Unknown Or Other Related Problems of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring

Table 1 shows one common unknown or other related problems of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Chrysler Sebring

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

The consumer purchased a 96 Chrysler Sebring in April of this year, and was told by the private owner, from whom he purchased the vehicle, the odometer worked intermittently. But since he had the vehicle, he learned the whole dash board did not properly work. The consumer took the vehicle to the dealer and was told, in order to repair the odometer, it would cost $ 500. 00. The consumer requested assistance.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Consumer will describe vehicle problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

The trottle stuck on my 1996 Chrysler seabring. I was passing a vehicle and when ii went to brake and get in front of him I couldn't stop. The engine was reving at 8000 rpms. And I was holding the brakes as hard as I could and I was going about maybe 60 mph. I did get the car to come to a stop, after having to turn 2 corners very fast and going through an intersection. I had put it back and forth form nurtal & reverse and when the car was slow enough I put it in park and turned the key off. I came close to using a wall, or a house under construction for a way to stop. I was extreamy scarred and lucky that no one was hurt and at the time, no one had been going through the intersection. Today we called Chrysler and they will fix the problem, but we need to get the car there. It is unsafe to even start the engine right now. We looked on line and found NHTSA campaign # 02v186000.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

Nhtsa has been kept apprised of my lack of progress thus far with the dealer and Chrysler customer service in michigan via copies of my letters to them. Maroone had attempted to install this recall 5 times but still being unsuccessful have now just blamed the problem on me and other drivers. As far as I know, they are "through with it. ". This, of course, might leave my vehicle in an unsafe condition. Copies of my letters should be in your files and I will cooperate in any way. Please contact me with questions. John watter.

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