Starter Problems of Chevrolet Impala - part 1

Chevrolet Impala owners have reported 51 problems related to starter (under the electrical system category).

car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 1
Failure Date: 06/22/2015

As any serious car owner, I tried to address the cheaper items such as battery replacement and spark plugs, all have been replaced twice. Slowly all the electrical applications in my car began to stop working from the blinkers, radio, hazards, cruise control, car windows, and finally the car stopped starting. I was too broke to address it then, so every early morning my car would require a nice jump start to begin the day. This Impala would not start so often that I purchased a portable battery to jump it everywhere, even as simple as the gas station. At first I thought the parasitic drain (drain on the car battery) was coming from the dash cluster/instrument panel which was in line with the complaints I have discovered on google that the bcm was causing non-starter issues for other Impalas. However, once the instrument panel was replaced my radio was still not working and eventually the car became a non-starter again; therefore, I suspected the root of the issue still hand not been discovered. I explained this to mr. Mcghee, the owner of mcghees auto shop, he did a thorough job of combing all the intricate wires to determine finally an intermittent draw occurring from the amplifier in the trunk of the car. The solution to the problem, fixing the amplifier, cost a grand total of 220$ to have the actual part fixed; I did not want to risk placing a non-stock amplifier, my specific amplifier is no longer available, in the car. However, I like other consumers continually paid to replace parts that failed as it was not obvious there was an underlying malfunctioning in a particular application that made the essential product useless.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 2
Failure Date: 04/20/2015

After replacing: battery, starter, starter module, ignition module, and tumbler lock assembly the security light comes on and car will not start.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2007 Chevrolet Impala 3
Failure Date: 01/15/2015

I have experienced many issues with my car. Shuts off when stopped/brake. Cranks right back up. Reduced engine power car has shut down starter bisabled. Low oil pressure light comes on and stays on. Traction control light comes on.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 4
Failure Date: 09/22/2014

Pursuant to the letter I got in regard to recall 14350, I contacted the dealer where I bought my car, jim butler Chevrolet. I got an email back from them saying the only recall they show on my car is 13036, and they will only schedule me for that service. I verified the VIN on your website, and 14350 is indeed correct. Note that I have contacted this dealer repeatedly over the past two to three years, because my car won't start after I shut it off when it isn't in park. It's left me stranded more than 20 times (which is dangerous in itself, plus I had to call for road service, which isn't free), and the service manager has so far refused to take any action and in fact did not even return my many phonecalls about it. Now they can't even get the safety recall number straight (until I let them know I'd be contacting you, suddenly, it is the right number). This is why people are dying: dealers ignore reported problems because it costs gm money; they stonewall you until you die in a crash or die standing by your car waiting for the tenth tow. Thanks to gm, I am done buying american cars. Please investigate this common Impala non-starting issue (search online: it's not the starter, and I've already paid to replace the ignition, but they still won't give me my key codes).

car image   Starter problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 5
Failure Date: 09/05/2014

2002 Chevrolet Impala. Consumer writes in regards to recall # 14350. * ld the consumer is seeking reimbursement , for the starter he had replaced.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 6
Failure Date: 07/24/2014

This auto theft system,pass-lock in the ignition has caused myself and many other Impala owners to be stranded in the all kinds of unbearable weather,and unsafe conditions. The cars after being shut off will not start again until maybe 20 min later. My car would not start after two days I had to leave it in the mall parking lot until I could find someone to tow it for me,there I was stranded a second time with my children in the car and it was above 90 degrees outside. This is very inconvenient I do not have the money for a mechanic to guess at whats wrong with my vehicle. Its not the starter,or battery please do a recall on this issue.

car image   Starter problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 7
Failure Date: 06/11/2014

My vehicle has a faulty electrical start up system and fuel pump system the battery on this vehicle was replaced and the starter was replaced as well and the vehicle still is experiencing the same problems. I took the vehicle to be serviced at a mechanic shop and the vehicle worked perfectly fine for the mechanic at the time and they were unable to make any repairs because the vehicle didn't perform the issue in front of the mechanic. The issue has been going on since June of 2014 and it randomly wont start at all and then its starts hours and hours later. I have spent hundreds of dollars replacing parts on this car that deal with starting issues and still this car is experiencing the same difficulties. I have been stranded numerous places with this vehicle refusing to start. I am aware that this vehicle has a recall out for key ignition electrical switch and fuel pump pressure all of which fit the problems my vehicle is experiencing the recall that is available to my vehicle doesn't include either one of these and I personally feel it should include these because multiple mechanics who have inspected the car have confirmed these are the issues this car is experiencing I don't have hundreds of dollars to keep installing and making repairs on this car only to have it keep breaking down I am in need of assistance to figure out if I can get this vehicle under the other recalls as well please and thank you.

car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 8
Failure Date: 02/05/2014

The contact owns a 2004 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that the vehicle would shake vigorously when the brakes were applied. The failure occurred while driving various speeds. The dealer replaced all four brakes, rotors, and tires and performed an alignment; however, the failure recurred. In addition, the vehicle would fail to restart when turned off for thirty minutes or longer. The starter was replaced twice, but this did not remedy the failure. The vehicle was not repaired and the manufacturer was not notified. The approximate failure mileage was 161,000.

car image   Starter problem of the 2008 Chevrolet Impala 9
Failure Date: 01/08/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that while exiting a parking lot, the vehicle suddenly stalled without warning. The starter disabled, service throttle and engine power low warning messages displayed on the instrument panel after the failure. The vehicle was restarted after numerous attempts however, the failure progressed into an intermittent occurrence. The vehicle was taken to the dealer , who stated that the engine control module would need to be replaced. The manufacture was alerted about the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 115,000.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Impala 10
Failure Date: 10/30/2013

The car will not start no matter hot or cold. Once started the electrical system throws multiple errors, from security, battery, service engine soon, abs light, seat belt light, and brakes. The complete dash board goes dead including all gauges, from the speedometer, fuel and temperature gauge. The warning bell continues to ring as the battery light comes on - it does this continually while driving. Often times it will not start. I have a 6 year old daughter and I am concerned for her safety when this happens. I have put a new batter, new starter and new alternator in this car. Gm knows about the problems and they should be required to re-call these cars and fix the problem.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala 11
Failure Date: 07/08/2013

The car has a problem with the passlock/bcm system. I have tried numerous times to fix the problem with the car. The bcm needs replacement it is a very known and common problem that gm is well aware of. The passlock system in the ignition cylinder will either go bad or short out and then the bcm will see it as the car is being stolen and then shut down the fuel injections and the starter preventing the car from being started. I am so sick and tired of doing the relearn of the bcm/igniton so that I can start my damn car. The needs to be a major recall on the chevy line with the pass lock ii system installed in it!!!!!!.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 12
Failure Date: 04/15/2013

Car will only start randomly. Engine will not turn. All lights on dash will go out when turning the ignition. Starter has been replaced and electical shop advised to go to dealer. Took to dealer for ignition recall which did not fix the problem. Dealer advised this issue is not covered by recall. Security light turns on.

car image   Starter problem of the 2009 Chevrolet Impala 13
Failure Date: 09/24/2012

As I was driving to golf on Monday September 24th, on interstate I-80 heading west, my 2009 chevy Impala onboard computer stated the following, service traction control, reduced power, starter disabled and the check engine light all at roughly the same time. My car completely died and I had no power steering. Luckily I was able to coast out of harms way and get to the side of the road. I checked some wires under the hood and didn't find anything loose. When I attempted to start the car back-up, the onboard computer flashed, starter disabled. I sat with the car for about 15 minutes and tried once more. This time it started and ran normal, but the check engine like was on(still is). How scary is this really? enough to make me hate driving this car anywhere. Not to mention I'm a single dad of 4, who needs to get to work, school and many other things.

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car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 14
Failure Date: 08/30/2012

Tried to start car, wouldn't turn over even though car had power, no noises or sounds made when trying to turn over even though I had full power to radio winders doors and electric dash board. Had a new starter put in because I thought that was the issue. 2 weeks later security light comes on while driving and stayed on. Tried to turn car on same thing happened have power. But no turn over and security light is still on. Turned off car took out keys and left car alone came back later and car started w/o incident. No security light on. Same issue keeps happening maybe 4 times a month if not more have to wait 10 mins in order for car to start. Issue happens at gas station, home, work, hot and cold weather. Before I figured out 10 min delay had car towed and spent money on repairs that aren't necessary. Noticed one day while I sat in car for 10 mins in summer heat with 3 month daughter, that car makes a sort of computer humming/buzzing sound. After the 10 or so I hear a click or as I call it a shut down sound and then I am able to start car.

car image   Starter problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 15
Failure Date: 06/01/2012

The passlock security system in my car disables my fuel and my starter. I have been stuck places before because the car won't start. The security message is on and so is the battery along with service vehicle soon. The car will not start and hasn't for months now. I am very upset, my radio says locked and I have tried everything to get my car to start. It will leave me stranded at some point if it starts.

car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 16
Failure Date: 04/27/2012

Every now and then you go to start the car it won't do anything. All the lights, radio, everything comes on as normal but when you turn the key over to start it won't do nothing, click, or anything. One time we left the car over night, locked up, the next day it started like nothing was wrong. Another time I let the car sit for 15 mins and it started fine. Then another time, I kept trying every 10 to 15 mins for an hr but nothing. Then let it sit for 25 to 30 mins then nothing but I left the key in on position for a couple minutes while all the lights ran and then it started fine. Some people say its the starter, ignition or even the security. A lot of people have had this problem there's even videos of people complaining. Id say that there's something that needs to be looked into so everyone w these vehicles know what's wrong. Thanks.

car image   Starter problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Impala 17
Failure Date: 05/12/2011

My chevy Impala 2003 intermittently will not start; it seems that there is some electronically activated lockout system that temporarily prevents the car from being started. (the battery, starter and other conventional part of the starting system are ok. ) under certain situations, this is a safety issue since the car has been in potentially hazardous locations for a 30 second stop but then it won't start for 10 minutes due to an unknown problem with the car's passlock security / electrical / key tumbler / systems. Aside from the frustration, I cannot rely on my automobile when transporting my 90+ year old parents to lunch or whatever because I may become stranded and their health issues cannot tolerate sitting in a hot car for unknown periods of time.

car image   Starter problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Impala 18
Failure Date: 04/25/2011

2003 Chevrolet Impala security system causing starting failure. Car has new battery, starter, and alternator, and has no other defects, other than intermittent failure of the security system, causing failure to start.

car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 19
Failure Date: 03/01/2011

Bought this car used and it was running fine for about a year till it got to the point that the car would not crank and security lock would pop up frequently now it almost takes an hour to crank it even if u hit the starter the stater moves but want crank the car I have spent over 4 grand on it trying to fix it but nothing works even checked fuses wires and computer box nothing looks bad cruise control stopped working awhile back too.

car image   Starter problem of the 2000 Chevrolet Impala 20
Failure Date: 01/28/2011

2000 Impala, car has died 2 times since purchased 2 weeks ago for no reason while driving. All electrical still works but starter will not engage, after 5-30 minutes of waiting it will start. Chevy dealership says to change the ignition switch sometimes it helps. Chevy knows about this problem but wont do anything it. Also have the turn signal issue where they quit working until you turn on the flashers. Fuel guage doesnt work. All of the recalls have been done to this car. Why wont chevy fix the dangerous one about the car stalling at freeway speed and loosing the power steering and power brakes do to a stalled engine. 119000 miles on the car.

car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 21
Failure Date: 12/03/2010

Car doesn't want to start if it's cold outside (35 degrees or colder). Sometimes it takes 10-30 minutes for the car to finally start. It happens numerous times. I've replaced battery, I've had car alarm system checked, starter checked, and still have problems. I have read online of thousands of people with the same problem with various brands from general motors.

car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 22
Failure Date: 11/06/2010

The contact owns a 2001 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that the starter switch continuously failed and the vehicle could not be started. In addition, the headlights had become inoperable. The vehicle was taken to a local mechanic who advised that there was an electrical failure, such as the anti theft and pass lock systems, which constantly caused the entire electrical system to fail. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who advised that they were unable to repair the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 153,000.

car image   Starter problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Impala 23
Failure Date: 11/01/2010

2001 Chevrolet Impala LS. Electrical problems causing vehicle not to start if is sits a number of house I. E. Overnight. Took vehicle for servicing to dealer they tried twice and they cannot fix the problem. Took the car to chevy dealer they disconnected car alarm system only for the problem to still exist. I work nights I cried because of being stranded in the middle of the night alone. How could this be and gm not doing anything to help. So many complaints and still no action. I will try to contact to see if assistance can be given. If not I will make it my personal mission to make sure this does not happen to anyone else. This happens almost everyday now and I am beyond fed up. The altenator, two batteries, starter, control module, and fuses were replaced and yet experts cannot fix the problem. Gm should be ashamed I taking a plan of action to contact my local news station and bbb. This is not fair and not customer service. As a result my children have been late to school and missed school, I have been late to work and missed work. This car has been a curse and I would sell the vehicle but I cannot imagine disadvantaging someone else as it has been done to me. May god continue to bless.

car image   Starter problem of the 2004 Chevrolet Impala 24
Failure Date: 08/25/2010

Ignition sporadically fails to start vehicle. All electrical systems will turn on, but ignition will not turn over starter. Left with a completely unreliable car that has left me stranded on multiple occasions; only to go back to the car an hour later and have it start! told this is an electrical problem that gm has had on multiple makes of cars throughout the past. It is widely known to be a problem, yet no recall has been issued.

car image   Starter problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Impala 25
Failure Date: 08/23/2010

The contact owns a 2002 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that the security warning light was illuminated and the starter failed. The dealer inspected the charging system and determined that the starter had a defective solenoid. The dealer replaced the starter and cleaned the cables. The contact stated that shortly after repairs, the security warning light was illuminated again and the vehicle would not start. The contact believed there was a connection between the security warning light and the vehicle failure and stated that the failure was a risk to safety. The failure mileage was 72,013 and the current mileage was 72,030.

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