Steering Tie Rod Assembly Problems of Chrysler Sebring

Chrysler Sebring owners have reported 20 problems related to steering tie rod assembly (under the steering category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chrysler Sebring based on all problems reported for the Sebring.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring 1
Failure Date: 09/03/2011

I reported these problems back in September 2011 after I was involved in a car accident on the freeway. On September 03, 2011, I was driving on south I-43 freeway. When I attempted to make a lane change, my car went out of control due to steering failure. I could not steer my car, my steering wheel was very loose and there was no connection between the steering wheel and the vehicle itself. I was struck by another driver that hit my car on the passenger-side by the rear lower side panel. No airbag deployed. My car slammed up against the concrete wall barrier on the passenger-side of my car. I have side airbags, airbags in my seats, underneath my dash, in my steering wheel, one on the passenger's side above the glove compartment, and in all four window seals of my car and not one airbag deployed. I have adr system in my car that supposely can record seconds of activity at the time of the accident. What happened to that information? I am still experiencing problems with my care that is definitely a safety issue such as; continuing replacing tie rod and the stablizer bar loose. This problem started first having problems trying to turn the key in the ignition switch to crank the car and at times fearing that I might break the key in the ignition switch and having to really wiggle the steering wheel to get the switch to turn over. Pictures that were taken by my insurance company revealed a lot of rusty old looking parts underneath the car when in fact the motor of the car still looks new. My car was only two years old with a little over 17,000 miles at the time of purchase in October 2010. When I reported these all of these things in September 2011, I was told that there was no recalls on my car and I doubt if this car has any airbags in it. I learned after, I had the accident in my car, that the car had been wrecked and had possible frame damage at the time of purchase.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring 2
Failure Date: 08/23/2010

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler sterling. The contact stated that while traveling at various speeds, there was a loss in power steering control which caused the vehicle to swerve off the road. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic where the entire front tie rod assembly was replaced. The failure recurred twice. The vehicle was previously repaired under NHTSA campaign id number 11v193000 (steering), however the remedy did not correct the problem. The manufacturer was notified of the defect. The approximate failure mileage was 46,813. . . . Updated 02-28-14 updated 3/14/2014.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2001 Chrysler Sebring 3
Failure Date: 02/04/2010

The contact owns a 2001 Chrysler Sebring. While driving 25 mph the front suspension collapsed causing the front driver side tire to come off. The vehicle was not drivable so the contact had the vehicle towed to a local mechanic. The local mechanic replaced both outer tie-rods, left drive axle, the lower control arm, and the left lower ball joint. A local mechanic informed the contact that the right lower ball joint also would need to be replaced soon. The contact called the manufacturer regarding a recall for the suspension front, control arm lower ball joint but the VIN was not included in the recall. The contact stated this vehicle should be added to the recall. The failure mileage was 139,039 updated 4/19/10 Chrysler informed the consumer the matter would not be investigated due to the high mileage on the vehicle, even though a recall had been issued. Updated 06/18/10.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring 4
Failure Date: 01/28/2007

- the contact stated that while backing out of a parking space and trying to make a turn at 5 mph heard a pop, then the vehicle would not steer. The vehicle was towed and the driver determined that the tie rod separated into two pieces.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring 5
Failure Date: 11/04/2006

At 41,000 miles my 2002 Chrysler Sebring lxi 4 door sedan required the replacement of right outer tie rod. I was told at that time if it had failed it would have caused a major and possibly deadly accident. One year to the day - at 47,000 miles the left outer tie rod required replacement. There were no accidents nor events which lead up to these failures.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2001 Chrysler Sebring 6
Failure Date: 03/08/2006

On turning into a main street in our town from a driveway, the inner and outer tie rod ends on the right front wheel on my car pulled apart, resulting in a complete loss of steering control. Due to the low speed involved, I was able to force the car to the curb with no further damage. I had been driving on interstate highway I-89 earlier, and had this failure occurred then, complete loss of control, and the possible death or injury to my wife and I would have occurred. The car was towed to vermont tire, here in south burlington, where the tie rod ends (401-1704 & 401-1737) were replaced and the front end was re-aligned. I have the old parts for inspection, if desired. Total mileage on the car was 62285. Note, the tie rod ends normally thread together. In this case corrosion allowed these parts to pull apart completely. Except for about a half inch at the very top of the threaded end of the rod, the rod could be inserted and withdrawn with little or no resistance, and this is how the failure occurred. There was no warning in the steering control of the car to indicate the failure was about to occur.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring 7
Failure Date: 01/16/2006

: the consumer stated both tie rod ends fractured on two separate occasions. The first time, while backing out of the driveway, the front tires went in opposite directions and the vehicle would not move forward or backward. The tie rod end was replaced. The same failure occurred on the other side and the contact repaired the vehicle. Upon inspection, it was determined the sealed pivot joints were not lubricated and resulted in these failures.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring 8
Failure Date: 11/07/2005

The problem to my car happened while it was sitting in the garage. My 2002 Sebring convertible has had a complete failure of the steering rack and tie rods at 28,000+ miles. The car is unsafe to drive. The dealer stated it was $1800. Repair. A call to Chrysler service resulted in am offer to pay for the parts not the $1000. Labor charge. I called back to negotiate this offer. I was promised a call back which I received by voice mail asking me to return the call and stating that was there best offer. . When I attempted to return the call to the person who left the message I was hung up on twice. I am still trying to communicate with Chrysler by phone so far after several hours I am still unsuccessful. After checking on the web I found many incidents of this kind reported by other Sebring owners. Why hasn't there been a recall on this obvious defect that could be life threating? this is a lightly driven car and should not have suffered this type of dangerous failure.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2005 Chrysler Sebring 9
Failure Date: 10/10/2005

Purchased 2002 Chrysler Sebring in 2005. Car was making grinding sound a couple of months later from front passenger side tire or shock. Dealer replaced steering gear and tie rods. One month later, dealer again had to replace same parts. Four months later, while driving on interstate, entire upper ball joint came apart causing complete loss of steering. Dealer replaced upper ball joint and control arm on passenger side. Less than two years later, lower control arm and ball joints disintegrated. Dealer refused to repair or warranty.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2000 Chrysler Sebring 10
Failure Date: 08/02/2005

Loss of control while driving. Car was moving at low speed and was able to stop faulty tie rod.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2000 Chrysler Sebring 11
Failure Date: 06/10/2005

There was a slight shake in the steering. Upon checking the left tie rod end was loose. After replacing the tie rod a check, by cutting the boot, revealed the ball and socket had dissintergated. This looks similar to those tie rod ends on the ram. It looks like there was no lubrication in the joint or that the whole thing was made of wroght iron and not steel. I would take a quick guess that one good jar would have dislodged the ball from the socket. The right hand tie rod end has some play in it. The boot looks in good shape with no holes.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring 12
Failure Date: 01/13/2005

Steering column makes a creaking sound like a door hinge when turning left or right with the steering wheel, even if moved while auto is parked and makes this noise also when braking. The dealership was notified during a recent oil changed on 1/13/05 and only checked brakes and did not listen to me and check the tie rod or steering column for noise. This occurs every time the vehicle is driven.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2001 Chrysler Sebring 13
Failure Date: 11/06/2004

I own a 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible that I bought new for my wife. She drives it daily and I have it serviced regularly. The car has 63,000 miles on it. This past week I took it to my mechanic to have new front brakes replaced. After he road tested it, he told me that I needed two new outside tie rods. He explained that because there is no way to lubricate them, they will wear out and could cause an accident. My concern is that I have owned many vehicles over my life (55 years old) and this is one area that I have never had to deal with. I find it disturbing that manufacturers can build a car with sol little regard to the potential that you could not be able to control a car due to faulty design. How difficult would it have been for tie rods to have grease fittings to keep them from premature wear out. Can anything be done from your agency's perspective to force manufacturers to make a vehicle that is mechanically safe? the accident that didn't happen is why I am writing to you. I would hate to have to explain that my wife was involved in an accident because of a lack of a grease fitting. Your response and whether Chrysler should be responsible is requested. Thank you.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring 14
Failure Date: 10/01/2004

The vehicle's rh tie rod was extremely rusted and pitted. As a result the tie rod failed while the consumer was backing out of a parking space. The consumer had both tie rods replaced.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1998 Chrysler Sebring 15
Failure Date: 08/26/2004

Right tie rod end broke, resulting in loss of steering, with right front wheel not steering when steering wheel turned. Fortunately it happened just after exiting a high speed expressway. Car is well cared for, not abused, and has only 58000 miles on it.

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car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2000 Chrysler Sebring 16
Failure Date: 08/23/2004

While driving the brakes locked up. Consumer pulled out of the driveway an proceeded to drive forward when the back brakes locked up causing the vehicle to stop dead in the middle of the main street. Vehicle obstructed the main road. After a long towing ordeal the consumer was told by the mechanic that a tie rod was broken. Vehicle repairs on this issue was covered on the warranty but two years earlier not at the time of failure. The consumer stated that the vehicle will stay at the dealer until this is resolved or until consumers council states otherwise.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 2001 Chrysler Sebring 17
Failure Date: 07/06/2004

At about 51,000 miles my car began making loud squeaking noises from the front end every time you pass over a small bump in the road. It also developed major vibrations in the steering wheel and the brake pedal when the car was slowing up to stop. When I took the car to the chrylser dealer I was told that the inner tie rods were metal to metal and it also needed new rack and pinion steering. This amounts to nearly $1,000 expense on a car just a little more than one year from the time the warranty expired. The car is dangerous to drive since the steering can go out. I had very little advance warning of this problem and am not prepared to invest this kind of money in order to have a safe car for me and my family. We had planned to drive this car on vacation in three weeks. If I had not taken it to the dealer to investigate, it very well might have caused a fatal crash with my two sons in the car.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring 18
Failure Date: 03/29/2004

Tie rod fell off. Started engine, proceeded to pull out of parking place and the tie rod fell off. Since Chrysler now makes tie rods so that they cannot be lubricated, they dry up and the end just drops off. I am fortunate that I was not driving down the highway 50 miles an hour when this happened. There is absolutely no forewarning of a problem until it happens. My mechanic also noticed that Chrysler has installed a heat shield between the tie rods and brakes. I have saved the parts and I have notified Chrysler of this situation. I have 78,000 miles on my car. I truly feel that the tie rod fell off due to a manufacturing defect or flawed design -- I am notifying you in the hopes that this will be looked into so that no one gets killed while driving down the highway. As I said I was very fortunate, the next person or family may not. Feel free to contact me and if you would like me to ship the parts -- I will be glad to. Thank you.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1996 Chrysler Sebring 19
Failure Date: 02/21/2003

Tie rod end fell off car while moving.

car image   Steering Tie Rod Assembly problem of the 1997 Chrysler Sebring 20
Failure Date: 03/08/2001

Right outer tie rod end broke completely away and right wheel pivoted nearly perpendicular to left wheel. Only traveling 5 mph at time of incident . A higher normal speed could have resulted in dammage or injury or fatality. Car has only 34,400 miles and has been well maintained. Repair was made by replacing both right tie rod end{broken} and left tie rod end badly worn and alignment. These tie rod ends are non lubricatable. It is highly unusual for this specific problem to occur in a vehicle with such low mileage and that has never been operated in adverse conditions that would contribute to such a failure. Two acquaintances of mine have had front axles break on newer Chrysler minivans. Could there be a common supplier of front end parts providing defective metals or common engineering flaws? Chryslers representative was totally unsympathetic to my problem/complaint.

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