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  Recall of Honda Accord (84V164000)

Recall of Honda vehicles (84V164000)

Date: Received Date: Dec. 31, 1984;   Recorded Date: Jan. 7, 1985;  
Campaign Id: 84V164000
Recalled Vehicles: 1982 Honda Accord
Component: Electrical System:wiring:front Underhood.     Manufactured by: American Honda Motor Co.
Affected Vehicles: 177,587
Recall Summary: Wire in battery charging circuit cannot tolerate the maximum current drawn by the alternator. Under repeated high electrical load, heat will build up at connector terminal area, melting the plastic wire harness, possibly discharging battery.
How to Fix: Charging circuit wire will be replaced, free of charge.
Recall Notes: Vehicle description: passenger vehicles. System: electrical systems; wire harness. Consequences of defect: vehicle would become inoperative and could cause anaccident if stalled in the road.

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