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Ignition Module Problems of Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet Malibu owners have reported 24 problems related to ignition module (under the electrical system category).

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2000 Chevrolet Malibu 1
Failure Date: 09/15/2014

Bought vehicle on sept 3 2014 within a couple weeks while driving car literally just shuts off. Steering locks up, electrical shuts down. Let car sit for a few minutes and will restart. First attempt to fix was new fuel pump. Ran great for 2 weeks then suddenly started again. There is no consistency to the problem-- full tank, empty tank, different speeds, rain, dry. Side roads, main roads. The problem is not predictable. Second solution new ignition module. Great for 3 weeks. Died in the middle of driving 40mph at night. When it dies very hard to get safely off road. Could not get teh car started for more than 40 min. Went fine for a few days then happened 4 times in one trip less than 20 miles. First couple times started with in a few minutes, next had to sit for 15+ minutes huge safety issue to have car literally shut down in the middle of driving. Possibility to get struck by another vehicle. This is a known issue and yet can find no one who has satisfactorily fixed it.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2008 Chevrolet Malibu 2
Failure Date: 08/28/2014

Only 3 of 4 power locks work, I have had this issue twice since owning the vehicle, the first time while it was still under warranty and was able to have it repaired, the second while no longer under warranty and cannot afford the repair. I experienced the effects of the body control module recall issues while on a road trip traveling at 65 mph when my cruise control disengaged and my brake lights would not stay off or on. I've paid to have this repaired and I am now awaiting the "official" recall notice from Chevrolet, despite having received the interim notice and already having had to have the vehicle repaired, in order to obtain a refund of the nearly $600 repair. Now, I'm waiting to get in to the dealer for the electronic power steering recall repairs and I've begun to experience issues with the ignition switch and key mechanism. Intermittently the vehicle will turn everything on, but not turn over or start the engine. The battery is new and this only happens sporadically. Also, with the same intermittency the key becomes stuck in the ignition / key mechanism on the steering column and it will not come out without significant wiggling and forceful pulling. I've also had to have the exhaust converter, manifold and gaskets replaced, a nearly $800 repair. Not to mention an earlier recall in 2012 dealing with the same transmission cables that I now see are being recalled once again via your site, however I've not seen a notice from Chevrolet.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Malibu 3
Failure Date: 11/11/2013

I have never received a notice that my 2001 chev Malibu was involved in any recall. Starting Nov. 11, 2013, the ignition system would shut off when driving. My mechanic replaced a relay and checked the electrical connections for a total charge of $297. 46 including towing. The problem continued so on 12/24/13 with electrical diagnosis and replacement of the body control module, I incurred a charge of $813. 20. With the two charges totaling $1,110. 20 I feel now related to the key set issue. Fortunately I just use the car in town and have not driven on freeways at higher speeds because I recognized the potential existed for some kind of hazardous condition.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2012 Chevrolet Malibu 4
Failure Date: 06/20/2012

While driving on a state highway, I had a number of functions stop working. The problem could come and go for a week before it happened on all ignition cycles. Note, the problem could even come and go on 1 ignition cycle. The following stopped working: windshield wipers, heated seats, power windows/sunroof, power doors, power mirrors, blue tooth interface, dome lights and mirror / compass. Dealer has replaced body control module and vpm. Fixes seem to work for approximately 10-12 weeks before issues resurface.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Malibu 5
Failure Date: 09/14/2011

Car will not start fuel pump shuts down, car thinks it is being broken into. Have to sit in car for 10 minutes with key in ignition to override system. Has happened 4 stimes in last month. Also, fuel pump shut down while driving on parkway- lucky to get to side of road without an accident. By the way, new fuel pump and module replaced at 60,000 so that is not the issue. . How many people need to get into accidents or die before the NHTSA gets involved and makes chevy do the right thing and replace this ignitiions and passlock parts that are defective!!!! OH, and they got a bail out- but the consumers dont get any and have to continute to pay them for repairs that they caused in the first place gm makes an astronomical amount of money on these repairs. I hope the NHTSA gets a share of that money because you certainly arent interested in correcting the situation. How many years and tens of thousands of complaints does it take???????.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Malibu 6
Failure Date: 01/15/2010

During normal operation of my car, I will randomly have issues with the passlock theft system not allowing me to start my vehicle. I had the modules replaced at a gm dealership approximately 15 months ago. At that time, I simply parked my car for the night in my driveway. I came out the next morning to take my daughter to school and the car would not start. I had to have my car towed to the nearest chevy dealership. They called gm and it was recommended that I replace the ignition module and a sensor to the tune of over $500. I was told this would fix the issue. Now, I find myself facing the same problem only 30,000 miles later. I stopped at a gas station and filled the vehicle up with gas. When I went to leave, the car would not start and the theft system light was on. Being a veteran to this issue, I immediately turned the car off the waited for 10-15 minutes. This will sometimes work to allow the car to restart again. However, this time it did not. This same issue occurred and the results were the same. If you simply do a search for chevy Malibu passlock, you will easily find the thousands of people affected by this problem on a daily basis. It puts everyone at an inconvenience and even some lives at risk (as it can turn the car off while it is in motion).

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2002 Chevrolet Malibu 7
Failure Date: 06/27/2009

The body control module "misread" vehicle ignition key and would not allow the vehicle start.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2006 Chevrolet Malibu 8
Failure Date: 01/02/2009

The contact owns a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu. While driving 15 mph on black ice, the vehicle struck a guard rail head-on. There were no injuries. The body shop repaired the vehicle and, a week later, the contact noticed that the engine remains on even when the key is not in the ignition. The dealer stated that the issue was due to the body control module, which was located underneath the dashboard. The insurance company and manufacturer stated that the failure would not be covered. The contact believes that the failure was due to a manufacturer defect, not the crash. The vehicle has not yet been repaired for the ignition failure. The current and failure mileages were 91,000.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2005 Chevrolet Malibu 9
Failure Date: 08/23/2007

I bought my car about 9 months ago. It has about 36,750 miles on it now and my theft system light started staying on after I would start my car. Then a couple of days later it would not let me start the car at all. The theft system light would steadily blink. I had to get it towed, they changed out the ignition in it and reprogrammed the car and runs fine. The gm place I took it to said they have had a lot of problems with this certain part going out in cars. I don't think it is fair that I had to pay for this when it has been out of warranty for only 700 miles.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2005 Chevrolet Malibu 10
Failure Date: 02/25/2007

2005 chevy Malibu sedan LS. (1). On 2-11-07, car started hard; accelarated poorly & ran rough at idle, w/'check engine light' flashing; ignition switch module was replaced (20,234 miles). (2) on 2-25-07, check engine lamp was on; a new catalytic converter was ordered (20,554 miles).

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2003 Chevrolet Malibu 11
Failure Date: 07/20/2006

The contact owns a 2003 Chevrolet Malibu. The contact stated the vehicle failed to start when the key was inserted into the ignition. The contact mentioned that several attempts had to be made before the vehicle started and the theft system warning light illuminated intermittently. The problem recurred multiple times. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic. The technician diagnosed that the ignition switch malfunctioned causing the electronic chip in key lost communication with the electronic module control. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The manufacture informed the contact that the vehicle was not included in any recalls regarding the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 40,000. The VIN was unavailable.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Malibu 12
Failure Date: 12/15/2005

5 mos after purchasing car, the transmission had to be replaced. A few months later the engine would shut off while driving on the road. The following parts have been replaced: ignition module, spark plugs, fan belt, water pump, knock sensor, camshaft position sensor, crankshaft sensor, ignition switch.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2001 Chevrolet Malibu 13
Failure Date: 04/09/2004

The fuel guage reports incorrect fuel level. You can go the the gas station and fill the car up and the gas hand will show it as being empty and before you put fuel in the tank the guage was at a 1/4 tank. You may have to turn the car off and on several times before it will show that it is full. Also, while driving all of a sudden the car will cut off in heavy traffic. One time the car showed 3/4 tank of fuel while it was empty. Luckly, I was on a downgrade and was able to get it into the emergency lane on the interstate. The dealer has told me that there is not a problem with the fuel system. Furthermore, the check engine light has come on because the oxygen sensor has been damaged by the car running out of gas.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 2000 Chevrolet Malibu 14
Failure Date: 01/09/2004

Vehicle lost power and quit while driving on the interstate highway.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1999 Chevrolet Malibu 15
Failure Date: 04/03/2003

Anti theft controller shut engine down due to faulty ignition switch/module.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1999 Chevrolet Malibu 16
Failure Date: 10/07/2002

Had to have the module replaced. Mechanic didn't know why it went but knew thats what I needed. After contacting gm they said that it was not a manufactures defect and could not give me a reason why it just went out.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 17
Failure Date: 06/01/1999

While driving vehicle constantly stalled. Dealership replaced computer, but stalling continued.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1999 Chevrolet Malibu 18
Failure Date: 03/17/1999

While operating the vehicle the rpm gauge started to show max rpm readings to 0 and changing rapidly. The car was being driven to the repair shop to have this checked when at a intersection the vehicle just cut off. The engine did not stop but the car could only be moved very slowly until a minute or two past then the speed went up a bit. The repair facility found a crankshaft sensor and the computer to be the fault. Currently the vehicle runs good, but the gas mileage is only about 17-18 mpg. Will turn it back into the german dealer to have this checked.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 19
Failure Date: 10/19/1998

Pcm failed. Yh.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 20
Failure Date: 10/01/1998

Exhaust failure/headlights failed/control panel malfunctioned/floor board/rain inside of vehicle and ticking underneath hood.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1997 Chevrolet Malibu 21
Failure Date: 10/21/1997

Driving at approx 10-25 vehicle will begin to stall when trying to come to complete stop or starting up vehicle. Dealer claims that the vehicle is basically a lemon. Changed/replaced all four fuel injectors/cleaned fuel plugs/replaced the computer, reprogrammed it.

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car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1999 Chevrolet Malibu 22

Part of the vehicle shut down, causing the vehicle having to be towed.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 23

Vehicle has stalled numerous of times especially when I am at a complete stop and engine light will go on. Slow crank and battery has been replaced twice. The headlights and interior lights dim whenever you slow down to come to a complete stop. The car is currently in the shop due to the stalling issue, mechanic states it is a problem in the computer system and will and to be replaced at my expense. Motor mounts are also corroded which is highly unusually due to car only being 3 years. I was unable to give the VIN # due to not having access to vehicle at the moment. The vehicle is currently in the shop undergoing repairs.

car image   Ignition Module problem of the 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 24

While driving 55 mph the vehicle stalled without warning. Dealer reprogrammed the computer which did not remedey the problem. Please give any further details.