed while moving or speed while parked.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

This car will not start. And when it does start it back fires. I have replaced the starter, the flex plate the sensors, and the muffler, and nothing seems to work and no mechanic can tell me whats wrong with. I even went out and bought a car code reader and it says emissions but still no luck.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Replaced defective shifter control cable. I have a 2004 chevy Cavalier, 4 cylinder engine, mileage: 40,850. I am the orignial owner, purchased it new from Chevrolet. I became aware of the defect when I came out of work and went to my parked car, started the car, and when I shifted my automatic transmission lever, the car would not move. None of the gears were working. I had to call a tow truck and wait over two hours and had it towed to a Chevrolet dealer 10 miles away for diagnosis and repair. It cost me over $400. 00 to get it repaired by the Chevrolet dealer. I asked Chevrolet if there was a recall on the shifter control cable and he said there was none that he knew of. I searched the internet for some information on the shifter control cable and found numerous complaints on the same thing happening to them with the same type car. This car should be recalled by general motors - Chevrolet division. This is a very dangerous thing to happen to anyone. I could have been on the road or parked on a hill which might have caused harm to me or any other driver of my car.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

On the 26th of August my 17 year daughter was returning home from school when the speedometer quit working. I have to replace the cluster panel and have found out that this is a very common defect with my 2005 Cavalier. I feel a recall needs to be made on this and those who have repaired this issue should be reimbursed their money and time for non-use of their vehicles. This is a very serious issue that could cause an accident, even deaths.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

I have had multiple problems with the speed odometer in this car. I can see by several complaints on carcomplaint. Com I am only 1 out of several hundred. It will sometimes say I am going 100 when I am going 25. It will sometimes stay stuck on 55 when I am at a complete stop. I never know how fast I am going. This is very dangerious and could result in an accident or even death of me or someone else. This is very expensive to have replaced and by other peoples complaints to me it sounds like a dad part prduced by gm. I feel that gm should recall these and have them replaced before it results in a death of someone. I will never buy another gm vehicle if they don't recall these parts and replace them since there are so many people out there with the same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

The odometer and speedometer don't reset when deceleration occurs. Has been going occurring on and off for the past few months with only the odometer. Today was the first incident when the speedometer malfunctioned. I was able to reset the meters by turning the ignition key on and off several times. After doing research, I have discovered that this seems to be a common problem with the 2005 chevy Cavaliers.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Speedometer first began to malfunction, followed by all other gauges. No gauges work properly now. Speed is unknown, rpms is unknown, amount of gas in tank is unknown, proper function of engine is unknown.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier/power windows malfunction . . . . Owned for 4 months, let the window down one day at a drive-thru restaurant as usual and the window just stopped and never started again. . . Still to this day it is still stuck in the down position. . So now everywhere my family and I go we're at risk of our being burgularized because the car's interior is easily accessible. . The window was an issue when I first purchased the used car thru cars and trucks in morrow, GA and they agreed to fix it and never did. . So called Chevrolet and was told that can be repaired for $120. . Which I don't have. . It's just ridiculous. . Riding on the expressway and weather conditions both pose safety problems to my family and I. . This car needs to be recalled, it's just got too many problems that seem to me as a consumer to be safety violations that are just being swept under the rug. .

Unknown Or Other problem #12

2001 Chevrolet Cavalier, unit 1 was traveling eastbound on ir 80 in the right lane. Unit 1 caught on fire in the engine compatment area while driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

Just purchased 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. . . . 2 weeks as an owner. . . I have pictures of my car parked and the speedometer is reading 40-60mph. . How is that possible? general motors should offer to fix this problem or give every owner of this type of vehicle a better car. . I have no inclination as to how fast I am going on the expressway period. . I feel that I am doing 55 but the speedometer is at 100 or better. . This is ridiculous. . . I'm extremely upset because I am paying a note on this vehicle and am at risk, unwillingly and unpredictably for a ticket and accident because I have unsettling comfort driving due to an unreadable speedometer. . . Someone has to make general motors do something about this. . Oh my goodness. . . I am a single mother of special needs kids who has to get around and this is an issue that I did not forsee when I put down for this car!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

We have a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier and the speedometer has completely quit working. Nothing has been done to the vehicle that would cause this to happen. Everything is just as it was when my husband purchased it new. We have not had anything don e to correct the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Gauges on dashboard have failed. All lights come on and gauges fail. Speedometer says I'm going 60 mph when the car is stopped. Water temp gauge is not functioning and the indicator gets in the way off the speedometer indicator.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

In the winter of 2009, my speedometer began to malfunction. As I would decelerate, my speedometer would maintain position at the last highest speed and upon acceleration, the needle would incline again from that point. This pattern repeats itself until the needle completely circles around past 110 mph to get itself stuck on the plastic portion below the speedometer. Fortunately it didn't occur often that winter; however the next winter it was a constant occurrence, so much so that I begin to navigate speed based on rpm. This winter, that is of no use because both my speedometer and rpm gauges are malfunctioning as well as my gas gauge. It seems that once the vehicle is warm, they begin to function once again but it is necessary to turn off the ignition and continuously turn the key without igniting the starter for the gauges to return to normal position a few notches at a time. I have been told by dealerships to have the undercarriage washed at a car wash but was recently informed that I may have to replace my dashboard module/cluster by a gentleman who had experienced the same issues. I hope this corrects my issue but it would seem that, with so many Cavalier owners experiencing the same issues, a solution should have been reached by now. It takes considerable time, cost, and patience to handle these malfunctions when the dealerships themselves can not provide their customers insight on such a common issue .

Unknown Or Other problem #17

The driver rented a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. The driver was hit head on by an out of control 2002 Toyota highlander. Both vehicles were destroyed. There were four fatalities as a result of the crash. The highlander speed increased up to 85 miles per hour at the time of the incident. The contact does not know what the mileage was on the vehicle when the crash occurred. Updated 04/07/10. Updated 06/18/10.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Instrument cluster unreliable. Speedometer sticks/stops working/jumps. Gas gauge quit working. Rpm gauge jumps or drops at random. There was a recall on the 2004 gm pickups/suvs I do believe. . . Why not the car? I've seen countless complaints online of others' Cavalier's with the exact same problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

Well I have a 2004 chevy Cavalier and the speedometer doesn't work. I would get oil changes and tired rotated and notice small differences then out of no were it just would not work. It stuck on 110 and the temp is off too. Also it does not tell you how much gas you have. Over all the whole board seems to be not working. I have had this problem for at least two years people tell me they dont know what it is others tell me it cost 700- 900 dollars to fix.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

As soon as this car reached @50,000 miles, the speedometer and fuel gauges stopped working. Upon checking with a Chevrolet dealer, I was informed that the entire dashboard needs to be dismantled and new gauges installed by an outside source, whereupon car is returned to dealership and odometer is reset to correct mileage. Cost is approximately $400. 00 and up. Upon research, I found this to be a common complaint. This is a safety hazard because you cannot tell how fast you are driving and if you have enough fuel. Also, fuel gauge needle goes haywire when I fill up. The needle goes into the gauge that tells you if your car is running hot - preventing that needle from operating properly. To my knowledge no recall has been issued regarding these problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Headlights flickering when they flicker the heater loses pressure.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

The contact owns a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier. The contact purchased the vehicle as is without a warranty. The vehicle has been emitting strong fumes regardless if the engine is running or not. She stated that the fumes make her ill. She notified the dealer about the fumes and they stated that the smell would go away, but it still persists. The powertrain was unknown. The current mileage was 100,788 and failure mileage was 100,545.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

I have a 2004 chevey Cavalier and one by one all the gages have stopped working. In doing some research I have found this is a very common problem with this make and model. It is a safty issue not to have a speedometer!! I also do not have an rpm gage, gas gage or heat gage. There needs to be a recall!!!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

The contact owns a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier. The contact stated that the dashboard has started to crack in 3 - 4 places. She has attempted to notify the dealer, but has not gotten a response. The VIN, engine size, and powertrain were unknown. The current mileage is 13,600 and failure mileage was 13,000.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

My 2004 chevy Cavalier instrument cluster has not been working for a while was just the speedometer now the fuel gauge is not working I have researched this and found many people have the same issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

I haven't made a payment on my car for about a year. I call the finance company, back in Feb 2007, to find out why they haven't repossessed it yet. They had told me they had repoed the car and considered it a total loss. I feel they had done wrong by me because I still have the car in question. If this is true about what they did, I would like 3 things. A clear title sent to me, a zero balance, a good credit rating and if any legal fees they pay them. Can you do anything to get this cleared up.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

2000 Cavalier z-24 curved plastic piece that wraps around the upper inside of the dash stretching from windshield post to windshield post cracks and falls apart. The dealer repaired the cracked dashboard.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

Purchased a 98 chev Cavalier from drive time in 2002 - found out last week via carfax that the vehicle had a 20,000 mile odometer roll back.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

Instrument cluster fails to work properly on this model although I have taken it to the dealership 3 times before the warranty ran out. Has never been repaired although they claim they fixed it. The fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, and temperature gauge are all affected by this malfunction. When I am driving down the road, it is very common for it to read that I'm going 30 miles faster than I really am and the extreme opposite also happens where I am sitting at a red light but going 70 mph. I have researched online and haven't seen a recall but I really feel that one is necessary in this case. It is unsafe to never know how much gas is in the vehicle, the speed in which you are travelling, or any of the other essential things that should be known while you are operating a car.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

Paint, ceyenne pepper. Metal flake paint is starting to turn white in millions of little pockets below the clear coat. Gm rep. States the car is out of warranty and the car just needs to be detailed. The dealer john l. Sulivan. Just painted the spoiler a month ago for the same cause. The spoiler is starting to show some of the early signs already of the advancing problems. The service manager stated the paint is damaged due to atmospheric conditionc. They are refusing to repaint the car.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

Vehicle failed inspection and could not be repaired or insured for road safety due to safety defects. Vehicle was involved in a accident before purchase and was not reported.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

Dust on dash accumulating in a pinkish color. . Would like to send sample of it to you would like to know what it is that I am breathing.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

The oil dipstick was mismarked. When oil is filled according to manufacturer recommended capacity, the dipstick reads 5/8 of an inch higher.

Unknown Or Other problem #34


Unknown Or Other problem #35

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier. **dimsii ivoq entry posted after 12/12/02 cut over to artemis**767771.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

All around problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

When brakes are applied it feels like rear wheels are grabbing. Dealership inspected vehicle and replaced rear hub bearing assembly.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

I have a 1999 Cavalier, purchased new. Approximately 1 year ago my dashboard cracked up around the center of the windshield for no reason. Since my car was no longer under warranty I did not pursue the problem. However, in the meantime, my daughter purchased used the same make & year of car and she has the same problem. The vehicles have never been in an accident and I am wondering if this is a defect with this particular model. Also, my doors freeze shut all winter long. Can anything be done about this?.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

Whirring noise coming from the right side of the car( approx. The rear) at driving speed of 65-70 mph. Have replaced right rear wheel bearings(still noisy). Also replaced factory mounted tires. (still noisy). What else could it be?bought car in Jan. 2002 with 23800 miles. Starting reporting problem within 1-2 mos later.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

Engine check light and the engine service light staying on while driving. Dealer notified, and unable to correct problem. Feel free to provide any further details on this matter.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

Windshield fogs up . Factory representative stated plastic used for dashboard gives off fumes that cause the fogging. Only remedy offered by dealer is for consumer to purchase a special cleaner . Please provide additional information.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

Accident in Dec 2000, engine check light has been on since 15 Jan 2001, after repairs. Took vehicle dealer 3 times. Unable to repair. Dealer stated this was a knowen problem in Cavaliers.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

My car is a 1999 cav and the paint on the top of my car faded already!.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

Engine check light is staying on and won't go off.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

Software problem with dashboard-dealer can't fix until gm releases ok.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

Engine check light would stay up to two or three days at a time. Contacted dealer, and dealer stated reason for engine check light being on was because consumer did not drive vehicle long enough.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

Floor mat occasionally catches the clutch pedal while depressed either slowing or inhibiting it's return to the unengaged position.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

On sunny days there is a glare that comes from the dashboard to windshield, obstructing drivers view. Dealer has been notified. Consumer stated dashboard should be dark to reduce reflection.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

Car smells like gas in warm and hot weather, smell comes in through the vent system. Chevy med-ved in arvada colorado cannot find the problem, but replaced the exhaust gas canister, stating it was saturated with gas, car still has the same smell after this replacement. Many other repair shops referred me to the dealership which I took the car to. The problem still exists, a potential fire hazard if fumes of gas are existent-this is my concern, not to mention the smell that comes in the car is not of clean air-my second concern. Summary of activity: this problem has been noticed since summer 2000. Air conditioning and repair shop refers me to dealership, advises me to stop driving the car because it is a fire hazard. In 2000 and 2001, failure to duplicate gas leak smell when taken to dealership. In summer 2004, gas leak evident at dealership, replaced e-vac canister, gives advice not to "top off the tank when filling up with gas. " October 2004, smell is still evident.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

Check engine light keeps coming on. Dealer has only disconnected the wires, but not repaired vehicle. Engine blew, recall was issued, and light still remains on. . Et.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

I have contacted Chevrolet and was told that even thought recall 98v027000 is a valid recall it is not conected with my VIN. No safety defect listed.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

Vehicle experiences intermittent rattlingin dashboard.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

Please provide explanation for safety defects regarding this vehicle. Also, attachments for repair work performed for this vehicle. No safety defect or component (s) listed.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

While driving the vehicle the interior lights come unexpectedly. Sometimes they flash on and off and sometimes the lights remain on. The dealer is aware of the situation. Vehicle not included in recall # 98v027000 gm/fmvss 101. The problem hsa not been corrected.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

Whenever consumer was driving the vehicle the engine check light comes on and stays on. Consumer contacted the dealer and was told it was the sensor going bad in the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

Dashboard rattles.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

Engine check light stay on, but seems to be no problem with the engine. Occupant is aware that there is a problem, but dealer cannot determine problem. Please provide further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

Consumer inquiring as to whether or not the recalls on his vehicle can been fixed by the manufacturer, if so can they be repaired free of charge.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

Consumer experienced squeaky noise.

Unknown Or Other problem #62


Unknown Or Other problem #63

Owner asks if her vehicle is within the scope of the interior light recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

Also lose of oil.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

Previous years recalled for replacement, owners year should have been recalled for replacement as I am experiencing a problem due to a corroded module since purchase of vehicle. Manufacturer unwilling to repair at manufacturer cost. Nlm.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

My question is in a rollover accident what is the rate of fatility in a hardtop car vs a convertible. Any other data that you could provide on the safety of convertibles vs hardtops would be welcomed.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

Engine check light comes on continuously, vehicle overheats.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

Dashboard material reflects onto the windshield causing poor visibility. Mjs.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

While in motion, vehicles dashboard lights illuminated causing the radio to lock. Dealer claims they could not find anything wrong with the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

Dash rattles and squeaks. When it rains the inside of car smells sour. Cannot pinpoint the leak.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

No light on drive panel and unsafe to drive at night. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

Light color of instrument panel cause unsafe reflections in windshield.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

No summary listed for this vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

Every time the vehicle is started, the air bag light comes and stays on. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

Complaint regarding 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier serious safety defects. There were two crashes. One when the vehicle was parked and the other when the vehicle was rear ended. The diagnosis included previous botched workmanship. Alignment and suspension couldn't be performed. The vehicle was unsafe due to botched mechanic work which was unreported to the consumer or within the bill of sale.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

Dissatisfied with the service of a local Chevrolet dealer regarding recall repair 04002.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

Consumer has been having various problems with the vehicle after being involved in an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

Problems with vehicle's odometer. The consumer noticed that the odometer would cut in and out when driven over a bump. The consumer totaled the vehicle and the insurance company informed the consumer that there was an odometer discrepancy.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

Gauge cover cracked causing it to rattle, repaired once and failed again.

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