Equipment Related Problems of the 2005 Chrysler Sebring

Table 1 shows one common equipment related problems of the 2005 Chrysler Sebring.

Table 1. Equipment related problems of Chrysler Sebring

Problem Category Number of Problems
Equipment problems
Equipment problem #1

Paint discolored.

Equipment problem #2

Horn blares randomly and cannot be stopped without removing the horn relay making the horn (a safety requirement) inoperable. Dealer was able to repair the issue, however, at a cost of over $672 as the dealer marked the replacement part 1az56xdvae driver airbag. Many owners likely would not get this issue repaired due to cost thereby driving a car with unsafe equipment.

Equipment problem #3

Fuse 8 under hood, 20a fuse. Chrysler has a couple of branch circuits downstream of this and collectively an increased load condition causes an overload on startup only. Instant burn fuse cant cope. The problem is design, there are 4 circuits fed downstream on that fuse, if the collected load builds some resistance it will exceed the capacity of the fuse. I am currently changing the fuse daily just to start my car and go. And sometimes have to change it again before leaving my destination. I did some research online by resulting to google and there are countless other people with this same problem. I was told not to put a larger fuse in there for it may catch fire because of not allowing the fuse to blow when it needs to blow. It seems to be a problem with Chrysler set up and to be not actually anything broken with my car. What do I do?.

Equipment problem #4

I recently got pulled over because my horn keeps going of uncontrollably! I had to take the fuse out and I've been pulled over twice because the horn goes off and distracts drivers unintentionally. They get mad and call the cops. . Then once this fuse is pulled the gas meter goes crazy and dumb. It said once we had half tank and we ran out as soon as we pulled out the driveway! this is a safety hazard!! this need to be recalled!!.

Equipment problem #5

Horn randomly goes off, had to take the relay out to get it to stop going off at night. Only happens in the winter, when it is colder. Had to stop driving, about got ran off the road with out a horn that works. Dealer said it would be about $900 to fix. Should have been recalled years ago from all the complaints I have seen online.

Equipment problem #6

Just as everyone else is complaining about my horn has a mind of its own and goes off on its own and lasts for several minutes. It is embarrassing and dangerous because the remmainder of time I have no horn at all. There have been several times when I desparetly needed to honk my horn to protect my safety. I have been lucky and uninjured this far. As is well known, to fix the horn I have to replace the whole air bag assembly. My estimate was about $800 which I simply cannot afford. I too think Chrysler should own its responsibility for this common issue and cover the costs of repairs. . It is a significant safety hazard and whose stupid idea was to connect the horn to the air bag anyway? duh!.

Equipment problem #7

On 1/3/11 the horn malfunctioned worse then ever. It was like the horn has a mind of it's own. In the past it was only when I unlocked it and then it would finally stop a few minutes later. But then I honked my horn at someone coming into my lane and the horn would not stop. Then it would do a few short honks and then it just stopped. I went to run errands and it just kept honking at all different times. I tried hitting the horn really hard but that didn't always work. Then it didn't work when I wanted it to. I pulled into the dealership, with it honking, they couldn't do anything, said the fuse was also for the steering column and couldn't be disconnected and still be drive-able. I have researched this issue and can not believe how many people with Sebrings from 2000-06 have had this same problem without any resolution and their has not been a recall from Chrysler. This is a major safety issue, especially since I don't know if my airbag still works. I had to disconnect the horn fuse (which the dealer said couldn't be done). Because the mechanics there couldn't figure out how to repair the horn malfunction and it was no longer under warranty, I could not afford to pay them to try to figure it out on my dime. My ex put in a button and connected it the horn. They was an okay fix but then my battery started draining and I would find it dead if I didn't drive for a couple of days. The way my ex wired the button is was putting a drain on the battery. So again, no horn!!! total safety issue!!! well, it happened, which so many times I was able to avoid, yell or whistle out the window to an driver not paying attention. Well, on 5/3/14, it couldn't be avoided, I had nowhere to go, a driver t-boned right into me. Had my horn worked, it may have been avoided or at least minimized. I was out of work for months, still in major neck pain and where is Chrysler with the recall?????.

Equipment problem #8

Since purchasing vehicle in 2006 the horn has been going off by itself. . Whether driving or sitting stationary. I have had to bang on the horn pad area to get it to stop. After years of having to do this to stop the blaring horn, it now has a short. . Runs down my battery but will not blow at all. I have had to pull the fuse to save my battery, however, because it will not blow, I cannot get an inspection sticker. Therefore, I have had to drive with an expired sticker since August 2016 as I cannot afford the hundreds it would cost to fix the horn on this vehicle. This is not my 1st complaint about the horn issues on this vehicle. I have also discovered that there have been numerous complaints about this horn issue on this vehicle. . However, nothing has ever been done to resolve it. Recently, a lady backed into my car in walmart parking lot, damaging the bumper and breaking the light because I had no horn to blow and warn her. This is just one serious issue with this car. . This thing had been a lemon since day one. . From the front steering shaking horribly while braking to both rear struts breaking to rain water getting inside the doors and flooding the interior and shorting out the electric windows.

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