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  NHTSA Recall 91V185000

NHTSA Campaign Id 91V185000; Date: Oct. 22, 1991

A safety belt assembly installed on the wrong side ofthe car can not be pulled out of the retractor because of the mounting angle,making the safety belt unusable, and the seat occupant of an unusable seat beltwould be exposed to increased risk of injury in a sudden stop or accident.

icon1 Recalled Vehicles:

1992 Honda Accord

Component: Seat Belts:front:anchorage

Manufactured by: American Honda Motor Co.

Affected Units:: 18

icon3 Recall Summary:

The left and right seat safety belt assemblies are not interchangeable. Some left seat safety belt assemblies were installed on the the right side of the car.

icon2 How to Fix:

Install correct seat belt assemblies on the correct side of the car.

icon4 Recall Notes:

System: front seat safety belts. Vehicle description: passenger cars. Note: Honda America informed this agency that all corrections were made at thefactory.

Date Owners notified by Manufacturer: Oct 16, 1991

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