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Service Brakes Related Problems of the 1999 Chrysler LHS

Table 1 shows three common service brakes related problems of the 1999 Chrysler LHS.

Table 1. Service Brakes related problems of Chrysler LHS

Problem Category Number of Problems
Brakes Failed problems
Brake Electric Antilock problems
Brake Pedal And Linkage problems
Brakes Failed problem #1

The consumer shifted from park into drive with brake depressed and the vehicle accelerated forward with a roaring noise colliding with a light pole. The brakes failed to stop the vehicle and the vehicle was totaled.

Brake Electric Antilock problem #2

I tried for over a mile to disengage the cruise control with the switch and brake. I started on level land, went uphill and down and had the brake to the floorboard. There were toll booths with a number of occupied vehicles in line. To avoid injurying or killing someone, I left the roadway hitting barriers and unoccupied vehicles. My wife suffered numerous bruising and bent glasses. I suffered a broken strernum and have developed fluid in my lungs and possibly around my heart. My prognosis is uncertain at this time.

Brake Pedal And Linkage problem #3

Brake pedal appeared to be too soft when applying brakes. Dealer notified, and informed consumer that nothing could be done since pedal met specifications.

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