Horn Assembly problems of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country - part 1

81 problems related to horn assembly have been reported for the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country.

car   Horn Assembly problem 1
Failure Date: 10/24/2016

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. While driving at any speed, the exterior lighting and horn failed without warning. The vehicle was towed to the dealer and the light switch was replaced; however, the failure recurred. It was later diagnosed that the control module needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was notified. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 170,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 2
Failure Date: 10/23/2016

Was driving and the following electrical items starting on their own: ·door locks ¿ lock and unlock repeatedly ·windshield wipers ¿ highest setting non-stop ·windshield wiper fluid (used all the fluid) ·lights ¿ flashing on and off ·horn ¿ repeatedly going on and off stopped car in road and turned off car and took out the key and still the issue continued for 20 minutes until we were able to disconnect the cable to the battery at which time it all stopped. Thinking that maybe this would reset it all we tried to put the cable back on the battery and it all started again. Because we had to move it out of the road and could not get the car into neutral to push it, we started the car again and all the same issues continued as above. After driving about 100 feet to put the car in a driveway, it all stopped except a warning light for traction control. After 100 feet more, all lights were gone and the car seemed normal. Drove the car home and had no issues. Look to see if there were any trouble codes (have a code reader) and no codes are present looking internet, I found literally thousands of similar complaints and issues with this car and other Dodge (durango for example, caravan) and Jeep (cherokee for example). Almost all of them said that issue was tipm defective.

car   Horn Assembly problem 3
Failure Date: 09/02/2016

The day we bought our vehicle we started having issues. The car would crank and not start for several seconds. Would randomly (every few months) shut off while driving (leaving power brakes/steering unavailable) and randomly just not start at all. Now we are having many electrical failures daily for no less than 20 minutes at a time: horn on continuous honk, wipers going crazy, wiper fluid spraying out, car shutting down in very dangerous situations, locks going up and down, the front seat blower motor shutting off intermittently. Also randomly the car will not 'shut off' when I take the key out. It's fully driveable without the key and the key opening is in the 'off' position. All of these things happen for about 20 minutes and then the car goes back to normal. When it's shut off, the car will not turn back on for apx 20 minutes. I was most recently stuck in a very dangerous intersection just as I was merging onto another freeway at the top of a clover-leaf intersection during rush-hour. Unable to get out of the vehicle and unable to start or move the vehicle - praying I wouldn't get hit, but I couldn't see because my wiper fluid was spraying at a constant speed and my wipers would not turn on. They've now 'guessed' that many of our issues are tipm related, but they're not guaranteeing that it will solve the problem and will cost $1200. They've ordered the party but I can't afford it! pay the mortgage, or death by Chrysler? I have a copy of some codes that were pulled the first day of the 'daily' issues: u0141, p2533, c121c, b1a79, b10ec, p0691 - since then the list has more than doubled, but they did not provide me with a copy of the codes. I've contacted Chrysler explaining that this car is leaving us in horribly dangerous situations, but they have no interest in helping out. I made sure to say my 'goodbyes' on their recorded lines.

car   Horn Assembly problem 4
Failure Date: 05/03/2016

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. While the vehicle was parked, the alarm horn and windshield wipers activated independently and various warning lights illuminated. In addition, the vehicle would not switch off once started and would continue to operate even with the key removed from the ignition. The failure recurred intermittently. The vehicle was towed to a dealer, but was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The VIN was invalid. The failure mileage was 90,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 5
Failure Date: 03/10/2016

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. While driving 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The contact stated that the horn sounded, the windshield wipers activated, and windshield fluid leaked into the vehicle. Also,the brake warning light illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician diagnosed that the tipm was defective and needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 50,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 6
Failure Date: 01/25/2016

The tipm is defective to my town and country model. The horn will blare, the front and back windshield wipers go on, the doors lock and unlock. And more importantly the transmission will not go past 30mph. This has happened to me more than once while going on the freeway at 60mph. It has also happened after I parked the car. When the car is parked, and this happens, it actually turns the engine on! something needs to be done as I am not the only person with this issue.

car   Horn Assembly problem 7
Failure Date: 12/11/2015

The tipm is a cause of the vehicle horn honking, wipers moving on their own, wiper fluid spraying, and the lights flashing by themselves. I have had the vehicle randomly stall by itself on the highway while my wife was driving it and this has happened several times. These issues seem to mysteriously go away when I try to diagnose the issue. Last week the battery died and because of it being a few years old and now being in the winter, I decided to replace it only to have it die again a day later. Took the vehicle to a mechanic who tested the charging system and said it was all good. Then proceeded to do a parasitic draw test where he determined that the tipm was causing the issues. I did some google searches and found that this is a wide stream problem with many owners of various Chrysler vehicles having the same issue. This is not safe especially when the vehicle shuts down while driving it and there are no power brakes or steering capabilities. A person could end up in a terrible accident or even be killed not to mention other drivers being at risk also. Doesn't seem to make much sense that Chrysler is dragging this on and not doing anything not to mention that I can't even order the part because it's on a national back order. This has happened several times in the last year and a few times last year but the tech was unable to correctly diagnose the issue.

car   Horn Assembly problem 8
Failure Date: 11/01/2015

We have had our van for seven years (bought new) and have always done regular maintenance on it. While driving down the highway with three of our children, the horn started blaring, wipers turned on, fluid started spraying all over the windows. We pulled off the highway as soon as possible and shut the van off. Everything continued! we popped the hood and heard a slight ticking coming from the "fuse box". We gave it a light tap and it finally stopped. We were able to get it home. The problems continued off and on for months with no one able to help and got worse since the locks started going up and down, dash lights start flashing, front and rear lights flash, and the car does not always shift gears. It even does some of these things while turned off. We took the fuse out of the horn but know it is still happening because sometimes in the morning the wipers are up from randomly turning on and off by themselves during the night. We took it to a transmission specialist to have to transmission rebuilt (twice) and the converter replaced. Everything else is still happening and no one has been able to diagnose the problem, especially since it doesn't always do it. Luckily I found this information on my own. I can't believe this is such a wipe spread problem and Chrysler has done nothing about it!! with a large family, we cant afford to keep putting money into something that was obviously built faulty.

car   Horn Assembly problem 9
Failure Date: 10/15/2015

Vehicle shuts off when driving, gauges start going crazy, horn beeps, flashers blink, car won't shift out of first gear. Sometimes car doesn't start at all, ticking noise under hood (from black box on driver side). Date of most recent occurrence listed below, has been going on intermittently for a couple years.

car   Horn Assembly problem 10
Failure Date: 09/24/2015

While driving in town, approximately 25 miles an hour, my engine shut off, and I lost power steering, and brakes due to the engine being off. The horn was blowing constantly, not honking or alarm sounding, but blaring. My wipers were on high, and windshield wash was spraying all over. My reverse lights were on, even though the vehicle was in park. I was able to restart the vehicle after this spell stopped. About 3-5 minutes. The next day, (today) the very same thing happened within a few minutes of starting the vehicle. And the spell lasted about 5 minutes. It has happened twice today. First the horn started blaring, then the wipers turned on high, and windshield wash started spraying, and the engin stalled. Even upon removing the key, and opening the door, the above listed problems continued for 5 or more minutes. Also, the fan, for the heat/ac isn't working right now either. It comes and goes.

car   Horn Assembly problem 11
Failure Date: 09/24/2015

Yesterday while driving in town my engine stalled, and the horn started blaring. Not honking or alarm sound, but solid blaring. My wipers turned on high, and the windshield wash started spraying all over. Front and rear wash and wipers. My reverse lights were on, even though the vehicle was in park. Also, the fan inside the van for the heater/ac isn't working. This spell lasted 3-5 minutes. Afterward, I was able to restart the van and continue on my way. Today, the same thing happened, shortly after starting the vehicle. 2 of the 3 times happened while I was driving on the street, approx 25-30 mph.

car   Horn Assembly problem 12
Failure Date: 08/19/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that while driving approximately 30 mph, the horn started blowing, the windshield wipers went off, the wiper fluid started to spray uncontrollably and the seat belt warning indicator illuminated, however the contact stated that she was wearing the seat belt. The failure recurred on two other occasions. The vehicle was taken to a dealer for diagnostic testing but the dealer did not diagnose the vehicle. The vehicle was repaired under the recall number: 14v373000 (air bags , electrical system) however the failure recurred. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage 109,000. Sh.

car   Horn Assembly problem 13
Failure Date: 08/15/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that while driving approximately 55 mph the vehicle stalled. The horn started to sound, the door locks started to go up and down, the windshield whippers were in motion and washer fluid was rushing out of the reservoirs. The contact came to a complete stop. The vehicle was towed to the dealer and the diagnosis was that the total integrated power module had to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 93,000. Bp.

car   Horn Assembly problem 14
Failure Date: 07/20/2015

We bought our 2008 Chrysler town and country in may of 2014 used from kunes Ford antioch illinois. The first time I went to use my electric start, about 15 mins after car was going the van started going crazy windshield wipers/ fluid horn blaring doors lock can't use the fobik key to unlock the only way to stop it was to disconnect battery. Couple months past and it started acting to where I would go to start the car and it would just click and would t start. It has done all of the listed above numerous times but now it is getting more and more. About 3 weeks ago it did it 7 times in one week 4 of those times I had my 4 children in the vehicle. While I am driving down the street it will start to do this craziness and then it will stall. Yesterday August 4 2015 it did it twice the second time it started with wipers while driving when I got home I parked it took the key out of ignition and the van was still running and doing the wipers the doors locked and I could t get it unlocked to get my children out of the car. I have had it at a Chrysler dealer for service for 2 weeks where the service manager drove it personally he was able to get it to do the same thing to him. I had my vehicle returned after two weeks charged $235 dollars and was told good luck to you we have no clue what's causing it. I have been in contact and complaining to Chrysler which I now have a case manager who could only tell me to take it to dealership while its in process to have it ran for codes which I did yeaturday and was laughed at but the service guys. I am at my wits end. This is the car we purchased for our family to be safe in but instead I am driving a death trap and no one has an answer or wants to help. Someone needs to do something about this this is a serious problem. I just googled it and found tons of complaints about same thing. This is an issue for sure!! please help!!!.

car   Horn Assembly problem 15
Failure Date: 07/18/2015

2008 model year Chrysler Town & Country, approximately 138500 miles. Two separate incidents so far, one day apart. The first incident occurred while stopped at a stop light on July 18, 2015. The vehicle tried to lurch forward (foot firmly on brake pedal, no pressure on gas pedal) and the horn blared intermittently with no user input. The second incident occurred stopped in a parking lot on July 19, 2015. As the driver was exiting the vehicle, the horn began to fire in rapid, short bursts with no pressure on the steering wheel. The wipers activated, and the wiper fluid nozzles began spraying fluid. The air conditioning system also remained on with the key fully removed shortly before the incident, which is not intended behavior nor is it a feature of the vehicle in question. These problems are symptoms of tipm failure, and relate to the current NHTSA action number dp14004. I no longer feel safe driving my own car. I can't guarantee it will sit still in a parking lot, even without the key in the ignition.

car   Horn Assembly problem 16
Failure Date: 04/15/2015

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. While driving approximately 20 mph, the horn began to activate, the windshield wiper fluid began to spray, and the front and rear windshield wipers engaged. The contact attempted to power off the vehicle, but it took approximately ten minutes before it powered off. The failure recurred on one other occasion. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the ignition switch needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign number: 14v373000 (air bags, electrical system) however, the part to do the repair was unavailable. The contact stated that the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The approximate failure mileage was 79,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 17
Failure Date: 02/23/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2008 Chrysler 300. The contact stated that while driving approximately 25 mph the horn alarm suddenly activated, the windshield wipers and wiper fluid spray activated and the dashboard lights illuminated erroneously for approximately 1 minute before suddenly turning off. The contact indicated that the failure had occurred on multiple occasions. The contact also indicated that on one instance the vehicle would not accelerate out of 1st gear before the alarm suddenly activated and turned off erroneously. The failure was not diagnosed or repaired and the manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage was 81,000. Jft.

car   Horn Assembly problem 18
Failure Date: 01/31/2015

On several occasions the following conditions occurred to my 2008 chrylser town and country Mini-van: both while car was running and with no key in the ignition. Horn activates, headlights flicker, windshield wiper both front and rear activate, windshield washer fluid ejects from vehicle also front and back. Door locks go up and down causing difficulty both entering and exiting the vehicle. Dash lights flicker and check engine light comes on.

car   Horn Assembly problem 19
Failure Date: 01/19/2015

Unlocked the vehicle using the remote. The horn sounded continuously, the wipers were activated and the lights flashed. After taking it to the dealer we were notified that this is caused by a defective tipm module.

car   Horn Assembly problem 20
Failure Date: 12/23/2014

While driving our van's horn began to go on and off by itself, the wiper blades began to run, and worst of all the dash was blinking on and off. This was a scary situation to be in on the road with my kids. It was very hard to concentrate and frustrating with no answers given.

car   Horn Assembly problem 21
Failure Date: 11/17/2014

Pushed the unlock button on the key fob one day and the horn started blaring, windshield washer spraying, front and rear wipers running, doors locking/unlocking. I had to get the hard key out of the fob to unlock the doors and pop the hood to disconnect the battery. The problem cleared randomly. This has happened about 7 times. I finally decided to pull the fusses for the horn as not to annoy the neighbors. The next time it went off, I heard clicking noises from the fuse box under the hood. I tapped the fuse box the problem stopped. I don't notice anything suspicious that might be causing this. This has also happened while driving creating a dangerous situation. The problem has also been triggered while trying to open the door while locked. Based on the other complaints, I think this really needs to be a recall. The vehicle is great otherwise. It is a shame when you think you have a good vehicle and then something like this happens. I do not feel safe driving my family in the van.

car   Horn Assembly problem 22
Failure Date: 11/11/2014

While driving with the children to go home we were traveling at 25 mph and all of the sudden the horn was blaring then the windshields (front and back) start going and next windshield wiper fluid is pouring out non stop. I'm checking the controls and they are all on off. I pull over and turn the car off and take the keys out and the van still continues to have a fit. Time passes and it stops. We sit on the side with keys out of the car for about a half hour and the van continues to random spurts. I notice the lock on the open door is still in lock position, I press the key control for unlock and wiper fluid comes out. I wait longer and call the dealership. After 20 more minutes I start car. I turn off radio and drive home (5 min drive).

car   Horn Assembly problem 23
Failure Date: 09/30/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country touring. The contact stated that whenever the door was unlocked with the key fob, the horn, windshield wipers and fluid activated independently. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician reprogrammed the key system. However, the remedy failed to remedy the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 69,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 24
Failure Date: 09/01/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that that when the key was turned to the off position, the vehicle remained on. In addition, the door locks, the wiper blades and the horn activated erroneously. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. A recall notice for NHTSA campaign number 14v373000(electrical system) was received in may 2015. After contacting both the dealer and the manufacturer, the contact was informed that the parts needed to repair the vehicle were not available. In addition, the contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the steering wheel became very difficult to turn. The failure mileage was 50,000.

car   Horn Assembly problem 25
Failure Date: 08/29/2014

My car's electrical system goes crazy. The wipers go on at a very fast speed along with the fluid spewing out at a very fast rate. The horn goes off without being able to stop it. The screen where I see the radio channels and the back-up camera flashes uncontrollably. The rear wiper goes off and the fluid also just pours out. This has happened 3x's. The dealership couldn't find anything the time I brought it in. This last time it happened I was able to record it via my phone. I hope now by the dealership seeing it they will see what's wrong. I saw a report on cbs news on Aug. 27th. And saw that a woman who had the same issue also had a few items replaced because of this one being the fuel pump. My fuel pump has now been replaced, like her, I wonder if this is all due to tipm? thank you.