Wiring Problems of Chrysler Town & Country - part 1

Chrysler Town & Country owners have reported 58 problems related to wiring (under the electrical system category).

car image   Wiring problem of the 2001 Chrysler Town & Country 1
Failure Date: 12/23/2014

I bought Chrysler my t & c awd 3. 8 lxi in 2001, in Nov. 2005 it's wiring harness got corroded due to manufacturing defect and Chrysler replaced it with new wire harness on 11-29-2005 at no charge at 44,265 miles. On December 23, 2014. I was driving in san francisco near golden gate bridge and noticed my van started sudden acceleration and strong rubber burning smell started filling the passenger cabin. It was obvious, soon my van will be in flame, thus I pulled over in nearby parking lot and got it towed away fourth plus miles. I have complete service record of this van that it is very well maintained car and serviced at regular intervals at Chrysler dealership each and every time. The most recent service and preventive maintenance was done at fremont Chrysler dealership at 122690 miles on September 05, 2014 at a cost of $1601. 49. I did every thing the dealership recommended in their safety inspection. After above service the car was not running smooth, thus I t was taken back to dealership on October 14, 2014 at 122903 miles to check the issue. They return back without any job done saying they could not find any thing wrong. It was driven few more miles and it's wire harness burned and they said wire shorting inside the harness was the cause of its sudden acceleration also. I have opened case #26205598 with Chrysler but they have not decided yet what they want to do. It is very unusual for a car to burn two wire harnesses in a span of less then 125 k miles. Their harness have manufacturing defects. It almost burned my car down, it was saved due to my alertness and immediately pulling it over to safety.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country 2
Failure Date: 10/13/2014

Having had this problem before and being told by the dealership ,they could not find a problem, I thought maybe it was they key fob so I paid to have a new one made. Then the problem still continued and progressed: now not only would the car go crazy with all lighting and power inside turning off and wipers going crazy, but now whenever the new key fob was used from the outside it would not unlock the doors but the dash would light up. The uconnect also stooped working completely! dealer diagnosed: key failng fault stored for key in system that is failing,1 56046708ae trasnmtr-integrated key fob ,cut new key and program to vehicle. 15 amp fuse blown, checked wiring g and found listing for 20 amp fuse. Replaced fuse and test operation. (since I never replaced any fuses, I don't even know where they are. I have to assume the wrong fuse was put in either during manufacturing or by a dealership) note: this did not solve the problem vehicle went back yet again. See additional complaints.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 3
Failure Date: 06/22/2014

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that while starting the ignition, the windshield wipers activated independently with the illumination of the entire instrument panel. In addition, the passenger's side power sliding door failed to open and close properly. The failure occurred whenever the engine was in operation. In 2011, the vehicle was repaired under a voluntary recall issued by the manufacturer. The campaign number was k14( power sliding door wiring harness). The remedy did not correct the problem because the failure recurred. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 102,000.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country 4
Failure Date: 05/21/2014

We purchased this van in 2013 from a dealer. Several months after the purchase the blind side detector intermittently stopped working and the dash alarm indicated that it needed service. Since we did not consider this a safety issue and the great expense to repair the detector, we waited to have it serviced until the time of inspection. After a few more months the system stopped working completely and the backup camera system also stopped working. On may 21, 2014 we took the van to a reputable mechanic and after many labor intensive hours, he removed the defective module from the vehicle's rear wheel well. Almost simultaneously, the connecting plug and wiring began smoking and had to be removed and replaced to prevent fire. The mechanic showed us the corroded module. The position of the module in the wheel well had naturally made it susceptible to excessive exposure to water, snow and salt from tire back splash causing the corrosion. Several times we had smelled something burning, but the odor never lasted long enough to get the car to a mechanic to find the source. We replaced the tires and the brakes, but the smell still occasionally continued. Now we know the source. We spent $1500. 00 to replace the necessary parts in our car and we would like to be reimbursed. This defect could have caused a fire resulting in damage to the van and possible personal injury to any passengers. Since there is a second module on the left side of the vehicle, we are concerned that the same problem will occur to that module and/or both within the near future.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2011 Chrysler Town & Country 5
Failure Date: 03/19/2014

Tl - the contact owns a 2011 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that the blind spot detector system not functional warning message illuminated on the message center and the system stop working. The contact mentioned that this problem causes the rear camera park assist to stop working. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician stated that the sensor or wiring harness might need to be replaced. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage 48,000 and the current mileage was 50,100. Pm.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 6
Failure Date: 03/16/2014

I am a victim of these electrical issues with the 2008 t&c like hundreds of others. Driving the car lights will flash on and off, wipers will come on and some times the car stops running. Here is another complaint from another owner, same symptoms, and we're not alone. Somebody is going to get killed. Recall!? complaint - electrical system, exterior lighting, visibility wiper the following has been happening for over a week now. When starting my vehicle, the wipers independently turned on, the headlights flashed every time the wipers where deployed independently. The wiper and light on/off was checked. Turned off and on, and still both items flashed, and swiped by themselves. January 29th, operator was driving 25 mph, all dash lights blinked, including but not limited to, esp, brake, engine,and airbag lights, airbag light remained on, wipers deployed and rpm gauge reduced to 0 for 5 seconds. Pulled over turned ignition off, opened door, shut door restarted vehicle. The above repeated itself, with more errors, now the driver window controls did no longer work. This happened repeatedly for 5 full minutes before resuming normal operation. It seems it could be related to a wiring harness issue, or leaking door seals letting the wires get wet and short out. We need help.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2010 Chrysler Town & Country 7
Failure Date: 07/02/2012

The right sliding door when activated would start to open. When about half way open it would start to shutter and would close again. If someone was starting to get out the door, the door would hit them. The dealership this vehicle was purchased from told me there was nothing wrong with it , but they could fix them for $350 per door. After reading of recall k 14 that Chrysler was campaigning in oct 2010, I manually moved my wiring harness in the lower door well. This resulted in a temporary fix. Now I must move it periodically to have the door operate properly. Just recently, the left door started to act the same way. My grandchildren have gotten hit by the erratic action several times but never were physically injured. This vehicle has a build date of 08-09. This date falls within the inclusive dates of manufacture of the defect information report for Chrysler group llc recall j27. I believe that this vehicle contains the same defects as those recalled.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2002 Chrysler Town & Country 8
Failure Date: 06/20/2012

The contact owns a 2002 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated that while the vehicle was parked, smoke emitted from under the hood. The contact inspected the vehicle and found the wiring harness was on fire. The contact was able to extinguish the fire and the vehicle was towed to the contact's home. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The failure and the current mileage was 171,528.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2002 Chrysler Town & Country 9
Failure Date: 03/17/2012

Given the news (may 14/15 2013) of the federal prop for notice of recall for Chrysler vehicles problems cutting off while driving with no warning or indication of any problem I request other vehicles (ie Chrysler vans) for this particular issue be seriously considered and submit the following: (note: I can provide all exact dates/miles documentation as the vehicle was serviced by Chrysler, woodbridge, va. I'm original owner of the vehicle. ) I was driving my 2002 Chrysler Town & Country (VIN can be provided on request) approximately 50 miles an hour on route 50 about 20 miles east of winchester, va and my vehicle just shut off. No indications, no warning light, no other unusual noices. It just shut off. Luckily there was little traffic and I coasted to the shoulder. I attempted to start the vehicle several occassion and it would not turn on. All vehicle lights (interior/exterior) radio, fans etc were operational. I recall the roads were clear, weather cool and it was almost noon. Ultimately I had my vehicle towed and serviced by a Chrysler dealer service center in woodbridge, va. I did report that the vehicle just shut off and gave further information. After leaving the vehicle, it took the service center close to approximately a week or more to determine what the problem could be. Ultimately the engine computer module (ecm) was replaced and some electrical wiring harnesses. I also recall the Chrysler rep saying they needed their electrician to come and look at the vehicle as their mechanics could not find the problem. I can provide futher comments and records. I do beleive the ecm in my vehicle was changed out once before by Chrysler (possible previous recall (?). I may have a picture/info on the older ecm with serial number/date (possible 2005). Van is running fine since new ecm and other items that replaced. . So far.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 10
Failure Date: 01/05/2012

Our 2008 Chrysler Town & Country leaked water from a manufacturer defect in the ac drain tube, rotted the carpet and underlay, filled the wiring harness under the passenger carpet with water. The drain tube was replaced under a recall. The ac started to blow hot air. The dealer said it was the ac compressor so we had it replaced. $ 800. This did not fix the problem so they said it needed the ac pressure switch and harness so we replaced it. $400. This still did not fix the problem so the Chrysler dealer then diagnosed the tipm. After $ 1200 we still have no ac. We have another $ 500 to pay if we can ever get the part. The whole problem is from the water from the defective drain tube shorting the electrical system and Chrysler know it. The dealer said the tipm was on back order and there were 600 others ahead of us. We contacted Chrysler but they are just giving us the run around. We bought Chrysler to support american jobs. What a grave mistake.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2003 Chrysler Town & Country 11
Failure Date: 07/23/2011

The contact owns a 2003 Chrysler town and country. While driving approximately 65 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic where the mechanic advised that the wiring harness caught on fire and would have to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 150,000.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2002 Chrysler Town & Country 12
Failure Date: 06/13/2011

Contact states that fuel injection wiring harness failed at 127,800 miles due to melting and disintegration of insulation inside injector wiring harness. Vehicle lost power and driver was forced to seek assistance. Property damage to vehicle due to misfiring and engine overheating resulted in repair bills over $2,200 for new head gasket installation, replacement of fuel injection wiring harness and ecm. Repairs corrected electrical problems. Seeking recall on Chrysler injector wiring harness at fault on many of these vehicles.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 13
Failure Date: 05/31/2011

Cargo sliding door track broken apart first occurred about one year ago. Track easily snapped back together. Recently became chronic problem and track /harness deformed and unable to snap together. Description: when closing door via remote, the door stops closing about 4 inches before shut and returns open. Usualy closes afterseveral attempt but often have to close manually. The wiring track / harness was broken apart. Took to dealer for repair and part replaced. The next day the same thing occurred and track observed to be separated again. Taking back to dealer tomorrow. Has had previous recall on doors.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 14
Failure Date: 05/17/2011

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated whenever accessing the driver's side sliding door it would open partially and then close immediately. The vehicle was repaired previously for a recall under NHTSA campaign id number 10v235000 (electrical system: wiring). The failure recurred one year after the vehicle was repaired. The vehicle was not repaired for the most recent malfunction. The manufacturer was not notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 22,000.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2007 Chrysler Town & Country 15
Failure Date: 10/08/2010

Slider doors on my minivan will not open and close completely electrically. Chrysler has admitted there is a problem with a short in the wiring harness by recalling certain vehicles. On my car there are times when the door cannot be opened manually or electrically from inside the car. There have been some cars that started on fire. Why doesn't Chrysler admit they have a big problem for many years and recall these vehicles and correct the problem before they have a severe problem.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 16
Failure Date: 10/06/2010

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler town and country. The contact stated the driver side automatic side door would release without assistance. In addition, the passenger and driver side automatic doors failed to open and close properly. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for diagnosis three times pertaining to the same failure. The vehicle was repaired yet the problem persisted. Most recently, the contact received a recall notification associated with the NHTSA campaign id number 10v235000 (electrical system: wiring) but the vehicle had not yet been repaired. The failure mileage was 30,000.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2010 Chrysler Town & Country 17
Failure Date: 09/02/2010

The automatic sliding door wiring breaks which causes the door to stop operating and it causes the wires to arc which in turn can cause a fire the vechile in question is a 2008 Chrysler town and country I have found the solution to this problem on ytube so I am not the only one having this problem.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country 18
Failure Date: 06/29/2010

The contact owns a 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. The contact was in his residence when he heard the vehicle alarm sound. Within seconds, there was smoke and flames coming from under the hood near the driver side. The fire department was called to extinguish the fire. A fire report was available. The manufacturer investigated the vehicle and found that the fire was caused by the relay box. The vehicle was destroyed. There were no prior warnings of the failure. The current and failure mileages were 14,000. Updated 10/13/bf the consumer also stated the driver side sliding door was inoperative. The door would close 1/2 way and then open back up intermittently before the incident. Updated 10/14/jb.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2002 Chrysler Town & Country 19
Failure Date: 06/15/2010

Van started running rough and smoking heavy blue/white smoke out the exhaust pipe. The smoke was from raw unburned fuel that was pouring into the engine and unable to be burned off at any rpm below 3000. The van was fine when last parked at our residence. Next day wife was going to the store and van immediately had the problem. Cool engine, had been sitting overnight. She drove about half a mile thinking the van would run smoother before seeing and smelling the gas and smoke. She immediately returned the van to the house. I checked the diagnostic code which indicated p0201: #1 fuel injector open circuit. I am fairly handy with vehicle repairs and decided to take the top half of the intake off to check the #1 injector and inspect the other 5 as well while there. All injectors coil resistance checked fine at 12. 5 ohms, no open circuit as indicated. Decided to check the fuel rail wiring harness for a short circuit and sure enough the #1 cylinder wiring indicated a short circuit. With the meter on the injected plug, wiggled the harness and the short went away. So I removed the entire injected wiring harness for inspection, this involved removing all the factory wire wrap and protective sleeve. Discovered that all the wires inside the harness had all the insulation missing at one section next to the main harness connector. The harness was protected and not touching any part of the engine yet failed. I contacted local Chrysler parts dept. And inquired about a replacement harness, response was new harness over $200 and had to be ordered. Was also told that this particular harness which fits 2001 - 2003 Chrysler vans, is ordered by Chrysler garages at 53 units a week. This is where the problem lies. This is a factory flaw and needs to be recalled before a fire starts or toxic fumes from the exhaust injures a passenger. There is no heat shield at this connectors location which I believe caused the harness failure. I repaired the harness and engine runs.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country 20
Failure Date: 05/19/2010

2005 & 2006 Chrysler Town & Country: wiring damage by rodents causing multiple electrical systems failure including transmission failure to shift and non starting of vehicle. Material in wire insulation appears to attract them. We own both vehicles above and problems occurred in 2009 & 2010.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2005 Chrysler Town & Country 21
Failure Date: 04/25/2010

2005 Chrysler Town & Country: wiring damage by rodents causing multiple electrical systems failure including failure to start necessitating in vehicle towing to dealer for repairs. Material in wire insulation appears to attract rodents. Problems occurred in 2009 & 2010.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country 22
Failure Date: 03/06/2010

Signal light would flash right, when indicator was switched to flash left. Fortunately this only angered several motorists, and accidents were avoided. Checked for bad grounds in accessible places, all wiring appears intact. Replaced signal switch arm and module to successfully correct issue.

car image   Wiring problem of the 1997 Chrysler Town & Country 23
Failure Date: 12/20/2009

The contact owns a 1997 Chrysler town and country. After starting the vehicle, the contact noticed that the instrument panel no longer functioned. The failure continued to occur. The vehicle had not been inspected or repaired at the time of the complaint. The failure mileage was approximately 163,000. The current mileage was approximately 164,000. Updated 9/1/10 the consumer stated the problem was due to a bad connection at the end of the wiring harness. Updated 09/14/jb.

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car image   Wiring problem of the 2006 Chrysler Town & Country 24
Failure Date: 12/14/2009

Starting when my 2006 Chrysler Town & Country van had 29,0245 miles on the odometer, the passenger side window began to behave erratically. Some days the window would go up and down when the driver's console switch was pushed other times it would respond to the switch on the door. Other days it did nothing when the switch was pushed. After approximately 6,000 miles, but while mileage was still less than 36,000, the window refused to work at all no matter what switch was used. I have asked various dealer service departments if they have successfully repaired similar situations. The answer is always no. I ask if there is a recall out on this problem. They say no. Since this is similar to my problem with my 1997 Dodge caravan where the windshield wiper switch refused to turn on the wipers, even after another, certified correctly operating stalk switch was installed and all wiring checked. The wipers still worked mechanically when the "wash" position was pushed. Finally I had to have a new "body control module" computer installed and all this took three trips to the dealer and cost $741. 19, I did not want to leave my van to be "experimented upon" (with me paying the bill). I believe all this is the result of the installation of a defective computer module (which they call "body control module") during the manufacture of the vehicle. I also think I should not have to pay to have it fixed as the vehicle was basically "programmed to fail" due to the use of defective parts. I authorize the national highway traffic safety administration to utilize my description(s) to discuss this matter with Chrysler corporation.

car image   Wiring problem of the 2003 Chrysler Town & Country 25
Failure Date: 07/17/2009

Our 2003 Chrysler town and country ex model which has been well maintained with periodic maintenance, was being driven at highway speed when the engine began to shudder and engine light illuminated. A strong odor of gasoline was present, so the van was towed to a local garage. The original diagnosis was a bad fuel injector (at 99,700 miles, not totally abnormal). We had a new injector installed, however on the way home the same issue recurred. The shop then said the computer gave a huge list and was likely defective. We had the car towed to the local Chrysler dealer. At the dealer, they agreed, and replaced the computer, however the problem was still present. The electrical technician, then spent 2 days tracing the problem. As it turns out there were about 8 or 9 of the 12 wires in the fuel injector wiring harness were bare and shorting together causing the car to run badly, and polluting the oil with fuel in the process. There is an obvious bend in the wire at the point where the bare wires were in the harness. This harness is hidden from view by a protective sleeve, and there were no cuts in the sleeve. The dealer stated that our van provided them with the information needed to fix 3 other vans they couldn't fix before. The bare wiring ruined our pcm, and in the presence of the extra fuel vapors, was extremely dangerous, basically a bomb waiting for the right spark. Because this problem was found in other vehicles, and it is a major safety issue, I believe it warrants investigation, and a possible recall for all vans with this same engine harness. Chrysler was no help in resolving the issue, which in my view was either an installation error or faulty part. Although, there was no external property damage, the faulty part cost me $1400. 00 in repairs and the loss of use for 2 1/2 weeks. The wiring harness is available at my home, and I will be happy to send it upon request.

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