Latches/locks/linkage Related Problems of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring

Table 1 shows three common latches/locks/linkage related problems of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring.

Table 1. Latches/locks/linkage related problems of Chrysler Sebring

Problem Category Number of Problems
Door Latch problems
Latches/locks/linkage problems
Trunk Lid Lock problems
Door Latch problem #1

While driving the door on the driver's side comes open. The vehicle has been to the dealership 3 times for this prolbem. Dealer is not able to correct the problem.

Latches/locks/linkage problem #2

Car boot cover flew off of vehicle, due to design with velcro fasteners which failed to hold properly.

Trunk Lid Lock problem #3

The consumer stated the trunk lid opened and dropped on his head and caused minor injuries. The trunk lid would not stay open at all.

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