Dash Wiring problems of the 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Four problems related to dash wiring have been reported for the 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo based on all problems reported for the 2001 Monte Carlo.

car   Dash Wiring problem 1
Failure Date: 12/15/2006

Turn signals sometimes do not work. Hazard lights do not stay on . Constantly shut right off. Driving at times can be dangerous when you put on the turn signal and it doesn't work.

car   Dash Wiring problem 2
Failure Date: 11/25/2006

Traffic signals constantly fail to work, used to be able to push hazard light button and they would come back on, now hazard lights won't work either. Have almost had 4 accidents because blinkers failed to work, have almost been cited by the local police until I proved it was a mechanical failure. Can't afford the cost of repair, because I had to pay out of my pocket for catalytic converter replacement when it failed, though it was a manufacturer defect, because GMC and dealer wouldn't make it good, and the engine shut down completely.

car   Dash Wiring problem 3
Failure Date: 08/30/2001

The turn signals work when they want to, the oil pressure gauge works when it wants to, the sun roof opens if it wants to. It has been to the dealer on this and they say they can't duplicate the failure. These systems don't work more than do work. This has been happening since the car was purchased in 2001. If you can't help I guess I will have to pay now to have it fixed when it should have been fixed under warranty.

car   Dash Wiring problem 4

Electronic components on dash have been cutting off and not operating. Dealer has seen vehicle several times, and said they fixed it but more problems keep arising. The vehicle was determined defctive and was returned to the dealer in a deal made with the consumer.

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